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There’s several factors that make a particular sport the ‘best’ to bet on. It ultimately depends on your personal outlook.

This article extends the answer I provided to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog for the question: What’s the best sport to bet on?


Choosing A Sport For Betting

As a bettor you’ll choose to focus on specific sports for one or more reasons, such as:

  • Value: if your main objective is to generate a profit, then some sports will present more opportunities than others.
  • Sporting interest: if you’re invested in the sport itself (e.g. you regularly watch it on TV, follow a particular club or individual), then you might prefer to bet on those events — especially if you feel that you have an advantage.
  • Frequency of events: some sports have more events than others. This might dictate what you decide to focus your betting activity on.
  • Betting enjoyment: some events have more markets, more variety, and various other elements (e.g. high odds long shots) that add to your excitement of sports betting. Whether you realise it or not, this might influence your choices.

The real question is: what are you looking to achieve from sports betting?


Horse Racing: My Chosen Sport

Theoretically, given that earning a profit is my main priority, I’d say horse racing is the best sport to bet on.

Ironically I don’t take a huge interest in horse racing itself. In fact, I’ve only ever been to a handful of race days. I’m far more interested in football, and I’ll watch it religiously every week during the Premier League season.

But I recognise that from an investment standpoint horse racing offers several advantages over most other sports.

Advantages Of Horse Racing

  1. The odds move so drastically that you can secure a price that’s far better than the current market odds (or closing line). See my Guide To Beating the Closing Line.
  2. Best Odds Guaranteed‘ is offered by many bookmakers, providing protection against price moves out of your favour.
  3. Events come in thick & fast (all year round), so there’s always more opportunities on the horizon.
  4. Money can be recycled rapidly, as there’s (usually) only a matter of hours from bet placement to bet settlement.
  5. Arbitrage and value bets very frequently arise in horse racing markets.

But note that I said ‘theoretically‘ horse racing is the best sport. Allow me to elaborate…


The Reality Of Profitable Sports Betting

The fact is, bookmakers closely monitor the horse racing markets (and any other profitable sport) for the very reasons I’ve stated above. So while it may have all the elements that a professional bettor wants, it’s often a better proposition to focus on a combination of less-popular betting markets.

Obscure markets in football, basketball, hockey, tennis — among many others — spring to mind. While the ROI of opportunities found in these markets will almost certainly be lower than in horse racing, part of betting professionally is working out when you’re most likely to get your accounts limited, and steering clear of those situations.

Where To Find Obscure Value Bets

Full Review: Best Value Bet Finder

Limitations Of Less-Popular Sports

Just keep in mind that choosing extremely obscure markets creates problems of its own.

Liquidity is often low — meaning you’ll struggle to get big stakes away. Plus, let’s face it: you’ll raise a few eyebrows at the bookies for being so confident on ludicrously niche events!

With this in mind, the ‘best’ sport from a professional standpoint is simply whatever enables you to generate the most expected value.

  • Is it blasting your stakes on high yield events and most probably facing the ‘chop’ in record time?
  • Is it betting on less obvious sports with a lower ROI, but lasting a little longer before restriction?
  • Or is there another approach that enables you to fly under the radar for longer?

If you can find a way to consistently profit from the betting exchange then this entire conversation changes.

But until then you’ll have to experiment in your approach to betting on value. I can’t give a definitive solution to avoiding account restrictions because not all bookies take the same approach to identifying pros, and there’s no guarantee any successful method will continue to work in the future.

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Smart Betting Club Review – A Tipster Proofing Service That Works? https://punter2pro.com/smart-betting-club-review-tipster-proofing-service/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=smart-betting-club-review-tipster-proofing-service https://punter2pro.com/smart-betting-club-review-tipster-proofing-service/#respond Fri, 07 Aug 2020 17:34:15 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10994 As a betting blogger I come across many different subscription services claiming (and sometimes ‘guaranteeing’) to guide their members to a profit. Most of them I ignore entirely — but ...

The post Smart Betting Club Review – A Tipster Proofing Service That Works? appeared first on Punter2Pro.

As a betting blogger I come across many different subscription services claiming (and sometimes ‘guaranteeing’) to guide their members to a profit. Most of them I ignore entirely — but occasionally one catches my eye.

This was the case for Smart Betting Club (formerly known as ‘Secret Betting Club’), a popular tipster proofing service that I’ve heard a lot about over the years, but never had the chance to review.

So what is Smart Betting Club? How does it work? And most importantly, will becoming a member make you money?

Here’s my honest review of the Smart Betting Club.


What Is Smart Betting Club?

This is a good question. There are so many different items on the ‘SBC‘ site to click on that, to be truthful, I didn’t fully know the answer until I was kindly granted free access to review it.

The best way to describe Smart Betting Club is the opening line of their very own ‘About Us’ description, situated a little way down the front page of their site:

Smart Betting Club is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services, systems and strategies.

Put simply, it’s an independent tipster review site. It’s primarily aimed at punters seeking legitimate proofing/information on tipsters. Importantly, it’s not a tipster service in itself.


How To Use Smart Betting Club

Once you become a member of Smart Betting Club you’re ready to access all of their resources.

Using my free account, I logged in as if I was a new member. As any member would, I had one question on my mind: where can I find the tipsters that’ll make me money? 

One of the downsides to Smart Betting Club is that it’s not immediately obvious where to find that information, as lot of data/analyses is scattered around various articles and publications.

I envisaged that I could access one huge dynamic table with a bunch of filters in place, to get the information I wanted within a few clicks — but it requires a little more effort than that. Truthfully, I find the site a bit old fashioned.

However, despite the additional scrolling and reading required, there are several sections within the Smart Betting Club members area that offer superb value to tipster followers. These are as follows:

Tipster Ratings Index

Here’s where SBC keeps track of all the current tipster services they monitor and report upon. The ‘Hall of Fame’ (current best) tipsters are listed here along with their unique SBC Rating, and information on which ones currently have a discount.

SBC Publications

This features PDF ‘magazines’ every other month, where you can read the latest tipster service reviews, specialist strategies, betting guides and interviews.

Members can access SBC ‘magazines’ and download them in PDF format.

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

From this section you can also access the ‘Back Catalog’ where you’ll find download links to tipster-related content dating all the way back to 2006.

Tipster Profit Reports

Every other month SBC produces their latest Tipster Profit Report in PDF format. This is the best place to check in on each of the tipsters they monitor on an ongoing basis.

Here’s a representative example of the type of content the Tipster Reports include. I must emphasise how incredibly detailed they are; this particular tipster review is 11 pages long!

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

The overall PnL graph for a tipster service.

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

Chart of the drawdowns (measured in points) 

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

This table shows the results of a sample of real bets made using the service, indicating that the value in the odds quickly diminishes after the odds are advised. This is vitally important to know.

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

Free Tipsters

SBC offers a Free Tipsters section of the site whereby members can follow several quality tipsters free of charge, with tips sent to their inbox.

Tipster Savings

This is where you’ll find exclusive deals, trials and discounts on many different tipsters. Having spoken to previous SBC members, they pointed out that this alone makes the service worthwhile.

At the time of writing this review, I recognised one particular tipster on the SBC Tipster Savings list that’s popular on the Tipstrr platform. I know that this service usually offers a 7 day free trial, followed by a £39 per month fee. At Smart Betting Club the same tipster will give you a months free access with your first subscription; a far superior deal.

But Is There Enough On SBC?

If you take full advantage of each of the above listed sections — by reading all of the resources and building a portfolio of the recommended tipsters — then Smart Betting Club is well worth the subscription fee.

But what if you don’t have the time, patience or appetite to do that? Isn’t it simpler, and cheaper, to signup to a free tipster proofing site and find a service from there?

I’ve raised these questions with SBC. Their stance is that most free tipster sites do not provide context or details as to the quality of the tipsters they recommend — which poses a risk to subscribers. Indeed verifying accurate and realistic results from services is the very thing which separates SBC from the pack.

Nonetheless, this deserves further discussion. A key question remains here:

Will Smart Betting Club serve you any better than other (free) proofing sites offering an array of tipsters to subscribe to?


Smart Betting Club vs Other Proofing Sites

To fully appreciate the value in SBC, you need to understand what it does differently to the vast majority of other tipster proofing sites.

Tipsters & Subscriptions

Tipster proofing sites, SBC included, are limited to an array of tipsters that have (a) actively signed up for proofing, or (b) have been asked to be proofed.

The idea behind proofing is perfectly fine — but the set up can create issues with impartiality. For instance, if a tipster proofing site only earns from subscriptions to tipsters featured on their site, then they are not motivated to criticise them. In other words, to survive as a business, proofing services need punters to follow their recommendations, rather than looking elsewhere.

This is where SBC differs. They are not paid by referring bettors to tipsters featured on their site. They do not use affiliate links in any of their reviews. SBC’s sole aim is to seek out the best tipsters available anywhere. Thus SBC are as independent as it gets.

So how does SBC earn?

They only earn from subscriptions to their members area.

The tipster referral revenue SBC misses out on by taking this approach is passed onto their members in the form of savings on major tipsters.

And for me it’s reassuring to know that the SBC service couldn’t have survived since 2006 unless it provided valuable tipster recommendations.

Monitoring Tipsters

For reasons already stated, most standard tipster proofing services are not motivated to highlight when their own tipsters have under-performed or worse — lost their edge entirely. So there’s generally very little advice out there in terms of chopping & changing tipsters in order to maintain an edge (as doing so would interrupt subscriptions, of course).

In this game, it’s inevitable that some strategies will eventually fail. Unlike some cold market approaches — such as the one implemented by Trademate sports — tipsters use vastly different techniques to find value. Many of those approaches will only work until the opportunity closes.

But SBC doesn’t shy away from that fact. If a tipster service poses a risk to anyone’s bankroll, the staff grade it accordingly, and even strike off those who are no longer profitable. SBC is one of the only places I’ve seen that doesn’t try to pretend that a service will somehow turn it all around and go back to former glory days.

As someone that’s run hundreds of strategies that worked for a solid spell before mysteriously losing their edge, SBC’s outlook stands out as a hugely positive point for the service.

Portfolio Building

The main purpose of any tipster proofing site is to recommend an array of reputable services. In this respect SBC is no different.

However, SBC gives a lot more guidance in terms of building and managing a tipster portfolio.

As I’ve mentioned, the detailed Tipster Reports show a full breakdown of the potential profits from subscribing to their ‘Hall of fame’ tipster services — where only a select list tipsters made the grade.

Members are encouraged to implement a safe staking plan, to maintain discipline, to be fully aware of the potential drawdowns in profit, as well as manage other inevitable bumps along the road (e.g. account restrictions).

It’s all very good advice for beginners and compensates for SBC’s lack of dynamic data charts and tables (which some competitors do offer).

Getting On The Odds

One of the biggest flaws in following a profitable tipster is that the advised odds are short lived. This goes for any good bet for that matter — whether it’s an arb, value bet, or even matched bet.

While SBC cannot stop odds from changing, they do go to the effort of detailing how their recommended tipster services work in a practical sense. They show how the odds differed, and performed, when taking the pick at different time periods after a tip was advised. For example, 15 minutes after the tip.

In real life you can’t simply snap a tip the second it’s advised — unless you have an extremely complex bot. So it’s vitally important to gauge how much you’ll be able to profit in practise. It’s pleasing to see that SBC does the analysis on this.

User Interface

Tipster proofing sites vary in terms of the user interface. Some are highly modern, featuring auto-updates, dynamic charts and configurable filters. Others are a bit ‘old school’, to say the least.

Unfortunately SBC just about falls into the latter category, which I assume is because the site has been running since 2006. The PDF formats, images of tables (rather than database-driven results), and a vast array of pages makes it confusing to navigate. But I know how difficult it is to update a site with a legacy of old content, so I can appreciate why it may not have transitioned into a more modern format yet.

There’s no doubt that I prefer being able to check in on specific tipsters at any moment in time, to verify how their ROI has held up in recent months, and to compare those results to their all-time record. I also like to know how frequently a service is tipping right now. Or how their advised staking plan performs against an equal stake strategy. With all data tables and charts to hand, I can form my own analysis — if only for my own reassurance. But SBC doesn’t offer that ability.

Needless to say I think some technical improvements could really take SBC to the next level. But for now it’s all about digesting the information that’s provided to members in text format.

I highly recommend that you listen to the Trademate podcast featuring Pete Ling from Smart Betting Club. He runs through many of the elements I’ve discussed in this review, and gives an open account of the tipster industry.

In addition to discussions about tipster scams, I found it interesting to hear Pete talk about how Smart Betting Club uses some technical analyses — such as Monte Carlo simulations, P-value and monitoring those who beat the closing line — to separate the lucky tipsters from those with a genuine edge. SBC does appear to have members’ interests at heart.


Will Smart Betting Club Make You Money?

Having trialled the service, listened to Pete’s interview and read in between the lines, and spoken with previous members, I’m going to put myself on the line by saying that I believe that active SBC subscribers are likely make a profit by following the tipsters from the members area.

The results I’ve seen — assuming they’re legitimate — could only feasibly be achieved if the tipsters were recommending value bets.

However, I also believe that there’ll be a huge disparity from theoretical profits and what you’re actually going to achieve. Realistically, I think most members will simply struggle to meet the demands of placing so many bets — limited by time, bankroll or even lack of organisation.

Then, during the process of following reputable tipsters, members will no doubt face competition from their peers (other SBC members, for example), and eventually find themselves restricted by the bookmakers.

Could using the betting exchanges be the answer?

There are indeed Betfair tipsters featured on SBC — meaning followers will never run into stake restrictions. But if you’ve read other articles on my site you’ll know that I’m sceptical about one’s chances of long-term success in using the betting exchanges. The competition is high.

Call me cynical, but it seems unlikely that anyone would share a profitable betting exchange strategy, when there’s no limitations in place to push you out of the game (and into tipping).

Bottom line: you’ll probably make your SBC + tipster subscription fees back generate money on top. But you’ll have to put in the work, and adapt to road blocks, in order to earn a large profit.


Subscription Cost of Smart Betting Club

Below is the pricing chart for Smart Betting Club.

To obtain the maximum value from SBC I recommend the £79.99 + VAT annual subscription. This will enable you to receive updates on your services, and to modify your portfolio if need be.

A mentioned already, the tipster savings are often significant enough to cover this subscription.

SBC offers a 90-day quibble-free money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase.


Smart Betting Club Review Recap


  • Full independent, meaning that the information provided is not influenced by partnerships with tipsters. Members, such as yourself, are the only ones that need to be kept happy for SBC to succeed!
  • Offers a highly selective ‘Hall of Fame’ list of tipsters — a model that maximises your chance of finding a good tipster.
  • Tipster Reports are far more comprehensive and detailed than any others I’ve seen. This offers huge value to subscribers.
  • Tipster subscription savings enable dedicated SBC members to save money in the long run.
  • Earning a practical profit is emphasised, which is vitally important when following tipsters that have the impact of moving the sports betting lines.
  • SBC recognises that tipsters often lose an edge over time, and protects members against this with their advice.
  • Provides excellent resources, ideal for beginners looking to make a safe & successful entry to the world of sports betting.


  • No automated process verifies the tips, meaning statistics are not dynamic, or constantly updated.
  • There’s no ability to view or filter a tipster’s records by your own criteria. This makes it difficult it to quickly obtain the statistics you may want to know.
  • Tipster Profit records are only available in static reports. Profiles have some basic metrics assigned — but the site isn’t rich enough to auto-generate graphical representations and tables.

Hopefully this review of Smart Betting Club paints a clear picture of their tipster proofing service. You may also be interested in my Best Tipster Services article, and monthly Top Tipster Rankings.

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July 2020: Top Football Tipsters Of The Month https://punter2pro.com/july-2020-top-football-tipsters/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=july-2020-top-football-tipsters https://punter2pro.com/july-2020-top-football-tipsters/#respond Wed, 05 Aug 2020 15:00:12 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=11029 Due to interruptions to world football, I’ve not provided an update for several months. But here’s the top 10 Football Tipsters for July 2020. I’ve used the trusted Tipstrr platform ...

The post July 2020: Top Football Tipsters Of The Month appeared first on Punter2Pro.

Due to interruptions to world football, I’ve not provided an update for several months. But here’s the top 10 Football Tipsters for July 2020.

I’ve used the trusted Tipstrr platform to produce the stats.


10. EFL Advisory

  • Tips: 22
  • ROI: 21.6%
  • Profit: £95 (£20 average stakes)


  • EFL Advisory is run by a Leeds United fan — who’ve just been promoted to the Premier League. Loyal members hope that he won’t stop tipping the lower leagues!
  • July produced 11 winners from 22, at average odds of 2.66.
  • While this tipster holds an all-time ROI of over 5% from equal stakes, there’s not yet enough consistency, or a large enough sample size, to determine whether that performance level is likely to continue.



9. Henry The Navigator

  • Tips: 72
  • ROI: 18.6%
  • Profit: £268.09 (£20 average stakes)


  • It has taken Henry the Navigator a while to establish himself since he first appeared on Tipstrr back in March 2019, but he’s showing signs of consistency.
  • Excluding April (which had only one tip) and a minor dip in May, July 2020 represents Henry’s fourth profitable month since February.
  • The tipster now holds a 58% win rate, predominantly in the Over/Under markets.



8. Throdriguez

  • Tips: 50
  • ROI: 21.3%
  • Profit: £212.87 (£20 average stake)


  • Joined Tipstrr in May 2020, producing three straight months of profit.
  • Uses a betting model built on goals — be it in the Over/Under market or Both Teams To Score.



7. FooTipstrr

  • Tips: 288
  • ROI: 23.1%
  • Profit: £1,330.72 (£20 average stakes)


  • Provides a relatively high volume of bets — around 50 per week.
  • A combination of patience and betting discipline, along with adherence to his structured staking plan should be enough to protect your bankroll.
  • Since launching, FooTipstrr has been profitable in four different football markets: 1X2, Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Draw No Bet.



6. Latvian

  • Tips: 99
  • ROI: 19.7%
  • Profit: £390.30 (£20 average stake)


  • Latvian has been on the Tipstrr platform for over a year, and has established a reputation for consistency.
  • July marked Latvian’s twelfth profitable month out of fourteen, bringing in 55 winners from his 99 selections — a 56% hit rate at average odds of 2.11.
  • The tipster now holds an all-time ROI of just over 10%.



5. Long Shot Tips

  • Tips: 41
  • ROI: 25.5%
  • Profit: £209.00 (£20 average stake)


  • Long Shot Tips held the same fifth position as he did in June.
  • This tipster, as his name suggests, employs a high-odds betting model. The average odds adviced are 4.7.
  • July produced 11 winners from 41 selections, notching an overall yield of 17% spanning eleven months on Tipstrr.



4. Football Sato

  • Tips: 49
  • ROI: 39.1%
  • Profit: £383.00 (£20 average stake)


  • July saw this football tipster make a welcome return to the promising form he showed during his early months on Tipstrr around the turn of the year.
  • After limited activity and profits over the lockdown period, July saw Sato enjoy a 35% win rate from his 49 selections.
  • Most of July’s selections came from the high end of the 1X2 market — including 9.71 odds on Arsenal to beat Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final.



3. Araya

  • Tips: 62
  • ROI: 36.3%
  • Profit: £449.74 (£20 average stake)


  • Araya continued tipping during lockdown with a 28% ROI in April and 49% ROI in May — although June saw him only just above the break-even line. July 2020 is the tipster’s fourth straight profitable month.
  • A 40% win rate at average odds in excess of 3.30 in July converted to a healthy profit, placing Araya in the top 3.



2. Better Bettor

  • Tips: 34
  • ROI: 29.5%
  • Profit: £200.28 (£20 average stakes)


  • Better Bettor is is a regular in these monthly rankings, and his outstanding July comes at the end of eight consecutive months of growth.
  • A win rate of 69% meant that 24 of his 34 tips in July brought a winning profit, at average advised odds of 1.96.
  • The service averages just a couple of tips per day.



1. Football Edge

  • Tips: 39
  • ROI: 62.2%
  • Profit: £485.40 (£20 average stakes)


  • Football Edge first launched their service back in November, and was inactive for three consecutive months prior to a return in June.
  • In July the service enjoyed success in the high-odds end of the 1X2 betting market. It achieved a 26% win rate at average advised prices of 6.65.
  • Southampton to beat Manchester City (9.50) and Lecce to beat Lazio (10.00) were notable winners.



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July 2020: Top Horse Racing Tipsters Of The Month https://punter2pro.com/july-2020-top-horse-racing-tipsters/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=july-2020-top-horse-racing-tipsters https://punter2pro.com/july-2020-top-horse-racing-tipsters/#respond Wed, 05 Aug 2020 00:19:36 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=11020 Due to interruptions to the horse racing schedule, I’ve not provided an update for several months. But here’s the top 10 Horse Racing Tipsters for July 2020. I’ve used the ...

The post July 2020: Top Horse Racing Tipsters Of The Month appeared first on Punter2Pro.

Due to interruptions to the horse racing schedule, I’ve not provided an update for several months. But here’s the top 10 Horse Racing Tipsters for July 2020.

I’ve used the trusted Tipstrr platform to produce the stats. All records are thoroughly proofed for complete transparency.


10. 321 Ratings

  • Tips: 118
  • ROI: 30.7%
  • Profit: £773.94 (£20 average stake)


  • Produced a winner every three selections in July — but with less success in the EW markets.
  • The service publishes regular early-morning tips (averaging a couple per day).
  • An ideal service for casual bettors to follow.



9. Lucky Horse Bets

  • Tips: 313
  • ROI: 33.1%
  • Profit: £2,071.70 (£20 average stakes)


  • Using a system involving market algorithms, this tipster produced an impressive 14% win rate during July 2020 (and 37% rate for his Each Way bets alone).
  • More than one in three of his selections produced a return.
  • The tipster averaged ten tips per day throughout July.



8. Top Rated Value

  • Tips: 88
  • ROI: 33.4%
  • Profit: £588.50 (£20 average stakes)


  • Top Rated Value was June 2020’s winner — but the fact that it has again made this list suggests consistency.
  • The tipster using his own perceived value rather than bookmaker odds as his selection criteria, frequently taking mid-market prices. This produced a 19% win rate at average advised odds exceeding 7/1.
  • The service finished July 2020 with two winners, with his first two selections in August both winning at odds of 8/1 and 9/2.



7. Russell Blair Racing

  • Tips: 110
  • ROI: 36.5%
  • Profit: £793.00 (£20 average stake)


  • Runner-up in Tipstrr’s 2019 Best Tipster rankings
  • Exploits earlybird prices by publishing his tips the night before racing.
  • Always on the look-out for race winner value at EW prices.
  • Russell Blair’s 9% all-time win rate requires patience and discipline — which is understandable given his average odds of over 14/1.
  • July’s 36% yield represents the tipster’s fifth straight profitable month of 2020, four of them above 30% ROI.



6. Improvers

  • Tips: 97
  • ROI: 38.8%
  • Profit: £752.07 (£20 average stake)


  • Improvers has recently enjoyed his most sustained success since he launched his service in February.
  • The tipster holds a 25% hit rate at average odds of 5/1.
  • July’s profits were enhanced by Each Way placements that produced returns for one in three selections.
  • Improvers has made a strong start to August — but there’s a very long time to go.



5. Wanna Win BM

  • Tips: 116
  • ROI: 45.3%
  • Profit: £1,051 (£20 average stake)


  • Wannawin BM came 3rd in June’s rankings, and topped Tipstrr’s 2019 Best Tipster awards.
  • The tipster has now produced 13 out of 15 profitable months for an overall ROI of 21% since launching in February 2019.
  • July 2020 enjoyed 20/1 and 16/1 winners, plus another three at 11/1
  • Holds a consistent win rate of 18% at average odds of above 7/1.



4. Heli’s Horses

  • Tips: 87
  • ROI: 47.4%
  • Profit: £824 (£20 average stake)


  • A popular tipster who follows the trend of looking for race winner value in the lower echelons of the betting market.
  • July 2020 saw Heli’s Horses produce a monthly profit for the 10th time in the last year –suffering his only drawdowns in the two months either side of the lockdown.
  • The tipster produced twelve winners from 87 selections in July, with 33/1 shot Elixsoft and 7/1 Ebeko winning within 15 minutes of each other!



3. Each Way Value Tips

  • Tips: 64
  • ROI: 79.1%
  • Profit: £1012.98 (£20 average stake)


  • Each Way Value Tips followed up a respectable 13% yield in June with a huge 79% ROI in July.
  • This tipster likes to exploit the best Each Way value he can find the evening before racing.
  • EWVT was rewarded with ten winners at average odds of more than 10/1 in July, along with 15 each way places. This meant that 25 of his 64 selections (40%) brought in a return.



2. The Banker

  • Tips: 123
  • ROI: 86.5%
  • Profit: £2,127.41 (£20 average stakes)


  • The Banker publishes around four tips a day, varying between the previous night and the morning of racing.
  • This tipster scours the markets for his best value race winner selections.
  • His impressive list of 27 winners from 123 tips (22% win rate) in July produced an abnormally high ROI of over 86%. It goes without saying that this level of performance is impossible to maintain — but it’s a great result, nonetheless.



1. Onthenose

  • Tips: 32
  • ROI: 161.4%
  • Profit: £1,050 (£20 average stakes)


  • OnTheNose averaged just one tip per day, invariably published the night before racing.
  • July featured some exciting winners: Mr Kiki 18/1, Ridgway 16/1, Wild Hope 16/1, Texting 12/1, Feebi 8/1, Licklighter 6/1, and Canagat 7/2.
  • July’s 161.4% ROI was largely achieved due to the small sample of only 32 bets. However, Onthenose is a regular in these monthly rankings and maintains an all time profit of over 28% from 1,000+ bets (assuming an equal stake).



Related Posts:

The post July 2020: Top Horse Racing Tipsters Of The Month appeared first on Punter2Pro.

https://punter2pro.com/july-2020-top-horse-racing-tipsters/feed/ 0 11020
Going Pro: An Insight To My Sports Betting Journey — Neel Shah https://punter2pro.com/going-pro-sports-betting-journey-neel-shah/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=going-pro-sports-betting-journey-neel-shah https://punter2pro.com/going-pro-sports-betting-journey-neel-shah/#respond Tue, 04 Aug 2020 19:39:04 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10998 To anyone reading Toby’s fantastic blog, you’ve taken the big first step to becoming a professional in this game. Namely, you want to improve, you want to learn and you ...

The post Going Pro: An Insight To My Sports Betting Journey — Neel Shah appeared first on Punter2Pro.

To anyone reading Toby’s fantastic blog, you’ve taken the big first step to becoming a professional in this game. Namely, you want to improve, you want to learn and you want to get better.


My Decision To Go Pro

This year, through a strange series of circumstances, I made the decision to go professional in my sports betting and trading. It has been a long apprenticeship and I have spent countless hours wasted on poor tipsters, systems and strategies. I’ve read dozens of books and bought a fair few courses.

Somehow I have stumbled my way onto some consistent strategies through experimenting, and having conversations with people far more knowledgeable than me along the way. Even now it’s still a risk to “go pro” — but I’ve been profitable for the past 18 months using a range of methods, and life is short.

There would never be a better time to do this, and if all else fails, as a high school teacher, I could always go back into my profession where jobs are always in demand.

Going Pro: Introducing Neel Shah's Sports Betting Journey
Formerly a Psychology teacher in the Middle East, Neel is a content writer for tradematesports and several other betting websites.

What makes me think I will succeed?

I am a Dad to a 1 year old so I’m often exhausted by the evenings. I’ve not been able to get the learning or trading time in. Yet from my results over the past year or so, I worked out that if I had the chance to devote to this full time, I would earn as much as my entire monthly salary.

That should be the key indicator to any of you — if you can make a profit consistently month to month and build it to salary level, then you should really think about turning pro.

The Downsides

Not that going pro is without its stresses. It isn’t for everyone.

Going from recreationally betting to making it your primary source of income is a significant psychological jump. It can be a lonely and isolating job and the pressure can be intense. You might think you’ll have plenty of free time but you’d be surprised how quickly time gets eaten up, and how people around you assume that you’re not really ‘working’.

However, if you are self-motivated, happy to work independently for long periods and have the patience and discipline, it might be the perfect job for you.

I hope that my posts on Punter2Pro will give you some insights into how to improve your own betting and trading and how to approach it with a professional mindset. Each person’s journey will be different, and you will find that particular methods suit you better than others.


How I’m Earning A Living

Here are some of the ways I am making a profit at the moment.

There is a fine balance between having a wide portfolio (so that you can mitigate one strategy having a bad month) but also spreading yourself too thin by not specialising. I’d love to add more to my portfolio but I feel like I’m at my limit. Don’t overstretch or your performance might suffer.

Value Betting

I use Trademate Pro software to place value bets throughout the week. It’s a superb piece of software and my bank has grown over 50% over 1000 trades in just over a month. If you have the recommended bankroll, its an excellent way to make steady profits without having to research all your bets. This has been a very helpful addition to my portfolio.

US Horse Racing Movers

I exploit odds movements in US horse races and place my bets at maximum value. This is a great profit making strategy that the bookies absolutely hate. Expect a lot of restricted accounts — so either make some new friends with betting accounts or enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Casino Offers

Although ongoing casino offers are drying up compared to the golden days, you can still take advantage and find ones you might have missed. I offer a consultancy service and help my friends to open new accounts. Casino offers can be incredibly lucrative if done right, but you need to be prepared for high variance and bad losing runs too.


I run a few simple bots and scraping services that automate some of my betting. I am actually starting a Masters degree in Computer Science this year, mainly to learn how to program more advanced bots for my betting needs.

Football Index

I see a lot of growth potential here. Football Index is a great way to make a steady income that builds gradually over time. If you love football and you have experience of trading stocks and shares, this might be the platform for you.

Although Football Index is more of a passive investment, I do receive recommendations for my portfolio from week to week. I currently subscribe to a portfolio service called ‘Football Index Investor’ from BetChat.


As well as teaching, I used to work as a content writer. I have used this experience to write for several websites. Although I’m not getting paid, I am paid in kind with software and services that all have an added value to me. One day, I’d like to produce my own educational material and sell it on, but that’s a long way off.


You might be surprised why I’ve mentioned this last. Well, the truth is that I’m a mediocre trader right now. I have some profitable months but I wouldn’t say I’m at an advanced level yet.

However, I’m determined to crack it and I can say for sure that I am a much better trader than a few years ago. The main sports I follow are football, tennis and cricket. I am learning to trade horses in running, but I’m absolutely useless at it!


Find What Works For You

Even if one method is not for you, that’s ok. No professional I know in this industry is good at everything. There are strategies out there that suit your temperament, risk appetite and interests.

Sometimes you might find that the strategies that suit you best aren’t anything you find remotely interesting. For me, this is the case with horse racing. I find it the most boring sport imaginable, but my strategy is all about price exploitation. Just like when I use Trademate to bet on all kinds of sports, I don’t need to know anything about them to earn a profit.

Whereas, I love my football and like Toby, am a long suffering Spurs fan. I am a competent trader on football but nothing spectacular just yet. I think that I have too many opinions and biases that subconsciously cloud my judgement of particular games.

What about you?

If you’ve been at this a while and you feel like you’ve gone nowhere, don’t give up just yet. If you have been making some success in certain areas of your betting, try and refine it further and figure out what you’re doing right. As long as you understand WHY you are making a loss or a profit consistently, you’re on your way to becoming a better bettor. Like any job, it requires training.

Doctors don’t perform open heart surgery on day 1! You’ll get there eventually 🙂

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https://punter2pro.com/going-pro-sports-betting-journey-neel-shah/feed/ 0 10998
What’s New With Punter2Pro? — 2020 Update https://punter2pro.com/punter2pro-news-update-2020/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=punter2pro-news-update-2020 https://punter2pro.com/punter2pro-news-update-2020/#respond Thu, 23 Jul 2020 14:01:26 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10908 It’s been a while since my last update. So what’s new with Punter2Pro in 2020?   ‘Industry Experts’ Blog I’ve been contributing to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog which ...

The post What’s New With Punter2Pro? — 2020 Update appeared first on Punter2Pro.

It’s been a while since my last update. So what’s new with Punter2Pro in 2020?


‘Industry Experts’ Blog

I’ve been contributing to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog which regularly asks key questions on topics surrounding professional sports betting. Third party betting bloggers, such as myself, provide honest answers.

Here’s where you can find the answers I’ve given so far:

It’s worth noting that I’m not paid to contribute to the Trademate blog, nor am I asked to give biased answers. I do genuinely support their product because, unlike 99% of other sports betting services, it makes money for its subscribers.

Writing for their blog is also great self-promotion, and helps me to think of new content/angles to include on Punter2Pro.


Podcast Appearance

I also featured on Trademate’s podcast, where I spoke about various aspects of sports betting including: tipsters, betting experiments, cold trading, the link between arbitrage and value betting, getting money out of the bookies, and the morality of sports betting.

From what I’ve heard, the recording was well received and went out to a growing number of listeners on various channels. However, I noticed one comment on YouTube that criticised my views on Betfair trading:

If he is reading this, you’re site is great but I think some of your articles are affected by your own bias from betfair trading.  It’s absolutely possible to make money on there via various methods and I’ve seen several of your posts that indicated this is virtually impossible long term. I understand it didn’t work out for you but you can find lots of people who make money or even a living from just betfair.

Perhaps I am slightly biased. But in my defence, I did point out during the podcast that “just because I haven’t succeeded [at Betfair trading] doesn’t mean someone else won’t”. Nonetheless, I should explain my stance for the benefit of other readers.

How Tough Is Betfair Trading?

When it comes to Betfair trading, there’s a huge potential upside — but a lot of competition and smart money on the markets. I believe that there are only a small number of consistent winners (over a large data set, and a lengthy period of time).

It’s not just me that believes this. In fact, the very author of the books ‘Betfair Trading Techniques’ and ‘Programming For Betfair’, James Butler, stated the following on his blog:

If my books or my website articles have the negative effect of turning people off sports trading then I regard that as much of a success as anyone who makes a profit. It is better to walk away having broken even and realising how hard the game is rather than losing money through third-parties who do not have their interest at heart.

James Butler doesn’t have the popularity of many other sports betting bloggers, but the quality of his books are testament to his knowledge of trading, and understanding of the mathematics needed to succeed at sports betting. As a Computer Science graduate, I’ve always taken his views on-board, as they align with both my own experiences and line of thinking.

I recommend reading his final post to get a picture of how he sees the industry: It’s Been Great to Meet You!

Not all Betfair-related content emphasises the difficulties in becoming a successful pro trader. So I try to put that message across on my blog.


Fresh Content

Aside from the January Tipster performance updates, I published an article on the Best Tipsters For US Sports.

More recently I’ve also written a couple of posts that flesh out some of the answers I gave to the Trademate blog:


New Websites & Brands

As part of a bigger plan to expand my horizons beyond the sports betting industry, I’ve been spending a lot of my time developing other websites and brands.

What's New With Punter2Pro? -- 2020 Update

You may have noticed links on Punter2Pro to “NicheCarve“. That’s my online business & marketing blog, aimed at offering guidance to entrepreneurs and startups.

I started NicheCarve after reaching the conclusion that a portion of Punter2Pro readers were neither interested in sports or sports betting. Indeed some visitors are simply interested in making money online by any means. So instead of isolating the majority of Punter2Pro readers by talking about online business, I decided to create an entirely new site with a different theme.

To be honest, NicheCarve hasn’t been the major hit I’d hoped for (yet!). But I believe in the site, and I’m satisfied with the quality of its articles. I’ve devoted a lot of my time during lockdown to publishing new content, expanding various themes (such as using the Amazon FBA program), and working towards improving the website’s SEO. It’s an ongoing project that I think will excel once I’ve given it a more personal touch.


Another blog I’ve written is “Top Goalkeeping“, a site devoted to helping aspiring keepers — the unsung heroes of football.

The content on Top Goalkeeping is so specifically aimed at football goalies that it’s barely relevant to the majority of Punter2Pro readers. Hence the need for an entirely new website.

I launched the site in early 2019, and I’m thrilled with the progress so far. It consistently receives daily traffic of around 150-200 users, and has quickly established itself as one of the most comprehensive goalkeeper blogs written in the English language.

While I’m barely ever between the sticks myself these days, I haven’t forgotten anything I was taught during my 10 year spell as an amateur keeper. The things I learnt as a teenager are still just as relevant to the sport today, and so my content resonates with current players. Confirmation of this came when two of my ‘psychological’ articles on Top Goalkeeping went viral on social media, attracting attention from keepers all over the world — including academy players and ex-professionals.

Here are the articles:

There was clearly a demand for goalkeeper content. I assume there are limited number of experienced keepers, with in-depth knowledge of the sport, as well as the marketing skills and writing ability to create a site of this standard. Or perhaps the idea was just overlooked entirely.

Other Projects:

  • Rectrix: my goalkeeper glove brand. This has been majorly disrupted due to the lack of football being played.
  • PalioETT: my table tennis bat brand. Sales shot up during lockdown, as people took up new indoor hobbies.
  • FlyGA: my aviation brand. Sales have remained surprisingly steady through the pandemic period, so I’ve focused on developing new items in anticipation that flight schools will start re-opening business as usual.


Punter2Pro Earnings

While my overall income across all businesses improved during the lockdown, there’s no doubt that Punter2Pro heavily suffered as a result of there being no sport (and therefore no sports betting).

I now appreciate just how much this site is driven by people’s enjoyment of sport — not just an interest in making money online. At one stage my traffic halved from its regular performance level, which was roughly in line with how much earnings were hit.

However, I’ve seen a steady improvement in earnings since the restart of the Premier League, and I’m now making approximately 75% of the average monthly takings from the six months leading up to the lockdown.

But rather intriguingly, even prior to the lockdown, Punter2Pro traffic was down around 30% from the previous year. Yet the site was earning more. This indicates that conversions have improved, and visitors are of “higher quality” than before. I’m earning more from less readers, essentially.

While my content is clearly reaching the right people, I still want to know why the traffic has tailed off. I’m currently investigating my site’s SEO, as I suspect it may have been targeted in one form or another. It happens.


A Sports Betting Product by Punter2Pro

There’s a sports betting product I’m going to release at some point within the next six months (hopefully sooner). The concept been in the back of my mind for at least two years, and I know the blog would be a superb platform to promote it.

I’m currently designing the user interface, and seeking a developer to help me produce it. I’m excited for what it could bring to the market — provided it’s well executed.

For now I’ll remain secretive until I’m a little further along with the project. But stay posted for future updates!

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone that continues to read my blog. I hope that I’ve helped steer you in the right direction, or at least taught you something new.

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https://punter2pro.com/punter2pro-news-update-2020/feed/ 0 10908
How Efficient Are Sports Betting Markets? Can I Beat Them? https://punter2pro.com/how-efficient-sports-betting-markets-beat-profit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-efficient-sports-betting-markets-beat-profit https://punter2pro.com/how-efficient-sports-betting-markets-beat-profit/#respond Mon, 20 Jul 2020 10:48:40 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10745 With any market, the more participants, the more efficient it becomes. The same applies to sports betting markets. In order to become a profitable bettor, it’s important to be aware ...

The post How Efficient Are Sports Betting Markets? Can I Beat Them? appeared first on Punter2Pro.

With any market, the more participants, the more efficient it becomes. The same applies to sports betting markets.

In order to become a profitable bettor, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of targeting both extremes of popular and obscure sports betting markets, and what conditions make them easiest to beat.

This post extends the answer I provided to the Trademate Sports blog for the question: How Difficult Is It To Beat The Sports Betting Markets?


Obscure Betting Markets (Inefficient)

Consider obscure sports markets that attract only a few bettors, where very little information circulates about the events. For example, low league Ice Hockey.

These types of markets are ‘clean’ in the sense that they aren’t clouded by rumours/gossip, public perceptions, or media biases. But on the other hand very few sources of knowledge — such as statistics, analyses, and news sources — exist to help form the basis of a solid opinion.

Bookmakers will speculate on obscure events by deciding where to set their lines, and how much risk they’re willing to take. Meanwhile sports traders might take a lone (and equally cagey) view on the situation. This usually means that there’s very little money on offer for bettors to place stakes.

Obscure markets are built on a very small set of opinions. There’s not much money shaping the odds, or driving them in any one direction. Thus the prices are unlikely to reflect the true probabilities of the event; the sign of an inefficient market.

As a bettor, an inefficient market can be positive (if the odds are too good to be true), or negative (if the odds are not as good as they ought to be). Contrary to popular belief a highly niche/obscure market doesn’t guarantee easy value. It just means you’ll face less competition for odds than hugely popular events where the money is constantly flowing.


Popular Betting Markets (Efficient)

Now consider highly popular sports markets, such as the 1×2 on big fixtures like ‘El Clasico’ (Real Madrid v Barcelona). There are literally thousands, if not millions, of different opinions that contribute to where the odds move in this market.

Bookmakers are forced to adjust their odds according to high demand. If the public heavily backs one outcome, then they’ll lower the odds on that selection and raise the odds on others to manage their exposure. This is one way that inaccurate odds are brought into line by the masses. Learn more from my post How Do Bookmakers Earn? 

Meanwhile the odds on the betting exchanges constantly fluctuate as thousands of participants (bettors, bookies, traders) enter the big market to take their view on the event. Whenever the odds represent exceptional value, they are snapped up immediately. Equally, bad odds are left dormant — nobody takes them.

What you’re left with — at both the bookies and exchanges — is an efficient market built around a “consensus” of diverse opinions. These opinions push the odds as close to accuracy as we ever get. This phenomenon is known as price discovery, which I explain in my post on the Wisdom of Crowds Theory.

While popular markets offer enough flow for bettors to get large stakes away, an efficient market is incredibly hard to beat. After all, there’s a vast amount of readily available information — such as data, news, and market behaviour– to base choices on. So naturally, competition for value is fierce.


How To Beat Betting Markets

The key to beating a sports betting markets (obscure, popular and everything in-between) is to either:

  • Be smarter than the market, or
  • Be faster at reacting to changes than other participants on that market.

Outsmarting the market implies that you hold some kind of specialist knowledge that gives you an advantage in detecting value (which most of us do not have). But being quicker than others can be achieved by simply having the right technology to detect slow-moving prices — without any knowledge of the sport required.

So the latter is much easier.

Finding Slow-Moving Prices

The betting exchanges are incredibly difficult to beat because the odds constantly move into line as new information becomes available. The markets are so efficient that it’s rumoured less than 1% of traders are profitable. So I do not advise that you start out by looking for slow-moving odds on the exchanges.

However, many bookmakers are slow to align their odds with more accurate prices available on the betting exchanges or “sharp” bookies (like Pinnacle). We call these inaccurate odds “soft”. Thus “soft” bookmakers provide ample value betting opportunities (price inefficiencies) for savvy punters to snap up as soon as they appear. This is how the majority of successful value bettors operate, and it’s the best approach for anyone new to value betting.

I highly recommend that you read my review of the Trademate Sports Value Bet Finder. This tool enables bettors to earn a consistent profit by detecting inaccurate prices at bookmakers.

Forming Your Own Pricing Model

Still keen to take on the markets yourself without using a Value Bet Finder?

Ask yourself: do I know more than the entire pool of opinions that went into forming the odds? What advantage do I have?

Invariably you’ll come to discover that your approach yields no advantage. As harsh as it sounds, your view is just one take on the market… and that’s unlikely to beat it over the long-term. That’s precisely why most punters find it so difficult to earn from sports betting.

To successfully take on the sports betting markets yourself, you’ll need to be smart, dedicated, willing to adapt to changes. You need to become more intelligent than the collective ‘crowd‘. This takes a highly methodical approach.

Nonetheless, if you are highly determined to create your own pricing model to identify value, then I can point you in the right direction:


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https://punter2pro.com/how-efficient-sports-betting-markets-beat-profit/feed/ 0 10745
Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2020 (Top Tipster Services) https://punter2pro.com/best-sports-betting-tipsters-tipping-services/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=best-sports-betting-tipsters-tipping-services https://punter2pro.com/best-sports-betting-tipsters-tipping-services/#comments Sat, 04 Jul 2020 14:43:15 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=7310 There are literally thousands of Tipsters or “Tipping Services” available online, encompassing just about every sport imaginable. Some tips are free, and others come as part of a paid subscription ...

The post Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2020 (Top Tipster Services) appeared first on Punter2Pro.

There are literally thousands of Tipsters or “Tipping Services” available online, encompassing just about every sport imaginable. Some tips are free, and others come as part of a paid subscription service.

“So who’s the best Tipster?”, you ask.

There’s no straightforward answer to that — but I can certainly point you in the right direction. Here’s everything you need to know in order to dodge scams, avoid disappointment, and find a legitimate Tipping Service.


Free, or Subscription Tipsters?

I used to believe that there was no hope in finding any Tipster which gives you a genuine advantage — whether you’ve paid for a service or not. But that conclusion was drawn from negative experiences using subscription Tipster services, during a period where the (free) Twitter Tipsters ran riot.

I’ve seen slow improvements to the Tipster market, and gambling industry in general, over the last couple of years. Online regulations are tightening: it seems I’m not the only one who recognises that the industry needed cleaning up!

There’s now several solid Tipping Services emerging, offering far more transparency than ever before.

Free Tipster Services

You’re spoilt for choice. There’s free Tipsters everywhere — on blogs, social media, forums, the radio, and so on.

Just keep in mind that free Tipping Services tend to be less audited than many of the paid options. You need to assess the strategy used, and motives behind them, on an individual basis.

Warning: Many free Tipsters give out selections based on the slightest hunch. They’ll frequently present images of winnings, and play down losses. They’ll attempt to entice players to subscribe to “premium tips” or to bet at whatever Bookmaker offers them the best incentive. 

I recommend using the free tips provided by an established platform — such as those I’m about to recommend in the next section.

Alternatively, you might like to try the BetBull app. It’s a social betting platform which connects punters to tons of Tipsters, enabling them to copy their bets. To learn more read my full BetBull review.

Subscription Tipster Services

There’s two standout paid Tipping Services that I’ve identified as giving you the very best chance of profiting. They’re essentially ‘hubs’ which connect punters to a vast array of Tipsters for almost any sport.

The role of these subscription Tipster sites is to audit third party Tipsters, to scrutinise their selections, and present their betting records with utmost transparency. This shields bettors from common scams.

So here’s my shortlist of top Tipping Services…


1. Tipstrr

Tipstrr was created in 2014 to provide an open platform for Tipsters. It connects Tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long term profitability.

The focus of Tipstrr is transparency, and keeping open and accurate records for all to see. The company and it’s directors concur with my views that the overall issue with Tipping Services is trust. To combat this, Tipstrr have developed advanced tools to track a Tipster’s performance using odds data coming directly from the Bookies.

What differentiates Tipstrr from other platforms is that their proofing process is fully automated. The prices are checked against the market by computers; so there’s very little room for error. This is a major feat.

Anyone can become a tipster on Tipstrr. Simply create a portfolio and start tracking your bets. The portfolio can be private (to track your own betting performance), or available to others to follow for free or on a subscription basis.

Using Tipstrr

Simply select your sport from the main menu to view a variety of Tipsters. You can filter by ‘on form”, ‘established’, or ‘free’.

Here’s a football Tipster I found on Tipstrr:

General stats are listed at the top of the Tipster’s profile.

Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


This particular tipster has a realistic ROI of 9.8%. That’s a good sign. I don’t buy into astronomical ROI’s like 35%. Whenever I see those kinds of stats, I immediately want to know how many bets were placed (because that performance is not achievable long-term in today’s sports betting markets).

You can dig deep into all of the Tipster’s stats from the same page, finding a neat breakdown of the results for each sports (and leagues), markets, bookmakers used, odds ranges, publish time, time before event, and strike rates. It’s an impressive system that’s intuitive, and loaded with useful insights.

The same Football Tipster has achieved the following results (484 bets).

Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


A good track record so far. And there’s plenty of other Tipsters on the platform with promising statistics like this.

To save you some time, I’ve put together a list of:

Tipstrr Pricing

Prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month.

The good news is that the majority of paid Tipsters offer some form of trial period, or heavy discount to new customers. The duration of the promotion varies from days to weeks.

Shop around, and take advantage of trial periods where you can.

Check out my Tipstrr monthly updates to find out which Tipsters are performing best right now:




2. Betting Gods

Betting Gods is another registered Tipster company, also established in 2014. It’s now very well recognised, and has even sponsored a number of different races and courses. The aim of the platform is to bring together different tipsters from various sports under a single site.

Betting Gods has excellent reviews on third party sites such as Trust Pilot — which is the benchmark to many good, reliable online services. Furthermore, it comes with a ClickBank guarantee. So If you believe that you’ve been mis-sold something by Betting Gods, then there is a 2 month period to claim a refund. Read more on this guarantee here.

Customer service is a strong point of Betting Gods. This is made evident by public interactions from their staff, across many unaffiliated betting sites and blogs. The owner of Betting Gods, Darren Moore, has openly called for the regulation of Tipster services to prevent punters being scammed. He imposes a strict verification process on all Tipsters featured on his network.

Betting Gods enforces transparency, and encourages Tipsters to explain their selections. This way subscribers are able to learn a bit more about the sport, and perhaps even approach their betting from a different angle going forward.

I’ve actually been onto the same floor as the HQ of Betting Gods, in Malta. It’s a professional outfit.

Using Betting Gods

Betting Gods has a very bold and bright interface. You can filter by whatever sport interests you most.

You’ll note that there aren’t quite as many Tipsters on Betting Gods as some other platforms. This is because all Tipsters have to go through a rigorous 16-week vetting process before they go public on the network. It’s a good thing!

The Betting Gods Greyhound Tipster has achieved the following.

Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


The Tipster ‘profile page’ concept is similar to that of Tipstrr’s (it’s a little more basic, though).

The running stats for the Betting Gods greyhound Tipster


The above chart isn’t really that informative. However, you can bring up the full breakdown of bets in a Google sheet, as well. This is great for checking individual bets yourself, and it provides an extra level of transparency you don’t get from other platforms.

Betting Gods Pricing

Betting Gods offers £1 for a full 30 day free trial. You don’t need to place real bets, either. I highly recommend giving it a go. There’s absolutely nothing to lose (except a pound!).

After the trial, prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month. It’s consistent with Tipstrr in that department.

For more information, here’s my comprehensive review of the Betting Gods Tipster Network.


Why Most Other Tipsters Will Let You Down

Before you begin enjoying one (or more) of my recommended Tipping sites, it’s important to recognise why the majority of sports Tipping services have disappointed punters for decades.

Here they are…

1. No Edge, No Profit.

Most Tipsters don’t give punters an advantage. In other words, they don’t provide value or ‘edge’, and their selection method is worthless.

This same problem echos across all areas of gambling; not just in sports Tipping. The vast majority of betting systems, strategies, selection models, and staking plans — for both sports and Casino — ultimately fail in the long-run because they don’t yield any positive long-term advantage.

Betting on value is essential. Without it, there’s no profit. Yet the concept is still so understated.

The average gambler still believes that picking a winner means they made the right bet. But in fact, the “right bet” is any selection(s) which had the odds in your favour. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose — but value conquers all in the long-run.

Sure, you can hit winning streaks without having any positive value in your bets. Your Tipster could provide you with 10 consecutive winning selections without ever considering their value. However, that’s merely a phenomenon commonly known as… luck!

Choose a Tipster who understands the importance of value betting.

2. Tipster Scams (They’re Common).

The worst kind of Tipster is one with no intentions of helping you earn. I’m talking about the type of guy who knows damn well that his selections won’t generate any profit, but he dishes them out to unsuspecting punters anyway.

Examples of Tipster scams:

  • % of profits. Some Tipsters work on a “when you win, I win” basis. So they want ‘winners’. To maximise their chances of guessing right on a sports event, they’ll cover as many outcomes as possible. Some customers get one selection, others get something entirely different. It’s the classic Tipster scam.
  • Bookmaker affiliates. Many Tipsters earn commission by recommending that you bet with bookmakers they’re affiliated to, in order to earn a rake-back of player losses. These Tipsters are therefore incentivised to refer losing players: a clear conflict of interest.
  • Misleading numbers. It’s common to find Tipsters that document their betting history using “peak” historical prices. Yes, these prices existed at some point in time — so it looks clean on paper. In practice, however, it’s impossible to obtain those odds on every bet.
  • Outright lies. Other Tipsters haven’t yet worked out the above “peak price” trick. So they just doctor their numbers entirely; often “neglecting” to record hefty losing streaks. It’s like shanking your tee-off in golf and saying “That doesn’t count. It was a practice swing!”.

These kinds of scams can be used in conjunction with one another. They continue to exist because there’s no shortage of punters looking to base their bets around the very flimsiest of evidence.

Learn more about the risks involved in following Tipsters.

Note: not every Tipster is a scammer. I’m just making you aware of the worst case scenarios.

3. Many Tipsters are Naive.

Tipsters aren’t usually mathematicians or stats gurus. So very often their strategies are devised naively — albeit with good intentions.

There’s countless Tipsters out there who genuinely believe they’re onto a winning strategy, and enjoy sharing the love around…. until it ultimately comes crashing down. They’re often gamblers themselves.

Here’s some of the usual mistakes:

  • Believing hot streaks were more than just luck. It’s the Achilles heel: hit a good run and you start thinking you’re onto something groundbreaking. Many Tipsters have a gambler’s mentality, and don’t recognise how results can swing one way or the other (Learn more on betting variance).
  • A small sample size. With a small number of bets you might be in profit. Placing one bet every weekend, for example, might reveal a handsome ROI over half a season of football. But over time the true edge will reveal itself. Many Tipsters don’t see the decline coming.
  • Reading too much into strike rates. A fundamental error in sports betting analysis is to count the percentage of winners you had, and chalk that down as a winning strategy. That’s not how it works. Profitability hinges on how good your odds were in relation to your strike rate.

I highly recommend that you learn more about the potential risks involved in sports tipping by following the links below:


Looking For More Tipsters?

Rightly or wrongly, only two Tipping Services made my list. And there’s good reasons for that.

I’m extremely cautious about what services I recommend. Providing you with high quality products, and my honest views on sports betting is the very philosophy of this website. I won’t compromise that in favour of earning more commission from products that I cannot verify.

Tipstrr and Betting Gods are two companies I felt comfortable adding to my site. It’s not to say there aren’t more great Tipsters out there — I just believe those services two offer the most in terms of:

  • Transparency (they’re not scams)
  • Variety (lots of sports and markets to bet on)
  • User interface (neat, user-friendly sites for both mobile and desktop devices)
  • Reputation (both hold over 4.5/5.0 on TrustPilot).

Please note that prices vary for each individual Tipster on both Tipster Networks. Be sure to subscribe to Tipsters with a solid record, where you estimate you’ll be able to return enough profit to cover your monthly expense.

You may also consider an alternative approach to following tips — by copying the bets of Pro gamblers on the revolutionary BetConnect app. Check out my complete BetConnect review to learn how it works.

And lastly, remember that betting on tips carries risk: so start slowly and never bet beyond your means. There’s no guarantee you’ll profit — like with Arbing or Matched Betting.


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How Do I Know If My Betting Results Were Luck Or Skill? https://punter2pro.com/betting-results-luck-skill/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=betting-results-luck-skill https://punter2pro.com/betting-results-luck-skill/#respond Wed, 03 Jun 2020 21:14:37 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10580 I recently contributed an answer to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog series for the question: how can I determine whether betting results were based on luck or skill? It’s ...

The post How Do I Know If My Betting Results Were Luck Or Skill? appeared first on Punter2Pro.

I recently contributed an answer to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog series for the question: how can I determine whether betting results were based on luck or skill?

It’s a very important question. So in this post I elaborate on my answer and provide further reading.


Luck or Skill? — 5 Key Questions To Ask

1. Do I Have A Large Enough Sample Size?

Anyone can get lucky from a few bets. But generating a profit over a large set of bets, over a long time period, can only be achieved with skill. The more results you have, the more clarity and accuracy you have in verifying profitability. Collect as many data points as possible.

My post on the importance of sample size in betting demonstrates (an extreme example) of just how much the tide can turn. In the case study, a Betfair strategy made an exceptionally positive start, holding a +5.77% ROI with over 2,000 bets placed. Eventually, after 17,000 bets, the yield turned negative settling at -0.63%. It was a losing strategy.

Some winning streaks are nothing but pure chance; there was never any edge to start with. Other streaks are merely “temporary” opportunities that existed, but closed up over time (most likely the situation in my example strategy). Then there’s the meaningful streaks which represent a profitable, sound strategy. But you need to collect enough data to be absolutely sure of what you’re dealing with.

2. How Does My Strategy Perform On Level Stakes?

As you begin to analyse past data you’ll find it surprisingly easy to make a betting strategy appear profitable by raising/lowering the stakes under certain conditions. But that doesn’t mean your strategy is actually profitable.

Remember: a selection system that doesn’t produce a profit on a level stake basis won’t profit under any staking plan.

So if disproportionately sized bets are the only reason you’re in the green (or red), then you need to nullify their impact from your analysis to be sure of your performance. Assume all stakes in your sample are equally sized. If your results are positive and steady, then that suggests skill rather than luck.

There are two types of level-risk staking plans:

  1. You risk the same amount per bet, irrespective of the odds. So if the odds are 2.5 or 10.0, you’d still bet the same amount. For Lay bets you’d have to calculate the correct risk (the liability) per bet.
  2. You determine the risk from the odds. This method accounts for the implied chance of winning. Higher stakes are placed on low odds, and lower stakes at high odds. The result is an even profit from any win, no matter what the odds were.

Over time, the end result is more or less the same for both (1) and (2).

Learn more about staking plans from my post about betting bankroll management.

3. Does My Strategy Have A ‘Reason’ Behind It?

It’s important to have some idea why your strategy does, or doesn’t, work. If you’ve identified a pattern that appears to produce great results, then try to work out how and why that’s happened. Find out precisely where the edge (if any) comes from. This will enable you to separate good fortune from skill going forward.

So where might your edge come from?

  • Inside information: if you’re a dodgy geezer and have ways of obtaining highly valuable inside information about a sport, then that would give you an advantage (and make you a criminal at the same time).
  • Obscure findings: if you’ve discovered a trend (backed up by a sufficient data set) that’s vastly overlooked by the majority of the market, then that might be the reason for your advantage. This approach has a higher chance of success in less popular, under-developed sports and markets.
  • Speed: being faster than others means you’ll have first dibs on value odds before they move, or disappear entirely. This is precisely how a lot of sports traders secure their advantage.
  • Capitalism: it’s possible to base your strategy entirely around the errors of bookmakers and other bettors. Typically, this would involve picking off pricing errors — where the odds are too good to be true.

Every winning strategy has an edge of some kind. The simplest way to gain an edge is to use the Trademate Sports value bet finder.

4. Is Variance Impacting My Results?

In sport, the seemingly impossible outcome occasionally happens. So if, for example, your data set includes a rare 1000/1 winner then that’s going to somewhat distort your figures. And it goes the other way, too — you can lose a 1.01 bet that you labelled a “dead cert”.

For a ‘typical’ picture of performance, eliminate extremes from your analysis. I recommend capping the odds (e.g. <= 20.00), so that good fortune plays less of a part in your results. Without against-the-odds wins bloating the PnL, only skill could possibly prevail in the long-run.

Despite variance in your performance, over time your ROI % will converge to where it really belongs. Consider a casino with a fixed house edge on Roulette. The house doesn’t always win on every spin — it goes through peaks and troughs. But over time their % advantage reveals itself in their profits. It’s inevitable.

For further reading, check out my post: Betting Variance In Action.

5. Am I Beating The Closing Line (Start Price)?

It’s well known among professional bettors that consistently beating the closing line (or “Start Price”) yields positive results. Monitor the start prices at sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. If you’re able to back at significantly better odds, then that’s a solid confirmation that your results weren’t just luck.

Why does beating the start price work?

Well, the start price (or “closing line”) marks the latest possible pre-event point, where the most money has been matched before going inplay. At this moment the odds incorporate all the opinions of the public — both retail and professional — from the lead up to the event. The odds are, on average, the most accurate they will ever be.

To better that start price means you’ve beaten the market. It’s profitable, and I’ve proven it in my post: how to beat the closing line.

Hopefully these 5 tips give you some idea of whether you’re onto a winner, or not. Always take the time to fully verify your betting profitability before you’re overcome with excitement; it will save you a lot of disappointment — and money.

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February 2020: Top Football Tipsters Of The Month https://punter2pro.com/february-2020-top-football-tipsters/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=february-2020-top-football-tipsters https://punter2pro.com/february-2020-top-football-tipsters/#comments Mon, 09 Mar 2020 10:50:49 +0000 https://punter2pro.com/?p=10408 Here are the top 10 Football Tipsters for February 2020. I’ve used the trusted Tipstrr platform to produce the stats — so all information is factual. No false accounting.   ...

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Here are the top 10 Football Tipsters for February 2020.

I’ve used the trusted Tipstrr platform to produce the stats — so all information is factual. No false accounting.


10. Amigobet

  • Tips: 96
  • ROI: 8.6%
  • Profit: £168.43 (£20 average stakes)


  • Amigobet is one of Tipstrr’s most popular football tipsters.
  • The tipster’s 8.6% yield in February has earned him a place in these rankings for the third straight month, and is his tenth successive profitable month since he restarted his service in April last year.
  • Amigobet’s consistency has generated over £3,300 to level £20 stakes — a gain of over 160 betting units.



9. Alias Core

  • Tips: 113
  • ROI: 12.3%
  • Profit: £277.35 (£20 average stakes)


  • Alias Core is another tipster who regularly features in these monthly rankings.
  • Five of the last six months have produced a positive yield.
  • This multi-faceted service covers a variety of sports — with monthly profits gained in ice hockey and tennis as well as football.
  • Members need to keep an eye on when Alias’ tips are published, as his service provides a 24/7 commitment to finding the best value from global sporting events.



8. Zenith

  • Tips: 429
  • ROI: 12.7%
  • Profit: £1089.66 (£20 average stake)


  • Zenith averages around 10 tips per day.
  • February’s 47% win rate at average odds of 2.40 produced an impressive 12.7% ROI over a solid sample size of bets.
  • Members must be dedicated to follow the high volume of tips — but months like February make it well worthwhile.



7. Portugal Tipster

  • Tips: 14
  • ROI: 16.6%
  • Profit: £46.60 (£20 average stakes)


  • Portugal Tipster focuses on Portuguese football markets.
  • February 2020 was the tipster’s fifth profitable month from the last six.
  • The service averages just one tip every other day. This low volume service might not satisfy every punter.



6. Tarantello

  • Tips: 288
  • ROI: 17.5%
  • Profit: £1,050.07 (£20 average stake)


  • Tarantello hasn’t featured in these rankings for a while, but has been performing very well under the radar.
  • Since July 2019, only one of eight months has resulted in a negative drawdown, and this February was his fourth straight profitable month.
  • The majority of Tarantello’s tips are on tennis — but his less tipped football service made a more impressive 18.9% gain on its own.



5. Football Sato

  • Tips: 57
  • ROI: 18.9%
  • Profit: £214.94 (£20 average stake)


  • Sato Football earns a place on this list after an outstanding February brought 33 winning tips from 57 selections, for a 58% win rate at average advised odds of 3.42.
  • The tipster’s 19% yield last month consolidates the 50%+ returns that he produced in December and January.
  • Three winners from his first six selections in March at odds of 3.29, 2.00 and 1.76 suggest that Sato could be heading towards four straight months of profit.



4. Bet Supply Inc

  • Tips: 67
  • ROI: 28.3%
  • Profit: £379.00 (£20 average stake)


  • This service yielded a monthly gain of over 20% for the third time in five months.
  • While Bet Supply’s win rate of 40% is not as high as some football tipsters, but all of his 27 winners were at better than even money, with 16 above 3.00 and four above 4.00 — including two at 5.35 and 5.00.
  • February 2020 focused entirely on the 1×2 football betting market, with a single-unit staking plan.



3. Sphinx

  • Tips: 45
  • ROI: 28.8%
  • Profit: £258.86 (£20 average stake)


  • Sphinx regularly appears in these monthly rankings.
  • The service specialises in all tiers of French football.
  • February 2020 marked his fourth straight month of consistent growth.
  • Sphinx regularly tips the Over/Under market, and brought in 29 winners from 45 selections throughout the month, with average prices at better than evens.



2. SingleValueBets

  • Tips: 45
  • ROI: 29.4%
  • Profit: £264.82 (£20 average stakes)


  • SingleValueBets, who took a couple of months to find his feet on the Tipstrr platform
  • February 2020 marked this tipster’s fourth straight profitable month with his biggest ROI to date. It produced a 61% win rate at average odds of 2.20.
  • SingleValueBets made a profit in each of 1×2, Asian Handicap and Over-Under markets. There could be more of the same bet types to come.



1. Aurum 21+

  • Tips: 89
  • ROI: 33.6%
  • Profit: £503.15 (£20 average stakes)


  • Aurum 21+ bounced back from January’s — his first monthly setback since last summer.
  • The service seeks value outside of the even-money safety line. Aurum’s single tips average over 5.00, which accounts for a success rate of just 25%.
  • The tipster likes to use occasional combination bets, and his February profits were boosted when he combined three Draw bets at individual odds of 4.00, 3.50 and 3.40 into a 46/1 treble, as well as a trixie combining the same games.
  • The long-term ROI of the service is 11%.



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