Best Horse Racing Tipsters | Top 20 Tipster Services 2021

Are you looking for the very best horse racing tipsters? Good — because here’s where you’ll find them.

Finding a trustworthy, reliable, profitable horse racing tipster can feel impossible. The sports tipster industry is rife with scammers, bookmaker affiliates, and social media influencers with questionable credentials. You’ll go in circles if you’re not careful (see my Tipster industry overview).

Profitable horse racing tipsters do exist, though. And several of them continue to produce outstanding results year-on-year, with impressively high ROI’s. In fact, Horse Racing produces the strongest professional tipsters of all sports I monitor on this site.

Here’s my list of recommended horse racing tipsters, all with a verified historical records. Referring to this list gives bettors the maximum possible chance of earning from racing bets — without running into all of the usual disappointments.


Best Horse Racing Tipsters

RankRatingTipsterProofed ByEstablishedTipsAverage OddsAll-time ProfitAll-time ROI(+/-) Units3-Month Profit3-Month ROI(+/-) UnitsEst. Weekly TipsUsual Publishing TimesTrial PeriodMonthly CostLast Updated 
190.5%WannaWin BMTipstrrMarch 20193,2298.93£18,163.7222.50%+727£625.0010.12%+25258am-12pm£12 for 28 days£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
289.8%Shrewd TipsTipstrrOctober 20194,6288.66£17,142.0914.66%+686£3,846.9318.67%+154488am-12pm£5 for 30 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
387.0%The Bookies EnemyBetting GodsJuly 20173,54514.64£11,067.2712.49%+443£1,185.7522.37%+47166:30pm every day£1.99 for 15 Days£3723/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
486.8%On Target TipsTipstrrOctober 20194,65810.64£13,767.8611.72%+551£1,190.138.00%+48474pm-8pm£5 for 30 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
586.8%Outsider PicksTipstrrJune 20201,39314.08£23,157.1636.13%+926£2,712.5024.27%+109228am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£1 for 7 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
684.8%Underdog Racing TipsTipstrrOctober 20191,53717.12£23,149.0030.12%+926£3,347.5024.61%+134168am-12pm & 4pm-12am£9.99 for 30 days£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
781.3%Profitable PicksTipstrrJune 20201,10311.32£15,600.9132.28%+624£983.7514.96%+39188am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£1 for 7 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
879.5%The BankerTipstrrJune 20191,7798.98£12,161.1825.19%+486£1,637.6527.87%+66168am-12pm & 4pm-8pmNone£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
978.5%ChampionsTips1TipstrrJanuary 20211,10118.66£9,603.4417.59%+384£9,292.8830.37%+372338am-12pmFREEFREE25/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1078.0%CD Systems Daily BargainTipstrrApril 20181,06510.12£7,013.4626.34%+281£1,386.2564.48%+5568am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£10 for 30 days£3923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1177.8%RecentspeedhorsesTipstrrMay 20215057.98£5,759.3428.91%+230£4,175.0029.93%+167308am-12pm & 4pm-8pmFREEFREE25/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1277.3%365 TipsTipstrrOctober 20193,5028.47£20,502.7212.83%+820£1.750.01%+0364am-8am & 8pm-12pm£3.65 for 30 days£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1376.3%Landry Horse RacingTipstrrSeptember 20194,62310.25£30,331.5013.15%+1213-£1,623.75-12.79%-65458am-12pm£2 for 10 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1476.0%SVB TipsTipstrrJanuary 20182,6516.27£14,066.2921.22%+563-£57.83-1.10%-2148am-12pm£1 for 30 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1576.0%OnTheNoseTipstrrDecember 20171,3699.23£9,321.7226.84%+373£476.2521.17%+1974pm-8pm£10 for 28 days£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1675.5%Top Rated ValueTipstrrAugust 20183,1788.77£13,627.7714.89%+545-£265.25-5.39%-11208-12pm, 4-8pm, & 8pm-12am1 day free£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1775.0%Heli's HorsesTipstrrOctober 20182,51011.05£11,686.1218.62%+467£153.883.82%+6178am-12pm£6 for 14 days£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1873.5%Quentin Franks RacingBetting GodsJuly 20147,8337.01£29,940.5615.30%+1198-£733.42-7.56%-29218.30am-9.30am£1.99 for 15 days£4723/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
1971.0%Flying Horse StarsTipstrrSeptember 20185,01915.00£19,434.667.75%+777-£1,247.50-9.21%-50338am-12pm14 days free£2923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »
2071.0%On The Money TipsTipstrrAugust 20201,0328.80£4,498.6312.72%+180£2,846.8867.38%+114198pm-12am£1 for 7 days£1923/08/2021SUBSCRIBE »

Note: statistics assume that EW bets double your standard stake (e.g. £25 EW = £50 stake). This increase in total stake is factored into the ROI.


Ratings Explained

All horse racing tipsters are rated out of 100. Our ratings are entirely data-driven and incorporate many factors including:

  • Age — how long the horse racing tipster service has been running
  • Total bets — the sample size of horse racing bets
  • All-time performance — how well the tipster has performed since starting out
  • Recent performance — how well the tipster has performed over the past three months
  • Weekly tips — the estimated number of tips based on the historical average for this sport
  • Cost — how much the tipster costs on a monthly basis

Be sure to check back in to see how the top horse racing tipsters have changed.


One’s To Watch

The following Horse Racing Tipsters came close to making my top 20, and I highly recommend monitoring their results over the coming months:


Finding Profitable Horse Racing Tipsters

Punters want to follow horse racing tipsters that produce the most profit. Naturally.

But profit in sports betting means absolutely nothing if is isn’t proofed, or was only generated over a very small (and insignificant) number of bets. Remember that anyone can select a winning a bet by chance, but only skilled individuals can win in the longrun.

When it comes to choosing a horse racing tipster, use a reputable proofing platform and look for an established service with a breadth of experience. Consider both the long-term & recent equal-stake profit, as well as any other preference you have (e.g. the release time of tips).


Limitations Of Horse Racing Tipsters

Importantly, there’s no way of knowing that any betting system will continue to work in the future — unless it’s a risk-free technique such as arbitrage or matched betting. Always follow horse racing tips cautiously, risking only a small percentage of your bankroll on each bet. Accept losses, bet within your means, and stay disciplined.

Some horse racing tips will be difficult to place at the advised odds. This usually occurs when a tipster identifies value, advises the tip to his/her followers, and several members all hit the same price. The bookmaker then corrects the line (i.e. reduces the odds) to manage their risk. Discovering at what odds the value completely diminishes is the key to following tipsters successfully.

In addition, note that following a winning strategy is likely to get you “gubbed” at the bookies. In other words, your betting accounts will be restricted, and sometimes closed down entirely. That’s unfortunately just part of profitable sports betting. Get used to it!


Looking For More Horse Racing Tipsters?

Check out my monthly rankings of the top performing Horse Racing Tipsters:

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