Odds Monkey Premium — 1 Year

£15.00 £12.50 /month (£150 upfront)

The yearly subscription is £150 upfront and works out at £12.50 /month. Save £2.50 per month on the best Matched Betting service on the market. 

Odds Monkey is the #1 Matched Betting Service, and their software serves over 25,000 matched bettors. Odds Monkey combines the concepts of Matched Betting, Dutching & Arbing, making for an integrated Value Betting & Matched Betting service at a very affordable price.

Full Review: Best Matched Betting Services



  • Assumes no prior experience of sports betting.
  • The most credible source for learning the basics.
  • Promotions are thoroughly analysed.
  • Ongoing support is there when you desperately need it.
  • All potential pitfalls are highlighted.
  • Free bets & promotions are researched and listed on the website every day.
  • All of the Software & Tools are included in the price.

Full Review: Best Matched Betting Services

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