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I’m Toby, the founder & writer of Punter2Pro.com — a professional sports betting blog offering analyses, expert advice and the very best betting tools found anywhere online.

I graduated from University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and, for over 7 years, have lead several successful ventures involving sports and technology. Some of my most interesting and elaborate projects entailed the design & development of Betfair trading algorithms, value bet finders, and past data analysers. I draw from experiences in these fields to write posts intent on improving your approach to betting — no matter what your ability.

You can learn more about my projects from NicheCarve, my online business & marketing website, or my Quora profile.

Here’s more on what this site is about and how it can help you…

Better Betting

The aim of Punter2Pro is to guide punters towards making smart, informed sports bets. The website acts as a hub where I’m able to share my knowledge, present findings, describe experiences (both good and bad!), answer questions and give advice.

Promoting Smart, Responsible Gambling

The products I offer on this site encourage readers to bet strategically and without bias, rather than with their hearts. I only endorse the best products on the market — the ones I deem to be offering the most value to players. With all products I promote, I present the pros and cons. If I don’t like a product it won’t make it to my site. 

Realistic Expectations

I don’t claim to have any “inside knowledge”, or an ability to pick winning selections. I believe that successful betting comes down to hard work, applying proven techniques, taking calculated risks, and always maintaining realistic expectations of what can be achieved (profit-wise, that is).

I pride myself on the honesty and authenticity of my content.

So let’s get started…

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