Hong Kong Odds | What Are HK Odds? How Do They Work?

Hong Kong Odds | What Are Hong Kong Odds? How Does The HK Format Work?

Hong Kong odds, known as HK odds, are commonly used in Hong Kong and parts of Asia

What Are Hong Kong Odds?

Hong Kong odds, also known as HK odds, is a popular odds format used in horse racing and football betting in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.

In the Hong Kong odds format, the odds are expressed as a decimal value that is rounded to the nearest cent. The odds are usually displayed in brackets, and the value inside the brackets represents the odds.

For example, if the odds are displayed as (1.50), this means that for every HKD 1.00 bet, the potential profit is HKD 0.50, and the total return is HKD 1.50. The odds can be higher or lower, depending on the likelihood of the outcome.

So if the HK odds are displayed as 3.0, then the potential profit from a HKD 100 bet is simply: 100 x 3.0 = HKD 300. The total return would be HKD 300, because the stake of HKD 100 is added on top.

Hong Kong odds are very similar to Decimal odds, but because they are primarily used in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, they aren’t as widely recognised in other parts of the world where decimal or American odds are prominent.

Pros & Cons of Hong Kong Odds

Here are some pros and cons of using Hong Kong odds in betting:


  • Easy to Understand

    Easy to understand: Hong Kong odds are relatively easy to understand for beginners. The format is similar to decimal odds, but with a different multiplier.

  • Popular In Asia

    Hong Kong odds are the standard odds format in many Asian countries, particularly in Hong Kong, where they are commonly used in horse racing and football betting. This means that bettors who are familiar with this odds format can quickly and easily place bets in these markets.

  • Potential For Value

    Hong Kong odds from Asian sportsbooks can offer higher potential winnings than equivalent selections available in other regions. So it's beneficial for bettors to understand how to interpret them.


  • Limited Availability

    One of the main drawbacks of Hong Kong odds is that they are not as widely available as other odds formats in many parts of the world. This can make it difficult for bettors who are not familiar with this format to find suitable markets to bet on.

  • Language Barrier

    Hong Kong odds are often displayed in Chinese characters, which can make it difficult for non-Chinese speaking bettors to understand them. This can create a language barrier and limit access to these markets for some bettors.

  • No Negative Odds

    Hong Kong odds do not include negative odds, which means that bettors may have difficulty assessing the likelihood of an underdog winning. Especially if they are used to American odds.

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