Matched Betting is a technique used by savvy bettors to profit from the Free Bets & Promotions offered by Bookmakers. It’s risk-free and based on the application of a simple equation rather than chance — so it’s not gambling at all! Anyone can do it — no matter how little they know about sports betting.

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How do Free Bets Work? What Types are There?

What’s a Matched Betting ‘Service’? Which One’s the Best?

What Makes Matched Betting Profitable?

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Recommended Matched Betting Products

1. Odds Monkey — The Industry Leader

OddsMonkey is the #1 Matched Betting Service, and their software serves over 25,000 matched bettors. OddsMonkey combines the concepts of Matched Betting, Dutching & Arbing, making for an integrated Value Betting & Matched Betting service at a very affordable price.

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2. Profit Accumulator — The Biggest Community

Based in London, Profit Accumulator it’s one of the most recognised and renowned Matched Betting Services, with a community of over 10,000 like-minded Bettors. The service is devoted to finding the best, most profitable free bets and bonuses, and providing members with detailed information on what strategies to use.

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3. Matched Bets — The Rising Star

The team at Matched Bets has over 30 years experience in the betting industry and another 10 years experience creating one of the leading online sports betting affiliate websites. Matched Bets have made it their goal to spread to the word about Matched Betting; they’re careful never to over-sell, and their tutorials & explanations are impressively clear and concisely written.

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4. Profit Squad — The Best Signup Offer

Profit Squad aims to help members earn at least £1,000 profit a month within the first three months of subscribing. This target is more than achievable using their neat, step-by-step resources. And if you struggle with any aspects, then they’re on-hand to offer guidance.

It currently has the best signup offer of the top services: just £1 for 14 days.

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