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Football Index is the world’s first football stock market. It enables traders to buy and sell shares (“futures”) in football players, with the view to build a profitable portfolio. Players earn dividends based on good performances and positive media coverage.

It’s a innovative concept that provides a fresh, and more transparent way to invest in football. The platform appeals to recreational punters as well as those from a professional or financial background. It’s only going to grow in popularity.

Football Index Review Contents:

  1. Signup Promotion
  2. Advantages
  3. Disadvantages
  4. Full Specification


Signup Promotion

Terms & Conditions

Advantages of Football Index

Winners Are Welcome

Much like a betting exchange, you trade against other players. Football Index only earns from the 2% commission they charge on every sale — not from losing bettors. So if you churn through a lot of players, you’ll end up paying away more commission (keep that in mind).

There are however some situations where Football Index will take on your investment themselves (by market marking), should there be a lack of liquidity (money available) to fulfil your chosen bet. Doing so enables more transactions to take place on the market.

Extremely Generous Signup Offer

Football Index currently offers a staggeringly generous refund for any losses incurred during your first seven days of trading. Bet as much or little as you want. If you lose money, you can claim back up to £500. Full T&C’s apply.

Original Concept With A Broad Appeal

A ‘Football Stock Market’ is an original spin on familiar concepts.

Recreational punters, professional sports bettors, Betfair traders, financial traders, and fantasy football fans will feel right at home using the platform.

Football Index is also likely to appeal to FIFA Ultimate Team gamers. FUT players are so fixated on player attributes/potential — and frequently buy & sell them on the marketplace to generate “coins” — that they’re perfectly poised to put those skills to the test.

Intuitive User Interface

Football Index adopts the familiar Buy/Sell (Back/Lay for sport) trading format popularised by Betfair, and the financial markets that preceded it. Seasoned bettors will instantly take to it; novices will find it easy to pick up as they go along.

Rewards Knowledgeable Football Fans

Those with an ability for spotting up & coming players before their ascendancy to stardom will be able to invest real money, and generate a profit. It’s much the same as investing in small companies: do your research, buy at a low share price, collect dividends, and sell-on at a profit once that business has grown into something significantly more valuable (ideally).

Traders on Football Index also have the option to buy “trackers” — such as the “Top 50” and “Top 100” — which essentially invests in multiple top-rated players at once. If the players within the tracker live up to expectations, then you’ll collect dividends from it.

Note: bets on Football Index carry the same risk as any investment. Player values rise and fall. It doesn’t always go the way you had hoped.

Nowhere Near As Risky As Spread Betting

One of the fundamental differences between Football Index and a Spread Betting site is that you can’t lose more than you have deposited. So if your deposit was £200, then you only stand to lose that much. You can’t accrue debt.

Furthermore, losing your entire deposit(s) would suggest your investments are worthless — which is highly unlikely since you’re dealing in football players, where the market prices are dictated by opinions and perceptions. So as much as we may feel that some players are worthless, in reality they’re not!

More Than One Way To Win

Football Index pays out in two ways:

1. Dividends

The payouts are determined by one, or both, factors: 

  • Media Rankings: The Top 200 ranked players are eligible for media dividends, and this is is scored based on the sentiment within popular media posts — from sources such as TalkSport, FIFA, the Daily Star and the Daily Mail. If players are below the Top 200, they can’t be rewarded media bonuses.
  • Match Day Rankings: On any eligible match day (Europe’s 5 major domestic leagues, Champions League & Europa League), Football Index ranks all the participating footballers according to a list of weighted statistics: “The Football Index Scoring Matrix”. This determines the payout per player (if any).

2. Price fluctuations

Footballers can rise in value as a result of increased demand, which enables you to cash out your bets at a profit. It’s much like greening-up from price movements on Betfair — except you “Buy Low, Sell High” like in the financial markets.

Footballers are promoted and relegated from the Top 200 at midnight each day, and remain in that list until midnight the following day. Players below rank #200 are called “Squad Players”.

Encourages Long-term Investments

Football Index is all about investing for the long-haul. Returns are made by holding players and waiting for the right price to sell. You don’t win or lose big overnight — so you can afford the time to consider your actions carefully. This makes it unlike the vast majority of sports betting sites, that benefit from spontaneous ‘punts’.


Disadvantages of Football Index

Limited Payment Options

Only credit/debit cards can be used at the moment. There’s no option to use an e-wallet, which is a shame.

Lack Of Third Party Applications

Part of being a sports trader is utilising tools to improve, scale, and automate your betting strategy. Football Index doesn’t yet offer an open API — therefore there’s a distinct lack of third party applications compatible with the platform. This means no automation.

App Doesn’t Work Outside Of The UK

Unfortunately the strict UK betting rules mean that Football Index can’t be used abroad. It’s problematic if you’re away from home, but want to adjust your portfolio. There’s probably ways around this — but it’s not particularly advisable.

Occasional Low Liquidity

Football Index is still growing, so on some occasions they’ll step in to fill your bet request. Ideally the market would be liquid enough to cope with all requests and stand on it’s own two feet, so to speak. I think it’s just a matter of time before it does, though.

Note: You can buy 100 shares of any player at one time. This is quite substantial.

Requires Some Familiarising

Football Index isn’t quite “pick-up & play”. It requires a bit of education, experimentation, and an understanding of the terminology.

In particular, there’s the “IPO” (Initial Public Offering) players. Those of you that aren’t from a financial background won’t immediately understand the acronym. An “IPO”, in Football Index terms, is a new footballer that’s about to be added to the market:

  • Up to 50 footballers can be introduced to Football Index, per day, at an introductory price of their discretion.
  • All introductory prices are published on The Football Index News Blog at noon the day before release.


Football Index Specification

Sports Betting Markets

  • Football Player Index

Payment Options

  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Credit Cards


  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Jersey Gambling Commission


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