Matched Betting Beginners Guide 2022 | Step-By-Step Tutorial

Matched betting is a risk-free betting strategy that involves using free bets and promotions to guarantee a profit

Does matched betting really work?

Yes! Matched Betting is one of the only legitimate ways to earn from sports betting.

Simpy put: Matched Betting is a process that enables bettors to extract a risk-free profit from sports betting promotions.

The method involves claiming a free bet and hedging against that bet using a betting exchange. In doing so, bettors keep their investment safe and collect a portion of the free bet.

Absolutely. So long as you’re old enough to open a sports betting account then matched is perfectly legal. 

Matched Betting is merely taking advantage of betting promotions offered to players. There’s nothing illegal about claiming these bonuses, or using them to your advantage.

How can I increase my matched betting profits?

Matched Betting profitability is limited by the bonuses/free bets you’re able to claim.

The key to Matched Betting success is knowing about the latest bonuses, where to claim them, and how to extract a profit from them. Having that knowledge will enable you to pick up as much profit as possible.

Researching offers manually usually isn’t going to be worth your time and effort. That’s the main reason why I recommend subscribing to one of the top Matched Betting Services.

How sustainable is matched betting?

Matched Betting is entirely dependent on the the value, and quantity, of offers provided by Bookmakers.

Once you’ve taken advantage of all the signup bonuses, there are fewer ‘big’ bonuses to claim afterwards. However, if you stay up to date with all of the smaller offers across a wide range of bookies, and are willing to put in a bit of time every week, then there’s still a tidy profit to extract each month.

The most successful Matched Bettors tackle as many offers as they possibly can, and regularly generate a substantial profit each month.

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