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Welcome to Punter2Pro — the site that’s dedicated to helping you become a smarter sports bettor.

Punter2Pro is here to provide you with valuable guides, analyses and expert advice throughout your sports betting journey, whether you’re a complete beginner searching for a reliable betting site or an intermediate bettor aiming to boost your chances of success.

My ongoing mission is to disseminate all of my knowledge with the aim of creating comprehensive, unbiased, and helpful resources covering all essential facets of sports betting.

The Writer

So, who am I, and what inspired me to create Punter2Pro?

My name is Toby, and I’m the developer and writer behind this website. I live in London and run online businesses specialising in e-commerce (sporting goods), online marketing and web development.

As a Computer Science graduate and an avid football fan, it was only natural that I’d develop a keen interest in sports modelling/prediction, and an appreciation for the analytical side of the game. This is what sparked my interest in sports betting.

Over the years, my journey into the realm of sports betting transformed from a mere curiosity to a full-fledged passion. Since 2010, I have managed intricate sports betting projects, exploring the world of data analysis and probability. Some of my most interesting projects involved designing & developing Betfair trading programs, value bet finders, odds comparison tools, and horse racing predictors using large sets of data.

I draw from my experiences in these fields to produce insights that will improve your approach and outlook on sports betting.

Making A Positive Impact

Regrettably, the gambling industry has its fair share of shortcomings.

I have witnessed betting sites operating without accountability, disregarding ethical considerations and the welfare of players. I have seen rightful winnings left unpaid, and companies (often without licences) collapsing, leaving their customers empty-handed. Social media marketers and affiliates contributed to the chaos by spreading misinformation and false promises solely to generate commissions.

While there have been notable improvements in recent years, such as stricter regulations and increased awareness of problem gambling, numerous issues continue to afflict the gambling industry.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of a minority who have learned to navigate the sports betting world safely by avoiding common pitfalls and fully understanding the risks involved.

So it is my hope that this website, no matter how small its impact, will contribute positively to a gambling world that has lacked transparency for far too long.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I wish you the very best of luck on yours.

How does this site earn?

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