Best Betting Tipster Services 2022 | Find Top Sports Tipsters

There are literally thousands of Tipsters or “Tipster Services” available online, encompassing just about every sport imaginable. Some tips are free, and others come as part of a paid subscription service.

“So who’s the best Tipster?”, you ask.

There’s no straightforward answer to that — but I can certainly point you in the right direction. Here’s everything you need to know in order to dodge scams, avoid disappointment, and find a legitimate Tipster using one of the very best, and most transparent, Tipster Platforms.


Do Profitable Tipsters Exist?

I used to believe that there was no hope in finding any Tipster which gives you a genuine advantage — whether you paid for a service or not. But that conclusion was drawn from a string of negative experiences using independent subscription Tipster Services, and by realising just how many social media Tipsters falsely promoted themselves to entice punters to use their affiliate tracking links.

However, I’ve seen slow improvements to the Tipster scene, and gambling industry in general, over the past few years. Online regulations are tightening up for the better: it seems I’m not the only one who recognised that the industry needed cleaning up!

Several solid Tipping Services do exist. These are brought to you through specialist Tipster proofing sites — offering far more transparency to followers than ever before. I’ll get onto these sites, and why they’re worth worth using, shortly.


Free or Paid Tipsters?

In an ideal world Tipster Services would all be free. But the reality is that the best services tend to charge a subscription fee. There are however pros and cons to both that are worth noting.

Free Tipster Services

You’re spoilt for choice. There’s free Tipsters everywhere — on blogs, social media, forums, the radio, and so on.

Just keep in mind that free Tipping Services tend to be less audited than many of the paid options. You need to assess the strategy used, and motives behind them, on an individual basis. Always tread carefully.

Warning: Many free Tipsters give out selections based on the slightest hunch. They’ll frequently present images of winnings, and play down losses. They’ll attempt to entice players to subscribe to “premium tips” or to bet at whatever Bookmaker offers them the best incentive. 

If you aren’t looking to pay for a tipster subscription, then I recommend using the free tips provided by an established platform — such as those I’m about to recommend in the next section. I’ve also put together my own list of the best free tipsters to save you some time.

Subscription Tipster Services

Paid options usually charge on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and tend to provide a greater chance of success than following free tipsters. I recommend subscribing on a monthly or quarterly service to get the best deal, while allowing enough time to monitor your results.

Paying for a tipster service does not guarantee success by any means. Yes, the very top services almost always charge a fee — but many poor services do, too. So aside from performance records, it’s important to look out for the subscription price. It’s worth noting that some services provide promising results, but the fees are too high to make subscribing worthwhile.

If you’re looking for free or paid tipsters, there’s a few standout Tipster sites that I’ve identified as giving you the very best chance of earning a profit. They’re essentially ‘hubs’ which connect punters to a vast array of Tipsters for almost any sport. The role of these subscription Tipster sites is to audit third party Tipsters, to scrutinise their selections, and present their betting records with utmost transparency. This shields bettors from common scams.

So here’s my shortlist of the top Tipster websites…


1. Tipstrr

Tipstrr was created in 2014 to provide an open platform for Tipsters. It connects Tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long term profitability.

The focus of Tipstrr is transparency, and keeping open and accurate records for all to see. The company and it’s directors concur with my views that the overall issue with Tipping Services is trust. To combat this, Tipstrr have developed advanced tools to track a Tipster’s performance using odds data coming directly from the Bookies.

What differentiates Tipstrr from other platforms is that their proofing process is fully automated. The prices are checked against the market by computers; so there’s very little room for error. This is a major feat.

Anyone can become a tipster on Tipstrr. Simply create a portfolio and start tracking your bets. The portfolio can be private (to track your own betting performance), or available to others to follow for free or on a subscription basis.

Using Tipstrr

Simply select your sport from the main menu to view a variety of Tipsters. You can filter by ‘on form”, ‘established’, or ‘free’.

Here’s a football Tipster I found on Tipstrr:

General stats are listed at the top of the Tipster’s profile.

Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


This particular tipster has a realistic ROI of 9.8%. That’s a good sign. I don’t buy into astronomical ROI’s like 35%. Whenever I see those kinds of stats, I immediately want to know how many bets were placed (because that performance is not achievable long-term in today’s sports betting markets).

You can dig deep into all of the Tipster’s stats from the same page, finding a neat breakdown of the results for each sports (and leagues), markets, bookmakers used, odds ranges, publish time, time before event, and strike rates. It’s an impressive system that’s intuitive, and loaded with useful insights.

The same Football Tipster has achieved the following results (484 bets).

Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


A good track record so far. And there’s plenty of other Tipsters on the platform with promising statistics like this.

Tipstrr Pricing

Prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month.

The good news is that the majority of paid Tipsters offer some form of trial period, or heavy discount to new customers. The duration of the promotion varies from days to weeks.

Shop around, and take advantage of trial periods where you can.

Read my review of Tipstrr to learn more about the service, or check out my Monthly Tipster Rankings to find out which Horse Racing and Football Tipsters are performing best right now.


2. Smart Betting Club

Launched in 2006, Smart Betting Club (formerly known as ‘Secret Betting Club’), is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services, systems and strategies. Their service is primarily aimed at punters seeking legitimate proofing/information on tipsters.

Once you become a member of Smart Betting Club you’re ready to access all of their resources including the Tipster Ratings Index, PDF magazines (published every other month), detailed Tipster Profit Reports, free tipsters, and a tipster savings section.

SBC doesn’t have a particularly modern or dynamic site, but instead focuses on maintaining a ‘Hall of Fame’ of their best tipsters and provides exceptionally detailed reports on each of them. These reports are far more comprehensive than any others I’ve seen. In fact, SBC is one of the only tipster proofing services that manually analyses how the available odds differed from those advised, and underlines the impact this had on the profit.

Aside from their detailed reports, perhaps the most unique aspect of Smart Betting Club is their level of independence. They’re not paid by referring bettors to tipsters featured on their site. They do not use affiliate links in any of their reviews. In fact, they only earn from subscriptions to their members area.

The tipster referral revenue SBC misses out on is passed onto their members in the form of exclusive savings on major tipsters.

Using Smart Betting Club

The SBC Publications section features PDF ‘magazines’, where you can read the latest tipster service reviews, specialist strategies, betting guides and interviews.

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?


Every other month SBC produces their latest Tipster Profit Report in a similar PDF format. I must emphasise how incredibly detailed these reports are (some are over 11 pages long!).

The staff at SBC grade tipsters, and even strike off those who are no longer profitable. It’s one of the only places I’ve seen that doesn’t assume that a once profitable (but no longer) tipster service is destined turn it all around and go back to former glory days.

The overall PnL graph for a tipster service.

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?

This results of a sample of real bets made using the service, indicating how value diminishes over time (vital to know).

Smart Betting Club Review - A Tipster Proofing Service Worth Its Fee?


Smart Betting Club Pricing

To obtain the maximum value from SBC I recommend opting for the £79.99 + VAT annual subscription.

Bare in mind that many of the tipster savings are significant enough to cover this fee.

Furthermore, SBC offers a 90-day quibble-free money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase.

Check out my complete review of Smart Betting Club.


3. Betting Gods

Betting Gods is another registered Tipster company, also established in 2014. It’s now very well recognised, and has even sponsored a number of different races and courses. The aim of the platform is to bring together different tipsters from various sports under a single site.

Betting Gods has excellent reviews on third party sites such as Trust Pilot — which is the benchmark to many good, reliable online services. Furthermore, it comes with a ClickBank guarantee. So If you believe that you’ve been mis-sold something by Betting Gods, then there is a 2 month period to claim a refund. Read more on this guarantee here.

Customer service is a strong point of Betting Gods. This is made evident by public interactions from their staff, across many unaffiliated betting sites and blogs. The owner of Betting Gods, Darren Moore, has openly called for the regulation of Tipster services to prevent punters being scammed. He imposes a strict verification process on all Tipsters featured on his network.

Betting Gods strives for transparency, and encourages Tipsters to explain their selections. This way subscribers are able to learn a bit more about the sport, and perhaps even approach their betting from a different angle going forward.

Using Betting Gods

Betting Gods has a very bold and bright interface. You can filter by whatever sport interests you most.

You’ll note that there aren’t quite as many Tipsters on Betting Gods as some other platforms. This is because all Tipsters have to go through a 16-week vetting process before they go public on the network. It’s a good thing!

Note: some tipsters on Betting Gods have a much larger and more extensive track record than others. Always do your research.

The Betting Gods Greyhound Tipster has achieved the following.
Best Sports Betting Tipsters 2018 (Top Tipping Services) - Profitable Tipster - Tipping Service Review


The Tipster ‘profile page’ concept is similar to that of Tipstrr’s (it’s a little more basic, though).

The running stats for the Betting Gods greyhound Tipster


The above chart isn’t really that informative. However, you can bring up the full breakdown of bets in a Google sheet, as well. This is great for checking individual bets yourself, and it provides an extra level of transparency you don’t get from other platforms.

Betting Gods Pricing

Betting Gods offers £1 for a full 30 day free trial. You don’t need to place real bets, either. I highly recommend giving it a go. There’s absolutely nothing to lose (except a pound!).

After the trial, prices vary for each Tipster, and generally range between £0-30 per month. It’s consistent with Tipstrr in that department.

For more information, here’s my comprehensive review of the Betting Gods Tipster Network.


Why Most Tipster Sites Will Let You Down

Before you begin enjoying one (or more) of my recommended Tipster sites, it’s important to recognise why the majority of sports Tipping services have disappointed punters for decades.

Here they are…

1. No Edge, No Profit.

Most Tipsters don’t give punters an advantage. In other words, they don’t provide value or ‘edge’, and their selection method is worthless.

This same problem echos across all areas of gambling; not just in sports Tipping. The vast majority of betting systems, strategies, selection models, and staking plans — for both sports and Casino — ultimately fail in the long-run because they don’t yield any positive long-term advantage.

Betting on value is essential. Without it, there’s no profit. Yet the concept is still so understated.

The average gambler still believes that picking a winner means they made the right bet. But in fact, the “right bet” is any selection(s) which had the odds in your favour. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose — but value conquers all in the long-run.

Sure, you can hit winning streaks without having any positive value in your bets. Your Tipster could provide you with 10 consecutive winning selections without ever considering their value. However, that’s merely a phenomenon commonly known as… luck!

Choose a Tipster who understands the importance of value betting.

2. Tipster Scams (They’re Common).

The worst kind of Tipster is one with no intentions of helping you earn. I’m talking about the type of guy who knows damn well that his selections won’t generate any profit, but he dishes them out to unsuspecting punters anyway.

Examples of Tipster scams:

  • % of profits. Some Tipsters work on a “when you win, I win” basis. So they want ‘winners’. To maximise their chances of guessing right on a sports event, they’ll cover as many outcomes as possible. Some customers get one selection, others get something entirely different. It’s the classic Tipster scam.
  • Bookmaker affiliates. Many Tipsters earn commission by recommending that you bet with bookmakers they’re affiliated to, in order to earn a rake-back of player losses. These Tipsters are therefore incentivised to refer losing players: a clear conflict of interest.
  • Misleading numbers. It’s common to find Tipsters that document their betting history using “peak” historical prices. Yes, these prices existed at some point in time — so it looks clean on paper. In practice, however, it’s impossible to obtain those odds on every bet.
  • Outright lies. Other Tipsters haven’t yet worked out the above “peak price” trick. So they just doctor their numbers entirely; often “neglecting” to record hefty losing streaks. It’s like shanking your tee-off in golf and saying “That doesn’t count. It was a practice swing!”.

These kinds of scams can be used in conjunction with one another. They continue to exist because there’s no shortage of punters looking to base their bets around the very flimsiest of evidence.

Learn more about the risks involved in following Tipsters.

Note: not every Tipster is a scammer. I’m just making you aware of the worst case scenarios.

3. Many Tipsters are Naive.

Tipsters aren’t usually mathematicians or stats gurus. So very often their strategies are devised naively — albeit with good intentions.

There’s countless Tipsters out there who genuinely believe they’re onto a winning strategy, and enjoy sharing the love around…. until it ultimately comes crashing down. They’re often gamblers themselves.

Here’s some of the usual mistakes:

  • Believing hot streaks were more than just luck. It’s the Achilles heel: hit a good run and you start thinking you’re onto something groundbreaking. Many Tipsters have a gambler’s mentality, and don’t recognise how results can swing one way or the other (Learn more on betting variance).
  • A small sample size. With a small number of bets you might be in profit. Placing one bet every weekend, for example, might reveal a handsome ROI over half a season of football. But over time the true edge will reveal itself. Many Tipsters don’t see the decline coming.
  • Reading too much into strike rates. A fundamental error in sports betting analysis is to count the percentage of winners you had, and chalk that down as a winning strategy. That’s not how it works. Profitability hinges on how good your odds were in relation to your strike rate.

I highly recommend that you learn more about the potential risks involved in sports tipping by following the links below:


Why These Proofing Sites Are The Best

Rightly or wrongly, only a few Tipping Services made my list. And there’s good reasons for that.

I’m extremely cautious about what services I recommend. Providing you with high quality products, and my honest views on sports betting is the very philosophy of this website. I won’t compromise that in favour of earning more commission from products that I cannot verify.

Tipstrr, Smart Betting Club, and Betting Gods are companies I felt comfortable adding to my site. It’s not to say there aren’t more great Tipsters out there — I just believe those services offer the most in terms of:

  • Transparency (they’re not scams, and most services offer trial periods)
  • Variety (lots of sports and markets to bet on)
  • User interface (neat reports, and user-friendly sites for mobile and desktop devices)
  • Reputation (these services rate over 4.5/5.0 on TrustPilot).
  • Cost (subscription fees are reasonable, and free options are available)

Please note that prices vary for each individual Tipster on all Tipster Networks. Be sure to subscribe to Tipsters with a solid record, where you estimate you’ll be able to return enough profit to cover your monthly expense.

And lastly, remember that betting on tips carries risk: so start slowly and never bet beyond your means. There’s no guarantee you’ll profit — like with Arbing or Matched Betting.


Selected Tipsters For Popular Sports

To find tipsters for specific sports, check out my picks (which all come from my recommended proofing sites):

All Tipsters
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Lewis @ Betting Gods
4 years ago

Thanks for mentioning the Betting Gods network in your list of top sports betting tipster platforms. We’re always keen to have our tipsters reviewed so if you’d like to run a review of a particular tipster on our network please don’t hesitate to drop me an email ( so we can give you complete access.
Thanks once again!

4 years ago

I am fighting against scam tippsters in germany.
Needless to say, that I have a free facebook group where we try to make the punters better at “Wett-Vorhersagen”.

3 years ago

Like with anything worthwhile, you need to do your research before investing in a tipster service or even before following free advice. Like you said, many have no idea what they’re doing or are trying to scam people. I think TIPSTRR is a good choice for a paid service.

Christian B.
Christian B.
3 years ago

You said many tipsters are ‘naive’.

Well in many cases it’s much worse, where tipsters want their subscribers to believe they can win all of the time (when they definitely can’t). Even the best tipsters will hit losing streaks.

You have to make sure you follow people who know what they’re doing and have a decent longterm record. You need to be prepared to ride out poor periods, if it isn’t going to plan.

The level of proofing provided by tipstrr is an absolute must.

2 years ago

you may need an update here….I ve checked BettingGod, their tipsters are either long odds big variance ones, or not enough sample of bets. And one very interesting observation is their PnL often dropped a lot AFTER the trial period. Blogabet and Pyckio would be much better IMO.