Football Betting Guide | How To Bet On Football In 2023

Football Betting Guide | How To Bet On Football

This football betting guide will provide you with valuable insights into the sport and the key factors that influence game outcomes. Moreover, you can explore the best websites for football betting and discover some of the top resources for statistics and tipsters, empowering you to make informed decisions when placing your bets.

About Football Betting

Football betting involves individuals placing bets on various aspects of football games, such as predicting the game’s winner, the final score, or the number of goals scored. 

Football, or soccer, holds the distinction of being the most widely followed sport globally. Its ability to unite people and foster a sense of community is evident through the passionate support exhibited by fans for their favourite clubs and national teams. The sport carries immense cultural significance in many countries and seamlessly integrates into the social fabric of communities worldwide. The combination of its extensive reach and easy accessibility contributes to the immense popularity of football betting.

Why Bet On Football?

  • Excitement

    Football is a fast-paced and unpredictable sport, making betting on the outcome of a match an exciting experience.

  • Knowledge

    People who follow football closely can use their knowledge of the sport to inform their betting decisions.

  • Social Aspect

    Betting on football can be a social experience, with friends and family placing bets on matches together and discussing the outcome.

  • Love for the Sport

    Many people who enjoy football also enjoy betting on the sport, as it allows them to engage with the sport on a deeper level.

Popular Football Competitions

The most popular football competitions in the world include:

  • FIFA World Cup: Held every four years, it is the largest international tournament featuring national teams from all over the world.
  • UEFA Champions League: An annual competition organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), featuring the best club teams from Europe.
  • English Premier League: The top tier of professional football in England and considered one of the best leagues in the world.
  • La Liga: The top tier of professional football in Spain, featuring 20 teams, including the famous Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • Serie A: The top tier of professional football in Italy, known for its strong defensive and tactical play.
  • Bundesliga: The top tier of professional football in Germany, known for its fast-paced and high-scoring matches.

Considerations For Football Betting

Football is a complex sport that requires a combination of physical and mental abilities, including speed, endurance, coordination, teamwork, strategy, and decision-making.

Football bettors should consider the following factors before placing a bet:


Team form in football refers to a team’s recent performance and results. It can impact the game in several ways:

  1. Confidence: Teams in good form may have increased confidence, leading to improved performance on the field.

  2. Momentum: Teams in good form may have developed a winning mentality and carry momentum into future matches.

  3. Tactics: Teams in good form may stick to successful tactics, while those in poor form may make changes to their approach.

  4. Player Performance: Players in good form may perform at a higher level, while those in poor form may struggle.

  5. Opposition: Teams may adjust their tactics to suit the form of their opponents, trying to exploit any weaknesses.

By considering a team’s recent form, bettors can gain valuable insights into their current strengths and weaknesses, helping them make more informed betting decisions.

Head to Head (H2H)

Head-to-head record, also known as H2H, refers to a team’s past performance against a specific opponent. It can impact football in several ways:

  1. Tactics: Teams may adjust their tactics based on past experiences against a particular opponent.

  2. Confidence: Teams may carry confidence or a mental edge into a match based on past success against an opponent.

  3. Player Performance: Certain players may perform better against a specific opponent, affecting the outcome of a match.

  4. Betting Odds: Bookmakers may factor in a team’s H2H record when setting odds, providing valuable information for bettors.

  5. Predictability: A team’s H2H record against a specific opponent can provide insights into their tendencies and make them easier to predict.

By analysing a team’s head-to-head record, bettors can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses against a specific opponent, helping them make more informed betting decisions.


The competition in which a football match is played can affect the outcome in several ways:

  • Quality of Teams: Different competitions often feature different levels of quality of teams.
  • Motivation: Teams may be more motivated to perform well in certain competitions, such as the league title or a cup competition.
  • Style of Play: Teams may adjust their playing style to suit the specific competition, such as playing more defensively in a cup match.
  • Squad: Teams may rotate their squad or rest key players in certain competitions.

By considering the competition in which a match is being played, bettors can gain valuable insights into each team’s priorities and tactics, helping them make more informed betting decisions.


Transfers in football can impact the game in several ways:

  1. Squad Strengthening: A team that brings in new players can improve their overall quality and competitiveness.

  2. Team Dynamics: Transfers can change the balance of power within a team and affect team morale.

  3. Managerial Changes: Transfer activity can indicate a change in a team’s managerial approach or strategy.

  4. Player Development: Young players may be sold or loaned to gain valuable experience, while established players may be signed to help a team challenge for honours.

  5. Financial impact: Transfers can have a significant financial impact on clubs, potentially affecting their ability to acquire additional players and compete at the highest level.

By tracking transfer activity, bettors can gain insights into a team’s future prospects, helping them make informed betting decisions.

Player Availability

Player availability can impact football in several ways:

  1. Team Selection: Injuries, suspensions, and international duty can impact a team’s starting lineup and overall strength.

  2. Squad Depth: The absence of key players can test a team’s squad depth and force them to play players out of position.

  3. Tactics: The availability of key players can affect a team’s tactical approach, such as playing more defensively to compensate for the absence of a key attacker.

  4. Player Performance: Key players returning from injury or suspension can impact their own performance and that of their team.

  5. Betting Odds: Bookmakers may adjust odds to reflect the absence of key players, providing valuable information for bettors.

By tracking player availability, bettors can gain valuable insights into a team’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them make more informed betting decisions.


Pressure can impact football in several ways:

  1. Performance: Players and teams may perform differently under pressure, such as choking in high-pressure situations or rising to the occasion.

  2. Tactics: Teams may adjust their tactics to cope with pressure, such as playing more conservatively to protect a lead.

  3. Mental state: Pressure can affect a player’s or team’s mental state, leading to anxiety, nervousness or self-doubt.

  4. Refereeing: Officials may be influenced by pressure from the crowd or the situation, leading to controversial decisions.

  5. Fan Expectations: Pressure from fans and the media can impact a team’s performance and increase the stakes of a match.

By considering how pressure may affect a team or a player, bettors can gain valuable insights into their performance and make more informed betting decisions.

Playing Style

Playing style in football can impact the game in several ways:

  1. Tactics: Teams may adopt different tactical approaches, such as a possession-based or counter-attacking style, affecting their ability to control the game.

  2. Team Identity: A team’s playing style can reflect their unique identity, character and philosophy.

  3. Opponent Adaptation: Teams may adjust their playing style to suit their opponent and exploit their weaknesses.

  4. Player Suitability: Certain players may be better suited to a particular playing style, affecting their on-field performance.

  5. Outcome Predictions: Teams with a distinct playing style can be easier to predict, providing valuable information for betting decisions.

By analysing a team’s playing style, bettors can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses, helping them make more informed betting decisions.


Weather conditions can impact football in the following ways:

  1. Field conditions: Wet or muddy fields can make it difficult for players to move the ball and can lead to a slower, more physical style of play.

  2. Wind: Strong winds can make it harder for teams to pass the ball accurately, leading to more mistakes and potential scoring opportunities for the opposition.

  3. Temperature: Extreme heat or cold can impact player performance and fatigue levels.

  4. Precipitation: Rain or snow can make the field slippery, affecting traction and ball control.

  5. Visibility: Fog, rain or snow can impact visibility for both players and spectators, affecting their ability to see the ball and make decisions on the field.

It’s important for bettors to take weather conditions into consideration when evaluating a game and making betting decisions. A team that performs well in certain conditions may struggle in others, and vice versa.


The impact of media on football should not be understated. It influences football in many ways, including:

  • Public Opinion: Media shapes public opinion surrounding players/clubs and creates narratives.
  • Influence: The media has the power to influence decisions by clubs, leagues, and governing bodies (e.g. making a fast U-turn on the hugely unpopular Super League proposal).
  • Revenue: Media generates an enormous source of revenue through broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals. This goes towards funding several aspects of clubs, including players.
  • Fan interest: Various forms of media including TV, radio, podcasts and written content generate interest and excitement among fans.

In a more general sense, the football media raises awareness of important issues within our society as a whole, as well as the image and perception of the sport itself.

Football Betting Markets

The most popular football betting markets include:

  1. Match winner: Betting on the outcome of a match, either home win, away win, or draw.

  2. Correct score: Betting on the exact score of a match.

  3. First goal scorer: Betting on the player who will score the first goal of a match.

  4. Total goals: Betting on the total number of goals scored in a match.

  5. Half-time/full-time: Betting on the result of a match at half-time and full-time.

  6. Handicap betting: Betting with a handicap, where one team starts the match with a virtual advantage or disadvantage.

  7. Both teams to score: Betting on whether both teams will score in a match.

  8. Outright betting: Betting on the winner of a tournament or league, before the competition has begun.

Bettors can choose from a wide range of options depending on their preferences and the bookmaker they use. Learn more about football betting markets.

Best Sites For Football Stats

The following websites provide free, detailed football statistics:

  1. Fbref
  2. Transfermarkt
  3. Squawka
  4. WhoScored
  5. Football-Data
  6. Understat
  7. SoccerStats
  8. FootyStats
  9. The Punters Page
  10. FootStats

You can learn more about these sites here: Best Sites For Free Football Statistics

Best Football Tipsters

The following table shows the top football tipsters. You can learn more about how these tipsters have been rated from my article: Best Football Tipsters.

RankStar RatingTipsterProofed ByEstablishedTipsAverage OddsAll-time ProfitAll-time ROI(+/-) Units3-Month Profit3-Month ROI(+/-) UnitsEst. Weekly TipsUsual Publishing TimesTrial PeriodMonthly Cost
14.6Lulas BTTSTipstrrFebruary 20229,1472.76£10,820.2011.80%+433£319.403.60%+13798am-12pm£8.70 for 30 days£29
24.5Footballer TipsTipstrrAugust 20208,6622.67£11,172.4612.90%+447£1.900.00%+0458am-12pm£11.40 for 30 days£19
34.5SVB TipsTipstrrJanuary 20185,0703.22£6,253.9412.30%+250£547.4013.70%+22158am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
44.5LemonadoTipstrrJanuary 20219,8182.15£9,253.859.40%+370£559.0510.70%+22578am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
54.5ZenithTipstrrSeptember 201914,1492.45£13,700.589.70%+548£469.909.90%+19594am-4pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
64.5SoccerrafaTipstrrJune 20217,9182.55£6,388.908.10%+256£807.5012.70%+325212am-4pm & 8pm-12am£14.50 for 30 days£29
74.3Star TipsTipstrrSeptember 20217,6412.64£7,580.959.90%+758£164.608.10%+16558pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
84.3Sharp NinjaTipstrrAugust 20232,9633.57£3,128.7010.60%+313£1,503.0010.90%+150828am-8pm£11.70 for 30 days£39
94.3Vegas MoneyTipstrrJuly 20233,8782.69£3,740.259.60%+374£989.908.60%+99958am-12pm£13.30 for 30 days£19
104.3ChapolinNFTipstrrJuly 20226,5472.62£5,734.208.80%+229£248.003.70%+106912am-4am & 8pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
114.2Main Draws Model – Top EurosTipstrrAugust 20224643.76£651.6014.00%+65£276.2029.10%+2854pm-8pmFREEFREE
124.1SoccerbrTipstrrJanuary 20226,5362.59£4,060.406.20%+162-£111.10-5.00%-45412am-4am£5.70 for 30 days£19
134.0Smart FootballTipstrrMay 20231,0033.56£1,689.4016.80%+169£445.7017.80%+45208am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
143.9Wintips4uTipstrrAugust 20212,3162.65£914.704.00%+91£410.0031.50%+41164am-8amFREEFREE
153.9Long Shot TipsTipstrrOctober 20191,7624.67£1,366.707.80%+137£11.0018.30%+178am-12pm & 4pm-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
163.9TriBTTSTipstrrMay 20238713.06£1,640.7018.80%+164£255.909.50%+26188am-12pm£11.60 for 30 days£29
173.9Footy StarTipstrrMay 20221,5352.74£1,994.5013.00%+80£10.000.90%+0188pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
183.8Tricolor21TipstrrNovember 20193,9972.50£1,740.774.40%+174-£2.90-3.60%-0174am-8am£8.70 for 30 days£29
193.8BetsMachineTipstrrOctober 20224112.28£441.9010.80%+44£516.0015.20%+5254am-8amFREEFREE
203.7Sports InsiderTipstrrAugust 20181,1241.99£778.606.90%+78£69.1016.40%+74Throughout the day£19.60 for 30 days£49
213.7AGFTipstrrOctober 20213,7752.35£696.401.80%+70£145.703.30%+15288am-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
223.7GamesDrawsTipstrrJanuary 20232,0723.74£590.502.90%+59£623.6014.30%+62308pm-12amNone£29
233.7ZERO GOALSTipstrrMay 20238352.82£1,243.8014.90%+124£181.958.10%+18178am-12pmNone£19
243.6GSMTipstrrMarch 20233923.13£409.2010.40%+41£128.407.40%+13712pm-8pm£1.90 for 30 days£19
253.6The Football MasterTipstrrSeptember 20221,0133.12£970.309.60%+97£140.505.70%+14128am-8pmNone£29
263.6PurpleTipsterTipstrrMarch 20222931.88£189.106.50%+19£70.2016.70%+738am-12pmFREEFREE
273.5XX-ManTipstrrJune 20221,4092.98£429.303.10%+43-£40.10-2.60%-4148pm-12am£8.70 for 30 days£29
283.5Mega PicksTipstrrOctober 20212,6101.99£287.351.10%+29-£159.15-4.90%-16198am-8pm£5.70 for 30 days£19
293.5FreddyTipsVIPTipstrrDecember 20225902.41£261.154.40%+26£93.503.20%+988am-12pm£1.90 for 30 days£19
303.5EnglandtipsTipstrrDecember 20225351.40£218.404.10%+22£12.604.20%+188am-12pm£5.70 for 30 days£19

Football FAQ

How do you win at football?

The objective of the game is to score goals by getting the ball into the opponent’s goalpost. The team that scores the most goals within the allotted time (usually 90 minutes) wins the game.

What are the main rules of football?

The main rules of football are as follows:

  • Number of players: Each team is allowed to have 11 players on the field at any given time, one of whom must be the goalkeeper.
  • Use of hands: The ball can only be touched with hands by the goalkeeper within the penalty area. The only exception is throw-ins, where the ball is thrown back into play from the point where it went out by a player of the team that did not touch the ball out of play.
  • Free kicks and penalties: Free kicks are awarded for fouls and can either be direct or indirect. Penalties are awarded for fouls committed within the penalty area and result in a direct kick from the penalty spot.
  • Duration of the game: A typical football game lasts for 90 minutes, divided into two halves of 45 minutes each. Additional time may be added at the end of each half to compensate for lost time due to injuries or other interruptions.

What are the positions in football?

The main positions in football are as follows:

  • Goalkeepers: The only player allowed to use their hands (within the penalty area) and is responsible for defending the goal and stopping shots.
  • Defenders: Players who play in the defensive third of the field and are primarily responsible for preventing the opposition from scoring.
  • Midfielders: Players who play in the middle third of the field and are responsible for both attacking and defending.
  • Forwards: Players who play in the attacking third of the field and are primarily responsible for scoring goals. They typically include wingers (who operate closer to the sides of the pitch), and strikers (who operate through the centre).

What is the offside rule?

The offside rule in football (soccer) aims to prevent unfair advantages being gained by attacking players who are in front of the ball when a pass is made to them.

A player is in an offside position if they are closer to the opponent’s goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last defender (excluding the goalkeeper).

If a player in an offside position is involved in active play by touching the ball or interfering with an opponent, they are committing an offside offense. The result is an indirect free kick for the opposing team from the place where the offside offense occurred.

There are some exceptions to the offside rule, such as when the player receives the ball directly from a goal kick, corner kick, or throw-in.

How are fouls committed in football?

Fouls are committed when a player makes contact with an opponent without making contact with the ball, or when a player makes illegal use of their arms or hands.

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