Best Matched Betting Services (Top Websites For 2021)

Matched Betting guidance used to be hard to come by — but that all changed when specialist ‘Matched Betting Services’ emerged.

These websites provide software, tools, tutorials, support, and up-to-date information on the latest free bets. This enables members to sustain a long term income from Matched Betting with ease.

In this post I compare the top four Matched Betting Subscription Services.

Matched Betting Services Review Contents:

  1. Matched Betting Basics — For Newbies
  2. Top Matched Betting Services
  3. Matched Betting Services Compared
  4. Free Matched Betting Resources
  5. Why Upgrade to a Matched Betting Service?


Matched Betting Basics — For Newbies

Don’t Know the First Thing About Matched Betting?

The first thing you should know is that it’s risk free. There’s no gambling involved. If you want to learn precisely how it works then take a look at my Step-By-Step Guide. That should bring you up to speed.

Matched Betting isn’t Just For Gamblers

Over recent years Matched Betting has soared in popularity, appealing to seasoned bettors as well as non-gamblers looking to earn some extra cash. Many university students profit from it in their spare time.

On that note: check out out my NicheCarve post: 5 Ways To Earn Money Online

Valuable information and software is available to anyone. Simply sign up to one of the top Matched Betting sites.


1. Odds Monkey

OddsMonkey is the #1 Matched Betting website and has served over 40,000 matched bettors. Their subscription service provides comprehensive tutorials (both written and video), as well as high-quality Matched Betting software & tools.

Their industry-leading Odds Matching tool makes finding current Matched Betting opportunities a breeze. It’s the most popular and longest running Matched Bet Finder on the market. OddsMonkey Premium users automatically unlock a wider selection of Matched Betting opportunities on the Oddsmatcher.

But OddsMonkey haven’t stopped at that. They’re constantly improving their Matched Betting software by developing new features. This ensures that they always stay one step ahead of competing companies. For instance, they recently added a 2-way and 3-way Dutch Finder to their Premium package. So what started out as a specialist Matched Betting Software bundle is rapidly transforming into an integrated value betting service — at no extra cost.

Both Free and Premium members of OddsMonkey benefit from the simple (yet important) Matched Betting Calculator. This tool eliminates confusion, and the need for Excel spreadsheets to work out your stake sizes. I feature this Calculator prominently in my guide here.

Unlike less-valuable Matched Betting Services, OddsMonkey provides ongoing value to subscribers through it’s daily offers calendar. It’s up-to-date and fully loaded with information on the latest free bets. Dedicated staff manually break down every offer into small steps, making Matched Betting simpler and much more efficient. This feature alone justifies the monthly fee.

Odds Monkey Price — £19.99 /Month

For the small monthly investment of £19.99 OddsMonkey enables customers to seamlessly incorporate Matched Betting into their busy schedules, and maximise their risk-free profits. They offer a free trial with some excellent welcome offers. Paying subscribers are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee.

Upgrade to OddsMonkey Premium for just £19.99 a month.

OddsMonkey-Best Matched Betting Services (Best Matched Betting Website, Match Betting Site, Top Service 2018)


Odds Monkey Boasts

  • An in-browser odds matcher for identifying “strong” matches (and arbs!)
  • 5 free guides showing members how to make an estimated £45 in under an hour from Matched Betting.
  • It unlocks the door to thousands of pounds worth of free bets
  • An excellent daily offers calendar which guides subscribers on how to profit from the latest sports & casino bonuses
  • An active forum of members from the Matched Betting community
  • 24 hour support from OddsMonkey members and staff

Update: OddsMonkey has included a Profit Tracker as of September 2017. Profit Tracker makes it easier than ever to monitor how much money you’ve made. It’s fully integrated with all of OddsMonkey’s tools, meaning that you can log your bets with the click of a button.


2. Profit Accumulator

London-based Profit Accumulator is one of the most recognised and renowned Matched Betting Services. It’s OddsMonkey’s closest rival, and it’s debatable who’s bigger nowadays.

Profit Accumulator boasts a community of over 20,000+ like-minded Bettors. The service is devoted to finding the best, most profitable free bets/bonuses, and providing members with detailed information on the optimal strategies to use.

The tutorials and videos available via the Profit Accumulator website are second to none. They walk subscribers through the process step-by-step, revealing all of Matched Betting’s little-known tricks. No matter what prior experience members have of gambling, they’re able to follow the simple instructions and start enjoying profits almost instantly. And if there’s ever a problem then the community and support features are highly responsive — so it’s resolved in no time.

One of the features I particularly like about Profit Accumulator is the ‘Reloads’ section, for earning ongoing profits. All  reload offers are rated by Profit Accumulator’s expert staff, meaning that subscribers never dive into a promotion that they’re uncertain about. Members can sort the offers with the highest star rating at the top and also mark them as ‘complete’, where necessary. It’s easy to toggle between ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ offers, which is handy for keeping track of past activity.

The Odds Matching Software helps users to find tight odds between the Bookmaker and the exchange — an essential part to Matched Betting. Like OddsMonkey’s equivalent, this tool is a huge time saver, and a must-have for anyone looking to maximise profits from Matched Betting.

Profit Accumulator Price — £24.99 /Month

If you sign up to the Profit Accumulator Platinum service (£24.99 per month) and decide at any point during your first 30 days that Matched Betting isn’t for you, they’ll refund your money… just as long as you haven’t made a profit (which you will).

Profit Accumulator Platinum is just £24.99 a month.

profitaccumulator-Matched Betting Services (Top Matched Betting Website)


Profit Accumulator Boasts

  • Provides all the required training to become a Matched betting expert
  • An extensive list of promotions, updated daily
  • Excellent support, including a telephone line from 9am – 6pm
  • All required tools (e.g. the Odds Matcher & Matched Betting Calculator) are included in the price
  • Access to an excellent, active Platinum member forum.


3. Matched Bets

The team at Matched Bets has over 30 years experience in the betting industry and another 10 years experience creating one of the leading online sports betting affiliate websites.

Matched Bets have made it their goal to spread to the word about Matched Betting — and they’re going about it in the right way. They’re careful never to over-sell what one can realistically earn from Matched Betting, and their tutorials and explanations are impressively clear and concisely written.

Whilst Matched Bets is a new service, this doesn’t reflect what they’re offering. They’ve focused on making their Matched Betting software mobile compatible and therefore easier to do on the move. They’re also quickly making ground on their main competitors by offering other features such as the ‘Bet Tracking’ service — which eliminates the need for spreadsheets. The Matched Bets calculator is already compatible to more bet types than their rivals’ products.

Being new and relatively small, Matched Bets is a wise investment to any prospective matched bettor. Customers benefit from a more personalised customer service. But at this rate, it won’t stay small for long — I expect the company to become one of matched betting’s key players in 2017.

Matched Bets Price — £18 /Month

Matched Bets has a competitive monthly recurring subscription price of £18 per month, and the best value annual subscription of just £99.

I highly recommend opting for the annual subscription, as that’s just £8.25 per month. You’ll make back that expense very quickly (within a few days, potentially).

Matched Bets is only £15/month.

Matched Bets (Matchedbets) -Best Matched Betting Services (Best Matched Betting Website, Match Betting Site, Top Service 2018)


Matched Bets Boasts

  • Access over 180 welcome and reload offers
  • Reload and MoneyBack Offers Updated Every Day by 11am
  • Advanced Odds Matcher with 32 Bookmakers and 4 exchanges
  • In-depth training on a range of matched betting strategies
  • Save time with our advanced Odds Matcher with real-time updates
  • Forget spreadsheets. The bet tracker does it all for you in just a few clicks
  • Customer support from 8 till late every day
  • No Contract required, cancel anytime.


4. Profit Squad

Founded in 2015 by Joe Hawes and Ben Perchard, Profit Squad is a premium Matched Betting Service offering in-depth video tutorials for beginners as well as advanced strategies for experienced members.

Profit Squad aims to help their members earn at least £1,000 profit a month within the first three months of subscribing. This target is more than achievable using their neat, step-by-step resources. And if you struggle with any aspects, then they’re on-hand to offer guidance, or even a personalised strategy to ensure you meet your target.

The Profit Squad Matched Betting calendar is where subscribers can find all of the best daily offers. This includes free bets as well as plenty of casino and bingo offers, too. For sports offers you’ll need to utilise the nifty odds matching tool to find bets at your selected Bookmaker.

A neat feature of the Profit Squad Matched Betting Service is the ability to mark your offers as “In Progress” or “Completed”. This makes it very simple to keep track of what you’ve done to date — without using separate, disjointed) spreadsheets.

The Profit Squad forum has moved away from Facebook and onto their own website. Threads typically discuss new offers, tips and warnings. The community is very responsive — so you’ll able to quickly find quick answers to time-sensitive issues.

Profit Squad Price — £18 /Month

Profit Squad has the cheapest signup offer of the top Matched Betting sites: £1 for 14 days.

In addition, Profit Squad yearly subscriptions are just £139 with one month completely free. That works out at just £10.69 /month over 13 months.

Profit Squad membership is £1.00 now and then £18 /Month after your 14 day trial.

Profitsquad (Profit Squad) -Best Matched Betting Services (Best Matched Betting Website, Match Betting Site, Top Service 2018)


Profit Squad Boasts

  • The best signup offer of the top Matched Betting Services: £1 for the first 14 days.
  • A ‘Training Area’ including tutorials on advanced strategies such as each-way Dutching
  • Teaches you how to make over £1,500 by working through a list of sign-up bonuses
  • A Daily Calendar providing the latest offers.
  • Odds Matching Software, comparing exchange odds with over 40 different bookies
  • Tools & Spreadsheets to help with calculations and admin
  • Unlimited Support, including one-to-one guidance,  available 365 days of the year.


Another Useful Matched Betting Product

In addition to this list, I can also highly recommend Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser: a complete Matched Betting tool kit & low risk betting package, helping to set bettors onto a professional path. It’s nowhere near as ‘polished’ as the above services , but it’s significantly cheaper and offers an array of excellent features.

Profit Maximiser can be purchased individually for £12 per month, or as part of the larger Betting Mastermind package — which provides everything you need to start matched betting, placing basic arbitrage bets, and several types of value bets.

Check out my Betting Mastermind Review to learn more.


Matched Betting Services Compared

The top 4 Matched Betting Services are all miles ahead of their distant competitors. You will earn a profit by subscribing to any of them:

  • OddsMonkey is very well-established and cheaper than it’s main rival, Profit Accumulator. These are easily the top 2 companies.
  • Matched Bets has some minor advantages, but doesn’t offer as many compatible Bookmakers. However, their low annual subscription fee is unbelievably good value for money.
  • Profit Squad offers the most value to beginners, due to their impressive £1 trial offer.

Comparison Chart

The following table shows a comparison of the four top Matched Betting Services.

OddsMonkey Profit Accumulator Profit Squad
Monthly fee £19.99 £24.99 £18
Annual fee £180 £180 £139 + 1 month free
Free Trial (offers/free bet value) 2/£30 2/£50 14 day trial @ £1
Mobile Optimised No No No
Odds matcher (UK licensed bookmakers) 53 44 40+
Odds matcher (exchanges) 4 4 4
Data refresh Manual Manual Manual
Calculator (bonus types) 1 1 1
Bet tracking Yes Yes Yes
Odds Matching Extras
Acca matching Inc £15.99/£130 No
Offer matching Inc £15.99/£130 No
Dutch search Inc No No
Text guides Extensive Extensive Extensive
Video guides Trial only Extensive Extensive
Live chat No No No
Forum Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes
If you're collaborating with a friend on Matched Betting then it's more efficient if you both subscribe to the same Matched Betting site.


Free Matched Betting Resources

Want to learn Matched Betting without subscribing to a service? Here’s some of the free alternative routes I recommend:

1. Guides & Tutorials

Naturally I’m an advocate of this route because I’ve written my very own Step-By-Step Tutorial. I’ve tried to cram in as much helpful information as possible — so be sure to take a look. There’s also plenty more free e-books and blog posts out there.

2. Forums

Money Saving Expert was the place I discovered Matched Betting (several years ago now). The forum was helpful, active and current. There’s comparable sources of information available today — provided you’re willing to search a little.

My advice is to look for Matched Betting forums where members frequently share both good and bad experiences. Learning from others reduces your chances of unknowingly walking into an avoidable issue, and losing money.

3. Reddit

There’s a Matched Betting subreddit here. It’s not particularly active, but has the odd useful post.

4. Ask Online

If Google hasn’t delivered the answers you want then be more direct. Try asking a site like Quora or Yahoo Answers. Online communities have specialists who’s able (and willing) to answer your question. Alternatively, you could ask me in my comments section below!

5. Other Matched Bettors

Do you have any friends that are Matched Betting experts? Try picking their brains and learning the ropes.

6. Youtube

There’s loads of video tutorials on Youtube — but they aren’t necessarily current, or all-encompassing. Always look for recent uploads.


Why Upgrade To A Paid Matched Betting Service?

Free Matched Betting resources have limitations. You’d benefit from upgrading to an inexpensive subscription Matched Betting Service because:

1. They Assume No Prior Experience of Sports Betting.

Most free guides, forums and matched betting blogs aren’t aimed at the absolute beginner. Matched Betting Services enable those with zero understanding of gambling to earn risk-free profits from online bookmakers.

Does matched betting still confuse you? I’ve written a guide on my other site that’s aimed at those with zero experience in sports betting: How to Make Money From Matched Betting

2. They’re the Most Credible Source for Learning the Basics.

Some free publications are inaccurate and out of date. And the answers to your questions aren’t always all in one place. You often need to use multiple sources to verify the information and put together all pieces of the jigsaw.

Thus learning from a specialist website is more efficient. Matched Betting Services grant you access to all of the best, most reliable tutorials (both written & video), an active forum of experts, and the essential Software you need. It’s undoubtedly the fastest, ‘neatest’ route to learning all the tricks.

3. Promotions are Analysed Thoroughly.

This is crucial. If your aim is to be self-sufficient at Matched Betting then you’ll need to be able to:

  • Tackle any type of promotion without breaching the Bookmaker terms & conditions, and
  • Maximise your profits from the [said] promotions. In other words you need to know the optimal “plan of attack” for every scenario.

Why not save yourself the headache?

Subscription services do all of the analysis for you and provide the breakdown of the best step-by-step strategy.

4. The Ongoing Support Is There When You Desperately Need It.

If you run into a problem whilst Matched Betting then you may struggle to find a quick solution online. If it’s a time-sensitive issue then you simply can’t rely on free publications.

A paid service offers live help, an active forum, a ‘bank’ of documents (and videos) to draw from, as well as various other contact methods to help resolve your problem. You’ll receive the assistance from a specialist that’s best-equipped to offer sound advice.

5. Potential Pitfalls are Highlighted.

Mistakes happen in Matched Betting, and they can be very costly. Betting bloggers tend to shy away from pointing out all of these dangers as it doesn’t make for exciting reading.

On the other hand, subscription Matched Betting Services do their utmost to ensure that their members are aware of each and every potential pitfall every step of the way. For example, they’ll highlight misleading terms & conditions that may cause you to invalidate your eligibility for a free bet.

6. Free Bets & Promotions are Researched and Listed on the Website Every Day.

Matched Bettors require a continuous supply of promotions. Therefore running out of free bets means it’s game over. If you’re busy at work or simply don’t have time to research the latest promotions then that’s going to drastically reduce your profitability.

Nothing compares to the paid Matched Betting Services for their selection of researched promotions. Every day the offers are published in the members section along with instructions. So instead of researching new free bets and reloads yourself you can focus on raking in the money.

7. All of The Software & Tools are Included In the Price.

Matched Betting is very profitable, so it’s no surprise that companies charge a fee for providing software that facilitates it.

The tools bundled in the top subscription packages make Matched Betting a seamless, repetitive process. Importantly, they each include their own variation of a Matched Bet Finder.

Additionally, as a bonus, they’ve started to include other tools aimed at profiting from Dutching, Arbing & Casino Bonuses.


Originally posted 20 Jul 2016, and updated for 2021.

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Toby @ Punter2Pro
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ed pierce
ed pierce
5 years ago

I have used Odds Monkey for quite some tome and don’t know what I would do without it. In just the first month, I could see a difference in my profits and betting confidence. That alone, is well worth the price.

Reply to  ed pierce
5 years ago

Yep, they have a lot of very helpful tutorials/videos on there. Even people who know nothing about betting tend to find it pretty easy to follow.

ed pierce
ed pierce
Reply to  Toby
5 years ago

I agree, the tutorials are what help the most.

Tom Davies
Tom Davies
4 years ago

Once you learn the matched betting stuff its not difficult to work it out for yourself going forward. Just takes considerable time off your evenings/weekends if you’re searching for more bonuses. So I think the main advantage of the services is that its consistently chucking out the list offers to you every day. Can come home from work and quickly earn some dosh without spending the whole evening on the PC.

Reply to  Tom Davies
4 years ago

Once you know the score you can give it a go on your own. But it’s not necessarily time/cost efficient when a relatively cheap service hands a loaded gun for you to pull the trigger.
As I’ve stated though — i believe there are some active forums that members regularly post offers on. No doubt they provide a lot of good offers, too.

Wally Hudson
Wally Hudson
4 years ago

Have you ever tried Profit Squad? How does it compare with the ones youve recommended here?

Reply to  Wally Hudson
4 years ago

I’ve heard good things. I’m going to trial it and see how it compares with the 3 I’ve listed. If it’s good enough I’ll add it to the list.

Earl Schlenker
Earl Schlenker
4 years ago

Have been an odds monkey customer for the last few months. It makes things very simple, and gives plenty of offers. My only worry is that bookies will cotton on? What do you think?

Reply to  Earl Schlenker
4 years ago

To be honest, the Bookmakers are fully aware of Matched Betting’s existence. Regardless whether you’re Matched Betting, free bets lose them money – full stop. And the fact is, it’s pretty hard to suspect Matched Betting unless a player only ever places bets using a bonus.

Think about it: you’ve been granted a free bet and you decide to place it on a popular football market (in a non-arbitrage scenario). How will the Bookmaker know it was a Matched bet? And if they did somehow suspect you were Matched Betting, they probably won’t care anyway.

Matched Betting Zest
2 years ago

I mainly use a paid matched betting service for Oddsmatching, dutch searching and forums.
As matched betting evolves, how do you see the services adapting what they offer to customers? – In terms of there being less sports offers than a few years ago and a move towards low-risk casino and advantage play style offers prevailing.

2 years ago

Recently opened an account with Profit Accumulator and I’m happy so far. It’s a good matched betting site, maybe among the best. A huge time saver and they have a bunch of great tutorials on the site – these are a must see for anyone wanting to be better at this.