BF Bot Manager

Bots for automating strategies across all major betting exchanges.

BF Bot Manager was built using the API services from Betfair, Betdaq & Matchbook, and describes itself as a “Bot Management System”.

The BF Bot Manager product range enables traders to test and implement their own strategies, as well as create entirely new ones. The software is incredibly flexible and includes many features which allow users to bet within any market, whatever their sport of preference.

There are three versions of the Bot Management software: Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq.

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BF Bot Manager Overview:
  • Automate your betting at betting exchanges
  • Run unlimited number of strategies at the same time
  • Bet on tips from tipping services, Proform software or your own selections
  • Football live scores, weather info, historical results and key match information
  • Detailed horse racing information e.g. class, going, beaten favourites, course/distance winner
  • Automatically hedge / cash out your position during in play
  • Staking plans available: Fibonacci, Parlay, Maria, Kelly, Labouchere, Sweeper and many more
  • Import/export strategies, private strategies
  • Dutching functionality
  • All common rules e.g. time to bet, overrounds, back/lay ratio, min/max number of runners/prices etc.
  • Automatic loading of markets by preset rules
  • Reporting of failed conditions and explanation why bets are not being placed
  • One click manual betting
  • Simulation mode, do not risk real money while learning and finding right settings for your strategy
  • Tennis live scores provided by Betfair exchange
  • Football in play statistics, shots on/off goal, possession, passes percentage, red/yellow cards, corners etc.
  • Optional subscription to third party football in play statistics service and implement rules for betting by those stats

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