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TIpster League Table

The following table shows the top 20 tipsters featured on this site, ranked by an unbiased rating system.

Kindly be aware that the statistics provided are based on the assumption that the data collected by Tipstrr is accurate. It is also presumed that a consistent £10 stake was applied to each tip as advised. However, in real-world scenarios, actual odds may deviate from those recommended, leading to potential variations in profits.

Stats were last updated April 2024.

RankStar RatingTipsterProofed ByEstablishedSportTipsAverage OddsAll-time ProfitAll-time ROI(+/-) Units3-Month Profit3-Month ROI(+/-) UnitsEst. Weekly TipsUsual Publishing TimesTrial PeriodMonthly Cost
14.9Underdog Racing TipsTipstrrOctober 2019Horse Racing6,82617.12£53,662.8339.31%+5366£3,082.5022.70%+308298am-12pm & 4pm-12am£11.70 for 30 days£39
24.8ChampionsTipsTipstrrJanuary 2021Horse Racing3,57420.23£13,146.6518.39%+1315£698.0037.53%+702112pm-4pmFREEFREE
34.8The King of HorsesTipstrrApril 2023Horse Racing4,34615.96£24,975.2528.73%+2498£5,381.2225.46%+538818am-12pm & 4pm-12am£7.80 for 30 days£39
44.8The Profit RocketTipstrrAugust 2023Horse Racing2,96315.48£16,994.3528.68%+1699£3,260.3014.24%+326828am-12pm & 4pm-12am£5.70 for 30 days£19
54.7On Target TipsTipstrrOctober 2019Horse Racing9,97210.23£18,657.0318.71%+1866£830.2514.17%+83424pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
64.7Profitable PicksTipstrrJune 2020Horse Racing3,26811.03£12,136.7623.82%+1214£168.556.04%+17164pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
74.7EachwaymornigtipsTipstrrNovember 2022Horse Racing4,69710.71£23,437.1024.95%+2344£1,605.7511.74%+161624am-8am£9.80 for 30 days£49
84.6Horse For A CourseTipstrrJune 2020Horse Racing2,66811.02£11,251.6033.93%+1125£230.0024.73%+23134pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
94.6Model ManTipstrrJune 2022Horse Racing5,36912.12£21,017.1630.02%+2102£349.303.97%+35548pm-12am£19.50 for 30 days£39
104.6Lulas BTTSTipstrrFebruary 2022Football9,1472.76£10,820.2011.80%+433£319.403.60%+13798am-12pm£8.70 for 30 days£29
114.6Shrewd TipsTipstrrOctober 2019Horse Racing10,9938.56£16,469.4214.98%+1647£291.004.81%+29478am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
124.6GV Early AlertsTipstrrOctober 2019Horse Racing4,5919.53£6,269.8513.66%+627£945.6041.11%+95194pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
134.6Elite Horse TipsTipstrrMarch 2022Horse Racing4,46811.75£15,711.9422.53%+1571£301.253.39%+30404am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£11.70 for 30 days£39
144.5365 TipsTipstrrOctober 2019Horse Racing7,7319.76£19,525.4915.83%+1953£165.504.56%+17334am-8am & 8pm-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
154.5Footballer TipsTipstrrAugust 2020Football8,6622.67£11,172.4612.90%+447£1.900.00%+0458am-12pm£11.40 for 30 days£19
164.5SVB TipsTipstrrJanuary 2018Football5,0703.22£6,253.9412.30%+250£547.4013.70%+22158am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
174.5Each Way Value TipsTipstrrSeptember 2017Horse Racing3,0578.23£8,769.4014.34%+877£1,258.6016.92%+12694pm-8pm£8.70 for 30 days£29
184.5LemonadoTipstrrJanuary 2021Football9,8182.15£9,253.859.40%+370£559.0510.70%+22578am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
194.5The BankerTipstrrJune 2019Horse Racing3,57810.16£10,417.1727.82%+1042-£266.50-12.87%-27144pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
204.5ZenithTipstrrSeptember 2019Football14,1492.45£13,700.589.70%+548£469.909.90%+19594am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19

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Tipster Proofing Sites

Tipster FAQ

Where can I find the best tipsters?

You stand the best chance of finding a good tipster by using a reputable tipster proofing site.

The role of these sites is to connect bettors to an array of tipsters for almost any sport, while also auditing their betting records to “proof” their performance. 

I’ve identified the tipster sites that’ll give you the best chance of success. They’re all featured in my round-up of the Best Betting Tipster Services

Should I trust social media tipsters?

Following tipsters you find on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms is unlikely to yield positive results.

Their performance is usually unmonitored, without any assurances of profitability. Records of historical bets are often non-existent, or inaccurately recorded. 

Additionally, social media tipsters tend to be affiliated with bookmakers – meaning they’re motivated to increase the volume of stakes placed through their tracking links rather than help their followers to earn money. This creates a conflict of interest.

Specialist third party sites such as Tipstrr and Smart Betting Club include tipsters that charge subscription fee on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. But they give a far greater chance of making a profit than following free tips found on social media platforms.

To learn more check out my article: The Truth About Social Media Tipsters

How can I avoid bad tipsters and other betting scams?

The majority of subscription-based “money making” schemes within the gambling sector – which includes tipster services – don’t deliver on their promises.

I highly recommend reading my article on tipster trustworthiness, which provides an overview on how the tipster industry works and explains why some bettors are satisfied with the intel they receive, while others feel cheated.

In order help increase your chances of finding profitable betting services I’ve created a checklist of 20 things to look out for in order to avoid betting scams.

How can I determine if a tipster's results were luck or skill?

Even if you’re impressed by a tipster’s advice, it’s still important to verify their profitability before you’re overcome with excitement; it will save you a lot of disappointment — and money!

There are 5 key questions to ask about your tipster’s results:

  1. Is the sample size large enough?
  2. How does the strategy perform on level stakes?
  3. Does the tipster’s strategy have a ‘method’ behind it?
  4. is variance impacting the results?
  5. Do the result beat the SP (or closing line)?

To learn more on these five questions, check out my article: How To Tell If Your Betting Results Were Luck Or Skill.

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I'm currently running an experimental Lay betting strategy. The model aims to determine whether public sentiment favours recent results and exaggerates the odds. Check out: Fickle Football Fan Formula.

How We Rate Tipsters

All of our recommended tipsters are rated out of 5 using an impartial and entirely data-driven method which incorporates many factors including:

  • Age of Account

    How long the tipster service has been running

  • Sample Size

    The sample size of sports bets recorded so far

  • All-time Performance

    How well the tipster has performed since starting out

  • Recent Performance

    How well the tipster has performed over the past three months

  • Volume of Tips

    The estimated number of weekly tips given based on the historical average

  • Subscription Cost

    How much the tipster charges on a monthly basis

Our unique rating system can be used to compare tipsters of all sports, irrespective of what proofing site they belong to. So be sure to check back in to see how the ratings have changed!

Recommended Tipsters

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