Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Tipstrr is an automated tipster proofing service, providing access to a large selection of free and paid sports betting tips. Users of the site can find up-to date, highly detailed stats and charts underlining both historic and recent tipster performance levels.

In this review I take a closer look at the Tipstrr platform in order to weigh up the pros and cons of the site, and explain why I’ve decided to recommend it to readers of Punter2Pro.


About Tipstrr

Tipstrr was launched in 2014 as an open platform for sports tipsters. It’s designed to appeal to bettors looking to improve their long term profitability.

Like myself, the company and its directors believe that the overall issue with tipster services is trust: there are so many scams and non-profitable sports betting systems, strategies and influencers to sieve through that the small percentage of legitimate services are incredibly hard to find. Thus the focus of Tipstrr is to bring transparency to the tipster market by keeping open and accurate records for all to see.

In a nut shell, Tipstrr sheds light on legitimate tipsters by verifying their advised odds, and continually tracking their performance.

Anyone can sign up to Tipstrr and start publishing sports tips — for free or on a subscription basis. But naturally those with a strong, consistent historical record attract the most followers. For paid services, Tipstrr takes a cut of the subscription fee (so they’re not entirely independent).

Aside from the tipster reports, punters can enjoy some of Tipstrr’s free sports content — including match previews and countdowns of the previous month’s highest earners for each popular sport.

How Tips Are Created

Selections are committed to either a private (for personal bet tracking) or public tipster profile, and are automatically checked by the system upon input. Whenever a bet is entered, Tipstrr:

  • Uses live odds feeds to verify whether the selection is available to place at bookies (vitally important).
  • Sends a notification to subscribers detailing the tip.
  • Automatically incorporates the result of the bet into the tipster’s record. This cannot be modified.

Automated Proofing

One of the major problems with tipster proofing/review sites is that they too often stamp a seal of approval on tipsters based on a relatively meaningless sample of bets. There are obvious weaknesses to this approach, such as:

  • The sample may be too small to determine profitability (especially given that markets can change over time).
  • The sample may not be representative of usual performance.
  • Different parameters are needed to stress test the betting system (for example, different seasons of the year where weather can have an impact).
  • Humans often make mistakes/inconsistencies in handling the data, or allow their own biases to influence analyses.

This is why I don’t review individual tipsters myself: it would be rather pointless.

What differentiates Tipstrr from traditional verification sites is that their proofing process is fully automated and continuous — meaning bettors have a much larger data set at hand. In fact, some established tipster services on Tipstrr have been monitored for several years. This ongoing process gives a clear, detailed view of a tipster’s past, current and — to an extent — future ability to select profitable bets.

Visitors can measure tipster performance on a month-by-month basis, over the last 3 months, 6 months, or since inception. Or alternatively measure by sport, markets, bookmakers, time before event, and so on. It’s impressive how much data is available.

Reduced Risk Of Scams

Have you ever been mislead by a tipster that ‘doctored’ their records in one way or another? Perhaps they cheated by adding in selections after an event settled, or bloated their profits with odds that were unachievable.

The latter practice of “bloating”, as I like to call it, is very common tipster scamming tactic that’s difficult to detect without close inspection. Bloating occurs when a tipster falsifies their profit by passing off ‘peak’ prices as those that were advised to followers.

For instance, the odds for a horse could close at 6.0 before the off having previously peaked at 9.0 earlier that day. If a tipster falsely claims to have got on at peak odds of 9.0 (when he really only got on at 6.5), and the bet wins, then the profit will be exaggerated. Repeatedly lying creates an inflated PnL record.

Tipstrr prevents against bloating and other scams by forcing tipsters to commit bets in real time. This leaves little room for data ‘errors’.

Learn more about how I caught a tipster using the “bloating” tactic.


How To Find A Tipster

Users can start shopping for tipsters on Tipstrr without even opening an account. There’s no paywall preventing anyone from browsing through the profit records on the platform. So where should you start?

I recommend browsing tipsters by sport. Searching for tips on specific events is great in theory, but it doesn’t always bring up a wide enough variety of options until close to the event time. That’s one weakness of an otherwise great interface.

In terms of sports available, Tipstrr is geared towards the UK favourites of Football and Horse Racing — so I’d stick to those. Unfortunately, some other sports are lacking on Tipstrr as the platform evidently needs more influence from other sporting disciplines. Nonetheless, there still are some very strong offerings that’ll interest those looking for an honest service above anything else.

Let’s take a look at the horse racing section — Tipstrr’s most prominent sport. If you want free tipsters, you’re best off following the blue hyperlink in the introductory paragraph. What follows after it are some of Tipstrr’s recommended paid services.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters


The key to getting the most from the site is to identify tipsters with the steadiest long-term record. I’ll show you how to do that using the filters.

Filter By Sample Size & ROI

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the search tool. I recommend applying the filters as follows:

  • Tipster type: All
  • Period: All time
  • Min ROI: 5% (respectable for non horse racing)
  • Min tips: 500 (the more the better)

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Keep mind that a large sample size is vital for judging results.

Hit the ‘apply filters’ button. Then click on a service with a steady graph that represents consistency over time. This is much more preferable to an erratic profit graph — even if it shows an obscenely high ROI.

For example, the following service shows too much downtime, and little consistency from the graph preview. Also, the high average odds suggest an unusual method, to say the least!

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Here’s a better example. The graph is very consistent, suggesting the service is constantly active. The stats look sensible. It’s no surprise that SVB Tips is in fact a popular service.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Study The Stats

You should always delve deeper into a tipster service by clicking ‘view stats’ on the tipster’s profile page. Here’s what to look for:

1. An impressive ‘level stake’ performance

Make an educated guess as to whether a service is likely to perform well in the future. There’s no guarantees it will — but to maximise your chances I recommend ticking the ‘flat stake’ box and checking the performance for:

  • Past 3 months — look for consistency and profitability over recent tips
  • All time — look for a consistent historical performance since the service started out (it’s not all about the here and now).

In the case of SVB Tips the ‘All time’ level stakes graph looks great. Note that this graph always shows the ‘All time’ performance, even if you change the dropdown to another period. The figures below it highlight the month on month performance.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters


If you scroll down, you’ll find the breakdown of the profit per sport for ‘All time’.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Now, if you scroll back up change the dropdown from ‘All time’ to ‘3 months’, the stats will change. Again, recent results here are remain consistent with the overall record. That’s a good sign.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

2. High frequency of bets

You want to make sure you’ll receive enough tips per month. So scroll to the bottom of the page to verify how many selections have been tipped over recent months. In this example case the past three months have delivered 175, 175, and 215 tips respectively. That’s a decent number of bets by most standards. Again, the more the better.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

3. Practical publishing time

Make sure that the service provides selections at a time that’s convenient for you. Refer to the publish time chart for this.

If 8am-12pm is not practical for you to place bets, then this service wouldn’t be suitable.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters


4. Reasonable subscription cost

You can check the cost for a service on the ‘subscription’ tab of the tipster’s profile. Many of them come with a generous trial period.

Always estimate the likelihood that you’ll cover the cost of your tipster, basing your calculations on past results. A simple way to do this is to multiply your estimated monthly turnover (total stakes) by the ROI. If this easily covers the cost then it’s probably suitable for you. Be aware that some subscriptions might be too high for your turnover.

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters

Once you subscribe to a tipster — free of subscription — you’ll be notified of tips via email in the following format. It’s neat, simplistic and standardised:

Tipstrr Review — Find & Follow Proofed Tipsters


Will The Tipsters Make Me Money?

First are foremost, no tipster — no matter where you find them — can guarantee you’ll earn a profit by following their advice. A strong past record doesn’t always continue in the same vein. Indeed many high performing tipsters of the past (both on Tipstrr and elsewhere) have eventually fallen from grace despite being given a unanimous thumbs up by various proofing sites. Remember:

A sports betting edge can diminish over time if an opportunity closes. This has nothing to do with luck or psychology: if the selection method no longer identifies value in the markets, it fails.

Tipstrr is not exempt from this. But several of their core services — such as those in the ‘Tipstrr Pro’ section — maintain a loyal base of followers that regularly generate profits. Those followers tend to subscribe and closely monitor multiple few tipsters at once, building a portfolio of bets. As with any profitable method, they eventually find their bookmaker accounts limited for following successful patterns; this indicates their bets had value.

However, on the flip side other members have found it difficult to consistently obtain the advised odds — which negatively impacts their overall profits. Perhaps this was down to a lack of speed? No doubt the lines move so quickly at times; a nuance with any popular tipster service, and by no means a problem unique to Tipstrr.

Learn more Will Tipsters Make Me Money? Can They Be Trusted?

Room For Improvement

I feel Tipstrr needs to improve in terms of showing practical, achievable profits.

Whether obtaining the advised odds is an issue of speed or not, followers need to know what their realistic profit would be based on odds they are most likely to get on. For example, a theoretical “practical profit” could be determined by taking the available odds 5, 10, 15 minutes after the tip was advised. This would drastically improve the value and accuracy of the profit records.

At least the trail period helps you to work out where you stand before fully committing.

In summary: to make the most from Tipstrr narrow down your portfolio to only the strongest, most reliable tipsters on the platform and then focus on getting your bets away as quickly as possible after the tip notification comes through. 


Review Summary

Things I Like About Tipstrr

  • Automated proofing offering maximum accuracy and detail.
  • Anyone can signup for proofing. No invite required.
  • No upfront subscription costs.
  • Large offering of free tipsters.
  • Low cost trial periods for paid services.
  • Excellent user interface with highly detailed, dynamic, standardised profit reports.
  • Standardised tip notifications.
  • A growing pool of tipsters; many have been established for several years.
  • Easy to find a suitable service to fit your schedule.
  • Continual proofing: no service is given a permanent ‘seal of approval’ based on previous performance.
  • Tipster monthly countdowns featured on the blog.

Things I Don’t Like About Tipstrr

  • The platform is not entirely independent from its tipsters: the site needs to sell subscriptions to earn.
  • A “practical profit” has not been included on the otherwise detailed reports.
  • Lacks sports outside of Horse Racing and Football.
  • Little guidance in terms of portfolio building.
  • Tips for specific events can be improved. A day pass of event tips from all top tipsters would be excellent.


My Verdict

I recommend Tipstrr primarily for its neat interface, advanced auto-proofing system, highly detailed reports, and overall focus on transparency. The site poses a serious threat to the vast majority of rival proofing sites, and offers vigilant members the ability to identify profitable services long before they hit stardom.

But Tipstrr certainly has room for improvement — as does every other tipster proofing service I’ve ever seen. No question, Tipstrr comes up short on some sports. And some of its recommended services are popular enough to create issues in getting on the advised odds.

Nonetheless, whether you’re a casual or regular bettor, the site does a fantastic job of connecting punters to multiple tipsters. It drastically improves transparency within the industry and, importantly, offers the potential for punters to improve profitability. It’s a big step in the right direction for the tipster scene — that’s why it deserves a recommendation on this site.

You might be interested to read through my list of the top tipster sites, which features Tipstrr. Alternatively feel free to browse my favourite tipsters for all major sports — most of which were found using Tipstrr:

Verified Tipsters
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