Betting Gods Review | Proofed Tipsters For Various Sports

Betting Gods is an online platform that connects sports bettors with professional tipsters, in order to improve their betting strategies and potential for success.

What Is Betting Gods?

Betting Gods is a popular online platform that provides betting tips and advice to sports bettors. It was founded in 2014 and has gained a significant following in the betting community. The platform aims to connect professional sports betting experts with individuals looking to improve their betting strategies and increase their chances of winning.

At Betting Gods, they employ a team of professional tipsters who specialise in various sports such as horse racing, football (soccer), tennis, golf, and more. These tipsters have years of experience and expertise in their respective fields, and they share their predictions, analysis, and recommended bets with subscribers of the platform.

Subscribers can choose from a variety of tipsters based on their preferred sports and betting markets. The tipsters provide regular tips, often daily or weekly, which are sent to subscribers via email or through the Betting Gods website. Tips typically include information on which bets to place, the recommended stake, and the reasoning behind the selections.

Betting Gods prides itself on transparency and accountability. They maintain detailed records of each tipster’s performance, which are readily available on their website. This allows subscribers to track the performance of the tipsters and make informed decisions about which ones to follow.

How To Use Betting Gods

To use Betting Gods, follow these general steps while keeping in mind that following tipsters does not guarantee a profit:

  1. Visit the Betting Gods website and create an account.
  2. Browse the available tipsters to find those specialising in the sports and markets of interest.
  3. Subscribe to the chosen tipster(s) by selecting a subscription plan and completing the payment.
  4. After subscribing, you will receive betting tips and advice via email or directly on the Betting Gods website.
  5. Analyse the provided tips, including recommended bets, stake suggestions, and the reasoning behind each selection.
  6. Place your bets with your preferred betting site, following the given instructions and stake recommendations.
  7. Monitor the tipster’s performance and track your own results over time.
  8. Continue following the tips and adjust your betting strategies based on your analysis and experience.

Browsing Tipsters

You can start browsing Betting Gods immediately where you’ll find tipsters specialising in a variety of sports and markets.

There are several high-performing tipsters with impressive records. For instance, at the time of writing, one service had recorded over 900 bets and produced a ROI of 9.45%.

Betting Gods Tipping Service Review (Tipster Review, Not A Scam)

This tipster focuses on Over/Under betting in the League of Ireland Premier Division. This is a promising sign, as value bets can often be easier to find in less saturated sports and markets.

Betting Gods shows the running PnL of tipsters

Betting Gods Tipping Service Review (Tipster Review, Not A Scam)

The overall track record of this tipster is solid, even though it struggled to maintain its exceptionally promising start.

Signing up for this tipster, or any other service, is simply a matter of following the on-screen instructions to subscribe or take up a trial. And that’s really all there is to it. 


To get the most from Betting Gods, I recommend the following:

  • Avoid Popular Tipsters: Steer clear of highly popular services, as they are likely to experience significant odds drops due to high betting volumes.

  • Beware of High ROI Claims: Be cautious of services displaying an exceptionally high ROI. An ROI of 30%+ is an unrealistic goal for most betting markets. Instead, look for a more modest ROI that shows consistent performance over time.

  • Look for Extensive Track Records: Seek tipsters with extensive track records. A substantial sample size is crucial for assessing a tipster’s reliability and predicting future performance.

  • Verify Achievable Odds: Ensure the odds suggested by the tipster are obtainable at bookmakers or betting exchanges. Inaccurate odds could inflate or misrepresent the tipster’s historical performance.

  • Check Against Start Price: Check if the selections consistently beat the Start Price (closing line). This metric helps gauge the true effectiveness of a tipster’s recommendations over the long term.

Subscription Cost

The subscription costs for Betting Gods tipsters varies depending on the selected service and the level of access desired, typically ranging from monthly to yearly. Featured tipsters are generally competitively priced, often around £30 per month.

For the most current and accurate subscription costs, visit the Betting Gods website directly.

Positives of Betting Gods

Here’s what stands out to me about the Betting Gods tipster proofing site:

Legitimate Company

Legitimate Company: Betting Gods isn’t just another anonymous figure on Twitter claiming big wins. It’s a registered company that sponsors various races and courses, providing a credible foundation.

Variety of Tipsters

Betting Gods operates as a tipster ‘stable’, offering a wide array of tipsters across different sports like football, golf, horse racing, rugby, and mixed sports. This diversity allows users to choose from various approaches and find what works best for them.

This setup isn’t unique to Betting Gods, though. Tipstrr and Smart Betting Club also recommend multiple tipsters.

Verified by Trust Pilot

Betting Gods enjoys positive reviews on Trustpilot: a trusted platform for evaluating online services.

While reviews can be manipulated, Trustpilot also allows genuine customers to provide honest feedback, ensuring transparency.

Clickbank Guarantee

Affiliates, including myself, can promote Betting Gods through the ClickBank platform. This setup ensures that customers have a 2-month window to request a refund directly from ClickBank if they feel dissatisfied or misled by Betting Gods. Betting Gods is obligated to honour these refunds according to ClickBank policies. More details on the guarantee can be found here.

However, based on extensive feedback, issues rarely escalate to this point. Betting Gods is known for its robust customer service and effective dispute resolution, which is evident from the proactive responses of their staff across numerous betting platforms.

Strives for Transparency

Betting Gods shares my belief that sports tipping is an unregulated industry.

Darren Moore, the owner of Betting Gods, actively advocates for the regulation of tipster services to protect bettors from scams. A quick online search reveals numerous instances where he has stressed his company’s commitment to reforming the tipping industry through genuine and transparent practices.

Prospective tipsters must undergo a rigorous 16-week trial period where they prove their ability to consistently deliver profitable tips to a proofing manager at Betting Gods. This stringent vetting process ensures that only reliable tipsters are accepted into the platform.

Based on the information available, issues seldom escalate to the point of requiring intervention. Betting Gods is praised for its robust customer service and effective dispute resolution, demonstrated by the frequent public responses from their staff across various betting platforms.

Trial Period

Betting Gods offers trial periods for some of their tipsters. This enables users to try out the service with a limited number of tips or a specific duration of access, often at a reduced cost — or occasionally free of charge.

The availability and terms of trials can vary, so it’s recommended to visit the Betting Gods website or contact their customer support for information on any ongoing trial offers.

Negatives of Betting Gods

Here’s the main weaknesses in the Betting Gods tipster proofing site.

Unobtainable Odds

Despite mainly positive reviews, many Betting Gods customers report difficulties in obtaining the odds recommended by tipsters, particularly for popular selections. This issue undermines potential profitability. 

Founder Darren Moore has acknowledged these concerns, attributing discrepancies to odds sourced from OddsChecker.

Despite these challenges, negative feedback remains visible on the Betting Gods website, reflecting a commitment to transparency.

High Subscription Fees

Some tipsters are priced at around £35 per month. Indeed, seeing a high ROI advertised on Betting Gods might make you think, “that’s a small price to pay if I’m earning lots in return.”

However, it’s important to be realistic. If your estimated winnings can’t cover the subscription cost, subscribing may not be worthwhile.

For instance, a 10% ROI would mean you’d need to bet £350 in total to offset a £35 subscription fee. Keep in mind that this calculation doesn’t include the potential ups and downs (variance) in your results.

Small Sample Sizes

The core value of Betting Gods lies in its proofing process. However, some of their tipsters have not maintained their initial success beyond the 16-week vetting period.

While fluctuations in performance are normal, it appears that some tipsters may have been released to the public before accumulating a sufficiently large sample size to demonstrate profitability.

This aspect of Betting Gods warrants ongoing scrutiny.

Account Closures

Subscribers of Betting Gods tipsters frequently express frustration over restrictions or closures of their bookmaker accounts. This limits the value that can be obtained from a service.

However, while this is highly inconvenient, it does indicate that bookmakers perceive the bets as profitable.

Is Betting Gods Worth It?

Betting Gods is among my favourite Tipping Services, though it does have its share of weaknesses.

I appreciate how Betting Gods has structured its service around a select group of elite tipsters, offering more reliability and security compared to many competitors, especially those found on social media platforms seeking subscriptions. The 30-day trial period is also an appealing feature for anyone curious about the service.

It’s also promising that bookmakers have been known to restrict punters using Betting Gods, as it suggests these bets are perceived as advantageous.

However, not all bettors have found success with Betting Gods. The consistency and quality of the featured tipsters on the site can vary significantly.

To accurately assess the Betting Betting Gods, it’s essential to dedicate time to following a tipster over an extended period.

In my opinion, Betting Gods is worth trying out. During the £1 trial period, you can ‘shadow bet’ and track the outcomes without risking much.

For more insights into Betting Gods , you can read a comprehensive review on Smart Sports Trader.

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Toby @ Punter2Pro
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5 years ago


I’ve had a look at Betting Gods before and honestly, I can never get too excited about a tipster tipping in soft bookmakers. However, I do believe some of their top horse racing tipsters were tipping on the Betfair Betting Exchange, which caught my attention. Or have I missed something?


David L
David L
4 years ago

You say they are transparent, but the biggest problem with any Betting Gods tipster is the service becomes available to the public with 6 months of unvalidated results, which are usually far better than any results that happen once the service is available to the public and can be validated.

Therefore there is the potential that the first 6 months data could be manipulated to attract customers to a new service.

The service is always described as “Tipster has been active since”, however the service has only been available to the public since 6 months later.

Seems very fishy to me, you have been warned.