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Football’s immense popularity creates sharp pricing and makes profitable football tipsters hard to come by.

Typically, football tipsters tend to focus on the well-known leagues where the betting markets are highly efficient, making it difficult to identify value bets. Even in the less mainstream football markets, the potential return on investment (ROI) is comparatively lower compared to other sports like Horse Racing, which often present larger price discrepancies to exploit.

In truth, only a small percentage of football tipsters consistently outperform the markets and generate significant profits over the long term.

Below are top football tipsters who have demonstrated remarkable results across a substantial number of verified bets in some of the most competitive sports markets globally.


Best Football Tipsters

RankStar RatingTipsterProofed ByEstablishedTipsAverage OddsAll-time ProfitAll-time ROI(+/-) Units3-Month Profit3-Month ROI(+/-) UnitsEst. Weekly TipsUsual Publishing TimesTrial PeriodMonthly Cost
14.6Lulas BTTSTipstrrFebruary 20229,1472.76£10,820.2011.80%+433£319.403.60%+13798am-12pm£8.70 for 30 days£29
24.5Footballer TipsTipstrrAugust 20208,6622.67£11,172.4612.90%+447£1.900.00%+0458am-12pm£11.40 for 30 days£19
34.5SVB TipsTipstrrJanuary 20185,0703.22£6,253.9412.30%+250£547.4013.70%+22158am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
44.5LemonadoTipstrrJanuary 20219,8182.15£9,253.859.40%+370£559.0510.70%+22578am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
54.5ZenithTipstrrSeptember 201914,1492.45£13,700.589.70%+548£469.909.90%+19594am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
64.5SoccerrafaTipstrrJune 20217,9182.55£6,388.908.10%+256£807.5012.70%+325212am-4pm & 8pm-12am£14.50 for 30 days£29
74.3Star TipsTipstrrSeptember 20217,6412.64£7,580.959.90%+758£164.608.10%+16558pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
84.3Sharp NinjaTipstrrAugust 20232,9633.57£3,128.7010.60%+313£1,503.0010.90%+150828am-8pm£11.70 for 30 days£39
94.3Vegas MoneyTipstrrJuly 20233,8782.69£3,740.259.60%+374£989.908.60%+99958am-12pm£13.30 for 30 days£19
104.3ChapolinNFTipstrrJuly 20226,5472.62£5,734.208.80%+229£248.003.70%+106912am-4am & 8pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
114.2Main Draws Model - Top EurosTipstrrAugust 20224643.76£651.6014.00%+65£276.2029.10%+2854pm-8pmFREEFREE
124.1SoccerbrTipstrrJanuary 20226,5362.59£4,060.406.20%+162-£111.10-5.00%-45412am-4am£5.70 for 30 days£19
134.0Smart FootballTipstrrMay 20231,0033.56£1,689.4016.80%+169£445.7017.80%+45208am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
143.9Wintips4uTipstrrAugust 20212,3162.65£914.704.00%+91£410.0031.50%+41164am-8amFREEFREE
153.9Long Shot TipsTipstrrOctober 20191,7624.67£1,366.707.80%+137£11.0018.30%+178am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
163.9TriBTTSTipstrrMay 20238713.06£1,640.7018.80%+164£255.909.50%+26188am-12pm£11.60 for 30 days£29
173.9Footy StarTipstrrMay 20221,5352.74£1,994.5013.00%+80£10.000.90%+0188pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
183.8Tricolor21TipstrrNovember 20193,9972.50£1,740.774.40%+174-£2.90-3.60%-0174am-8am£8.70 for 30 days£29
193.8BetsMachineTipstrrOctober 20224112.28£441.9010.80%+44£516.0015.20%+5254am-8amFREEFREE
203.7Sports InsiderTipstrrAugust 20181,1241.99£778.606.90%+78£69.1016.40%+74Throughout the day£19.60 for 30 days£49
213.7AGFTipstrrOctober 20213,7752.35£696.401.80%+70£145.703.30%+15288am-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
223.7GamesDrawsTipstrrJanuary 20232,0723.74£590.502.90%+59£623.6014.30%+62308pm-12amNone£29
233.7ZERO GOALSTipstrrMay 20238352.82£1,243.8014.90%+124£181.958.10%+18178am-12pmNone£19
243.6GSMTipstrrMarch 20233923.13£409.2010.40%+41£128.407.40%+13712pm-8pm£1.90 for 30 days£19
253.6The Football MasterTipstrrSeptember 20221,0133.12£970.309.60%+97£140.505.70%+14128am-8pmNone£29
263.6PurpleTipsterTipstrrMarch 20222931.88£189.106.50%+19£70.2016.70%+738am-12pmFREEFREE
273.5XX-ManTipstrrJune 20221,4092.98£429.303.10%+43-£40.10-2.60%-4148pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
283.5Mega PicksTipstrrOctober 20212,6101.99£287.351.10%+29-£159.15-4.90%-16198am-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
293.5FreddyTipsVIPTipstrrDecember 20225902.41£261.154.40%+26£93.503.20%+988am-12pm£1.90 for 30 days£19
303.5EnglandtipsTipstrrDecember 20225351.40£218.404.10%+22£12.604.20%+188am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19

Please note:

  • Statistics assume that a £10 equal-risk stake was placed at all recommended odds. However, achieving this on all bets is not always be feasible.
  • Some football tipsters demonstrate a great performance for a period of time, but fail to maintain the same standards over the long term.

recent Rankings


Ratings Explained

All of our recommended tipsters are rated out of 5 using an impartial and entirely data-driven method which incorporates many factors including:

  • Age of Account

    How long the tipster service has been running

  • Sample Size

    The sample size of sports bets recorded so far

  • All-time Performance

    How well the tipster has performed since starting out

  • Recent Performance

    How well the tipster has performed over the past three months

  • Volume of Tips

    The estimated number of weekly tips given based on the historical average

  • Subscription Cost

    How much the tipster charges on a monthly basis

Our unique rating system can be used to compare tipsters of all sports, irrespective of what proofing site they belong to. So be sure to check back in to see how the ratings have changed!


Limitations Of Football Tipsters

Football tipsters face a significant challenge due to the competitive nature of the betting markets.

For most football tipsters, as well as general bettors, discerning what truly constitutes “value” in football markets proves to be extremely difficult. Most statistical approaches lack the depth or speed required to gain a competitive edge. Consequently, the majority of football tipsters struggle with maintaining consistency, failing to generate substantial profits over extended periods.

Keep in mind that so many variables are in play with football, making the sport notoriously difficult to model. Consider the following:

  • Squad changes
  • First 11 team players
  • Managers & Coaches (and their ethos)
  • Club buyouts (and their impact)
  • Changes to salary structures
  • Stadiums (including expansions/rebuilds)
  • Injuries & Player suspensions

There’s more factors listed in my post: Why Making Football Predictions Is So Difficult.

Moreover, football markets, exemplified by the highly popular “Match Odds” for the English Premier League on platforms like Betfair, reflect public sentiment and tend to accurately predict event probabilities. This results in fewer deviations from the fair odds for TeamA, The Draw, and TeamB.

Thus, football tipsters must find a way of pinpointing mispriced odds for their followers. This is why many successful football tipsters specialise in niche areas such as the Asian Handicap markets and lesser-known leagues where opportunities for value are more available.


Will My Football Tipster Keep On Winning?

There’s no foolproof way to predict whether any betting system will maintain its success in the future, unless it relies on a risk-free strategy like arbitrage or matched betting. Therefore, there are no guarantees that your chosen football tipster will consistently deliver profits.

Selecting a football tipster requires careful consideration of all available data. The list provided here serves as a valuable starting point for your research, with the rating system emphasising the most reputable services. Countless checks and calculations were conducted to determine the rankings.

As with any form of sports betting, it’s essential to approach football tips with caution. Only stake a small percentage of your bankroll on each bet, be prepared for losses, and maintain disciplined betting habits.


Toby @ Punter2Pro
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