BF Bot Manager Betfair Bot Licence (V2) — Lifetime

£89.95 (lifetime subscription)

** For 2x lifetime subscription keys it’s a discounted £159.95. If you want to develop your own trading strategies and require a lot of flexibility, then opt for the VF Bot Manager V3 package. **

BF Bot Manager was built using the API services from Betfair, Betdaq & Matchbook, and describes itself as a “Bot Management System”.

The BF Bot Manager product range enables Betfair traders to test and implement their own strategies, as well as create entirely new ones. The software is incredibly flexible and includes many features which allow users to bet within any market, whatever their sport of preference.

V2 software is predominantly for running existing trading strategies.

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► BF Bot Manager Overview
  • It’s a “Sports Bot Management system”, for the use on multiple betting exchanges.
  • It supports both manual and automatic trading.
  • Strategies can be linked i.e. one event is dependent on another.
  • It supports bets on both the UK and Australian versions of the Betfair exchange.
  • Bots built to perform specific tasks are ‘loaded’ into the system and will run with only minimal input from the user.
  • Any of the bots can be modified to your request — a level of customisation which surpasses it’s competitors.
  • The programming team will create a totally new, custom bot for you upon request (pricing varies depending on complexity)
  • The Ladder control is for the use in any sports market. A useful feature for placing bets quickly after a goal is scored in football, or for betting inplay on horse racing.
  • The Multiple Strategies add-on allows users to set and run multiple betting strategies simultaneously.
► The V2 Software Includes:
  • BF Bot Manager V2 for BETFAIR and license key valid for life for single BETFAIR account
  • Back/Lay Multiple Favorites bot
  • Ladder/Grid control
  • Dutching bot
  • Horse races trader bot
  • Free updates
  • Simulation mode
  • Unlimited number of computers
  • Unlimited email support
  • Manuals and video tutorials
  • Access to private members section of forum


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