Best Odds Comparison Sites | Find The Top Prices In 2024

Are you looking for the best odds comparison site in order to maximise your sports betting performance? Here are the sites I recommend.


1. Oddschecker

OddsChecker is the #1 odds comparison site and has been helping bettors to improve their odds since 1999.

The OddsChecker site enables users to select an event/market and check the latest prices available from a list of popular bookmakers and betting exchanges. Clicking a price directs the user to the selected betting site where they can place the bet.

Overall the site is modern, very easy to use and provides live odds on a wide range of sports & markets.



  • Great range of sports and markets.
  • Ideal for checking prices between popular (and reputable) sportsbooks and exchanges.
  • Neat, modern interface.
  • Historical data, such as H2H for football, integrated into upcoming games.


  • Defaults to fractional odds. Decimals would be preferable.
  • Prioritises bookmaker odds even though the betting exchange odds are consistently better. This undermines the transparency of the site.
  • Many smaller, less popular bookmakers are not featured on the site.
  • Cluttered with bookmaker ads/banners. Clearly shows bias towards affiliated brands.


2. BetMonitor

BetMonitor is a less-known odds comparison site that truly aims to give bettors an edge.

The list of bookmakers on BetMonitor is extensive, with a great mix of popular brands as well as little-known bookies. Prices are listed in order of the payout %, from top to bottom, making it crystal-clear where you should be betting.

Aside from odds comparisons, BetMonitor features a “dropping odds” section for monitoring the historical journey of specific prices, as well as a sure bets section for value bets. These features are free and serve as a taster for what types of tools you’ll get as a premium user.



  • Wide range of sports and markets.
  • Excellent range of sportsbooks, big and small.
  • Uncluttered website, with a heavy focus on finding value rather than casual/recreational gambling.
  • Features charts that plot the movement of odds on the lead up to an event.


  • No statistics or historical data integrated into upcoming games.
  • Lacks a few popular betting sites with great odds, such as Matchbook.
  • Many of the featured bookmakers are not available from all regions.
  • Unlikely to stay online, as many bookmakers may not support the site and could attempt to block their odds being displayed.


3. OddsPortal

OddsPortal is another major odds comparison site. It features a wide range of sports and markets, dropping odds, sure bets and a community-based tipster section.

Furthermore OddsPortal enables users to sort the odds for each outcome by the highest value, and to view historical prices.

The interface is slightly dated, but OddsPortal is still the go-to odds comparison site for EU bookmakers.



  • Wide range of sports and markets.
  • Excellent range of sportsbooks, particularly for EU-based bettors
  • No-nonsense website, with a heavy focus on finding the highest price.
  • Features a tipster section, enabling users to post their own bets and build a profile of results.


  • Defaults to fractional odds. Decimal odds would be preferable.
  • The site looks dated compared to its competitors. It could do with an update.
  • Cluttered with bookmaker ads/banners. Clearly shows bias towards affiliated brands.
  • Targets at EU customers, so some of the featured bookmakers are not available from all regions.


4. Oddspedia

Oddspedia is modern sports odds comparison site featuring a selection of reputable sports betting sites. It also provides live scores, statistics, sports news, and other sports betting content.

Visitors to Oddspedia can bring up graphs of how specific odds have changed over time, which is a neat touch.

The site is mainly football focused, but includes several other popular sports.



  • Uncluttered, user friendly interface.
  • Integrates stats and betting odds.
  • Easy to switch between odds and favourite events.
  • Particularly appealing for football fans seeking a one-stop-shop for betting.


  • Lacks sports compared to other odds comparison sites.
  • Betting exchanges are omitted, which somewhat devalues the site.
  • Favours affiliated bookmakers, and gives extra exposure to them.
  • Lacks some configurability (e.g. the ability to order the odds by their value).


5. OddsExplorer

OddsExplorer is a comparison site designed to help users around the world to find the best odds from a selection of the most trusted sites. 

The site includes a variety of betting calculators, sure bets, basic statistics, and short match previews.



  • Uncluttered, user friendly interface.
  • Includes some less-known bookmakers.
  • Encourages value betting.
  • Enables users to sort outcomes by the best odds available.


  • Lacks sports compared to other odds comparison sites.
  • US focused, meaning UK/EU bettors may not be able to sign up to all of the recommended sites.
  • Betting exchanges are omitted, which devalues the site.


Worthy Mentions

While the above list of the top 5 odds comparison sites will be more than enough to keep you going, some other great options almost made the list.

You might want to check out:


Limitations Of Odds Comparison Sites

Counterintuitively, odds comparison sites won’t necessarily show you the best odds available. That’s because they’re limited by what bookmakers they actually show on their site. So for instance, an odds comparison site that doesn’t include betting exchanges (which has the best odds the vast majority of the time) wouldn’t be giving you the best prices. So be aware of that.

Another limitation is that the odds aren’t always up to date. Odds change quickly, so it’s not unusual to find a price displaying on an odds comparison site that’s already been slashed — which isn’t ideal.

Lastly you have to be very aware that the odds and bookies that are given the most exposure on odds comparison sites often aren’t the ones with the best odds. A lot of the recommendations they provide are made because those sites offer the highest incentives for the extra exposure.


Are Odds Comparison Sites Worth Using?

If you’re someone that often takes the most convenient odds without shopping around for better, then using an odds comparison site before is certainly going to improve your approach.

However, the fact remains: you could save the hassle of shopping around for the best odds by using a betting exchange, or a sharp bookmaker like Pinnacle (if it’s available in your region), in the first place. These sites consistently provide industry-leading odds and cover most popular sports and markets. It could be all you need.

Nonetheless there are many valid reason why you might opt to use a bookmaker. If you do prefer bookies over exchanges, it’s still advantageous to be aware of a few dependable odds comparison sites to enhance the odds you select.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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