Where Can I Find Horse Racing Arbs/Sure Bets?

Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets

Are you looking for horse racing arbs / sure bets? Is your current horse racing arb finder too expensive, or too slow? I have a recommendation for you — it’s cost-effective, has a rapid refresh rate and is an excellent all-round horse racing arb finder.

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Racing Synergy — The Horse Racing Arb Finder

Identifying Horse Racing Arbs

If you’re unfamiliar with arbitrage or “sure betting”, then the overall principle is simple. A superior price offered at the Bookmaker represents an occasion where the odds are out of line from the “true” price on the betting exchange. Crucially, this enables punters a risk-free betting opportunity known as an ‘arb’. You simply Back at the Bookmaker and Lay (with the correct stake) at the exchange for a guaranteed profit.

Betting Automation’s ‘Racing Synergy‘ finds the occurrences where the popular UK Bookmakers currently offer better odds on horses than Betfair or Betdaq. These price discrepancies (arbs) appear in real time on their easy-to-use desktop app.

Whilst you may be able to find the occasional free horse racing arb yourself, you cannot begin to take this strategy seriously without spending a bit of money into a decent ‘finder’. Racing Synergy is a simple, horse-racing-only, low-cost desktop sure bet finder. It’s available for a subscription of only £27 a month — a great investment considering what it’ll earn you.

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Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities between Bookmakers and betting exchanges is a profitable way to bet — but you have to act quickly. This is particularly true for horse racing markets where arbs are frequent, but notoriously short-lived.

Bookmakers typically change their over-priced (sure bet) odds within a matter of seconds. You don’t have much time. Therefore it’s essential that you use a product that is capable of detecting sure bets with lightning speed. And that’s what Racing Synergy does.

Racing Synergy enables punters to immediately identify horse racing arbs whenever they first occur, allowing for enough time to place a Back bet at the Bookie, followed by the Lay bet on Betfair or Betdaq.

run Racing synergy with either Betfair or Betdaq

Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets


Additionally, users have the flexibility to compare the exchange odds to the bookmakers via Bestbetting or Oddschecker. As of yet I haven’t seen any significant advantage/disadvantage to either option. The important thing is that they both generate current horse racing arbs on the feed.

Available Bookmakers

Racing Synergy also gives you the option to decide what Bookies you want to compare the exchange prices to. For example you might only want to see 32Red and Paddy Power horse racing arbs. There’s plenty Bookies to choose from; it’s very strong in this department.

Bookmakers will limit your stakes due to arbitrage activity. Some are faster, and more strict at restricting your account than others. You cannot accurately predict just how long you’ll ‘last’ at each Bookmaker. But make no mistake — it’s inevitable that if you place enough sure bets, you will be limited or “gubbed” eventually.

Select the Bookmakers you want. Plenty to choose from.

Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets


It’s worth noting that the £27 monthly subscription fee for Racing Synergy isn’t difficult to make back from arbing. Even if some of your betting accounts are limited or gubbed.

FYI “gubbed” means your account is limited to £0 stakes or closed. Same difference.

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Trade Calculator

A nice touch to the Racing Synergy app is the Trade Calculator tool. This allows the user to quickly work out how much they need to Lay on the exchange.

Example: working out the Lay Stake for an Equal Return after a bookie bet of £100

Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets


This example calculated the Lay Stake as £111.73 in order to achieve an equalised profit (£6.16 or £6.14) whether the £100 Bookmaker bet wins or loses.

5 Star Steamer Predictor

Racing Synergy includes a 5 Star “Steamer Predictor”. This feature uses past data from over 30,000 bets, combined with the present position of money on the exchange, to give an indication of the chance that the horse will shorten in price. 5 Stars represents a very strong chance.

The aim of the feature is to pinpoint occasions where successful Back-Lay Trades can be achieved: back at high odds, and later lay at low odds when/if the odds shorten. If it goes well then this achieves a profit regardless of the outcome of the race. This feature is there to aid traders as opposed to arbers.

Star rated arbs appearing on the arb finder
Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets


I haven’t seen enough star-rated occurrences to comment on this feature’s effectiveness or profitability. But in principle it’s a great idea and it warrants further monitoring.

Market Data for Each Horse

Double clicking on a horse that’s appeared in the feed brings up some additional features. This includes showing the price/volume over time, and the betting calculator.

Double click any Horse  to view trading data

Find Horse Racing Arbs Sure Bets


Whilst the charts aren’t necessary for arbitrage betting, they might be of interest to those wanting to use price discrepancies as an input for a trading strategy on the exchange.

System Requirements

The requirements to run the software are pretty standard. No surprises here:

  • Microsoft XP or later operating system
  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent
  • 2MB hard disk space
  • 1GB Memory
  • Internet connection (minimum 2MB broadband recommended)
  • Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 (available via free download for older PCs)

Additionally, you’ll need an account with either Betfair or Betdaq to operate the software.

So What’s the Downsides to Racing Synergy?

I think there’s 2 obvious downsides to this product:

  1. It’s exclusively for Windows PC. Unfortunately it doesn’t support Mac or mobile use (which isn’t practical, anyway).
  2. You can only view arbs on one race at a time. Admittedly you can switch between races. But personally i’d prefer to see horse racing arbs across all races on my screen at one time.

But these are minor criticisms. All things considered, Betting Automation have built a very useful, cheap horse racing arb finder.


Final Notes

Remember that horse racing markets are extremely volatile. Whilst this creates a lot of arbs it also means that the opportunities don’t last very long. Hence the need for lightning-fast software designed specifically for the horse racing markets.


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