Bet Burger Prematch

From €5.99 (options available)

‘Prematch’ subscriptions are for pre-game Surebets only. You’ll have to subscribe to ‘Live Arbs‘ for inplay Surebets.

The Bet Burger arbing service has been around for over 5 years, serving 35,000 subscribers. The in-browser, cross-compatible software makes life simple for arbitrage bettors — running on smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac.

It currently finds Surebets across 23 different sports for ‘Prematch’ mode, and 13 for ‘Live’ mode. The total number of compatible Bookmakers/Sports continues to grow.

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  • PreMatch arbs
  • Simple in-browser, cross compatible interface (smart phones, iPad, PC, Mac etc.)
  • Provides Middles for both InPlay and PreMatch.
  • Arb Helper add-on leads the user straight to the betslips, making for rapid bet placement. This is untraceable by the Bookmakers.
  • Supports 62 Prematch Bookmakers (plus 57 “clones”), and 50 Live Bookmakers (plus 47 “clones”). This makes for plenty of opportunities to profit.
  • Includes access the ‘Arbitrage Betting Academy’ — a training program specially made to educate subscribers about arbitrage betting.
  • Claims to provide users with “more arbs than from any other rival”.

Full Review: Best Arbing Software

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