Betting Mastermind Review – Profit Maximiser, Each Way Sniper & More

Looking for reviews of Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind, Profit Maximiser or Each Way Sniper? You’re in the right place.

In this article I firstly introduce Mike Cruickshank and then review each of his main money-making sports betting products.


Who Is Mike Cruickshank? What Does He Do?

Mike Cruickshank is an industry leading creator of low risk betting systems. All of his strategies are based on mathematically sound principles, and most of them involve hedging: betting against one outcome with other bookmaker/exchanges so that your betting bank is never at risk.

Readers of this site will be familiar with some of the methods Mike teaches including matched betting, casino bonus bagging, arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading on Betfair — and combinations of them used together.

However, Mike has spent the past decade not only sharing his knowledge, but also producing software that weaves elements of these proven methods together into a one-stop shop for aspiring professional bettors.


Why Should I Trust Mike Cruickshank Products?

Sports betting is rife with scam artists who sell e-books, tips, software, and strategies that offer little or no value. Mike Cruickshank doesn’t fall into this category.

Admittedly from the outside Mike Cruickshank’s software looks a lot like most other “money making” products: big promises with a subscription fee attached. And on that basis, you could easily dismiss his wide array of tools.

However, unlike the majority of other so-called sports betting experts and gurus, Mike’s promises aren’t hollow. The techniques he teaches, and tools he provides, guide members to guaranteed — or low risk — profits.

His videos and resources are indicative of an experienced, knowledgeable bettor that genuinely understands the importance of gaining a mathematical edge, staying rigid, and completely removing luck from the equation.

In other words, his software is not a waste of money.


What Products Does Mike Cruickshank Sell?

The main product packages he currently sells are:

Let’s take a look at each of these sports betting product packages one by one…


1. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is a complete Matched Betting tool kit & low risk betting package, helping to set bettors onto a professional path. It’s the most well-known product offered by Mike Cruickshank.

If you’re not yet familiar with with Matched Betting, then check out my beginner’s guide. The process involves generating a risk free profit using Bookmaker free bets and promotions.

In some ways Profit Maximiser is the “suped-up” version of its (rather basic) predecessor — named ‘Bonus Bagging’ — with many more features and a much improved layout.

Profit Maximiser includes a lot of very lengthy, detailed, video tutorials to teach members about all intricacies of the Matched Betting process, along with an extensive list of offers to tackle. This is all very valuable to members.

The main tools available on Profit Maximiser are as follows:

  • Matched Betting Calculator
  • Odds Converter
  • Bet log (for recording progress)
  • Daily offers calendar
  • Spread Betting offers
  • Bingo offers
  • Casino offers
    • Advanced casino offers

Cost: £12 per month, or £116.40 per year.

Using The Product

As a new member, you should begin with the “Start Here” button — which outlines a very clear road map to follow. This firstly points users towards tutorial videos, before moving onto the next stage.

Mike Cruickshank Review - Profit Maximiser, EWS, & Betting Mastermind


Mike’s videos aren’t as polished as those you’ll find on some of the more expensive Matched Betting services. But they’re designed for those wanting to understand exactly what’s going on with matched betting rather than merely following a set of instructions. It sets up bettors up for continued growth.

Following on from the videos, members can immediately begin generating money through matched betting with no further delay. For this, there’s a large list of bookmakers offering free bets to new customers. Clicking one of them will direct you to concise instructions of how to profit from their current signup promotion.


The Odds Matcher and Calculators included with Profit Maximiser makes it very easy to find a suitable event, and to work out the correct stakes to place at bookies and betting exchanges. It loads fast, has a huge list of compatible bookmakers, consistently shows arbitrage bets (where the match rating is over 100%), and works just as well as the competitors’ versions.


What’s next after the signup bonuses?

Profit Maximiser also provides detailed information on other more specific offer types — such as financial, bingo, casino — along with a calendar showing daily offers (commonly known as ‘reloads’). This ensures that members receive ongoing value beyond the initial bookmaker signup offers.

Over the course of two days, my Profit Maximiser was notified of over 40 new reload bonuses to tackle. There really is so much value to scoop up using the information on this service.


Is Profit Maximiser as fancy as the leading matched betting services? No.

Does Profit Maximiser provide the resources & tools necessary to help members learn the ropes and consistently earn from matched betting? Absolutely — and for a small cost!

Any experienced matched bettor will tell you that new offers, as well as the matched bet finder, are the most important elements. And Profit Maximiser provides both at half the price of the leading services.

Profit Maximiser is only £12 per month, or £116.40 per year.

For those looking for a low-cost matched bet finder, excellent tutorials, a list of current signup offers, ongoing offers, and a more personal (albeit no thrills) experience — look no further than Profit Maximiser.


2. Each Way Sniper

The Each Way Sniper enables bettors to exploit Each Way arbitrage opportunities on horse racing. It works by identifying cases when the difference in the bookmaker’s EW odds and the Betfair Place & Win Lay odds differ enough to create a risk free betting opportunity.

Each Way arbing employs the “back and lay” process used in matched betting (as taught by Profit Maximiser). The main difference with an arbitrage bet is that it doesn’t rely on free bets to generate a profit.

To learn the basic principles of arbitrage betting, see my arbing guide.

Here’s what’s included with Each Way Sniper (or ‘EWS’ for short):

  • Training resources
  • Calculators
  • Software for:
    • Each Way horse racing and golf arbs
    • Dutching

Cost: £1 for 14 days, or £118 for an entire year.

Using The Product

To get to grips with the Each Way Sniper, Mike has put together a collection of video tutorials. This is where new members should start out. As with all of Mike’s videos, the content is comprehensive and informative.

Those from a matched betting/arbing background will find all EWS learning materials very intuitive, as it builds on prior knowledge. However, even a complete newcomer can learn everything they need to know about Each Way arbing within a couple of hours. It’s pretty straightforward.

Once you understand the process, you can head straight over to the software section to start identifying Each Way arbitrage bets to “snipe” (on race days). These all appear in a table that’s very similar to the matched bet finder.

Take the following Each Way arb scenario as an example:


The calculations provided show that a profit of £1.35 profit is completely risk free (provided you place all bets, of course!). The key thing to note here is that in the Win market alone, there’s no arbitrage opportunity. But the low Betfair Place Lay odds (1.5) create a misalignment between the Bookies theoretical Place odds of 1.82, enabling a risk free bet.

Additional Bet Types

Mike has extended EWS to include additional features:

  1. Golf arb finder
  2. Extra Place Dutching.

The Golf arb finder is almost identical to the horse racing version, accessed via a different page. It enables users to earn risk free profits from EW golf bets.

The Dutching calculator, however, is an entirely different piece of software altogether. It helps users to capitalise on “extra place” promotions at bookies to lock in a profit by backing every horse in the race. This requires a lot of different stakes, but no need to use the betting exchange. It’s a highly profitable system that, again, is mathematically sound.

“Value System”

Lastly, Mike incorporates a “value system” section into his Each Way Sniper. This is not an entirely new strategy in itself. It’s simply a riskier approach to EW arbing that involves no hedging (i.e. betting at bookies without placing Lay bets on the exchange).

I know for a fact that the riskier “value system” approach is more profitable than regular EW arbing in the long run. The obvious downside is that losing runs will be disheartening… and damaging to your bankroll.


The Each Way sniper is not an all-encompassing piece of arbitrage software for multiple sports and bet types — like RebelBetting.

It is, however, a tool that focuses on one particular type of arb. It works brilliantly, and during the time I wrote this section of the review, my Each Way Sniper detected several opportunities.

The price of Each Way Sniper is £1 for 14 days, or £118 for an entire year.

At that cost I have absolutely no doubts, provided your Bookmaker accounts are not heavily all limited, that you’ll earn a comfortable profit using this product. Although, as with any winning system, your accounts will eventually be limited.


3. EV Maximiser

EV Maximiser is a Casino Bonus Bagging training resource that includes several articles and calculation tools. It’s designed for those keen to venture further down the advantage play route.

I’ve provided some details about Bonus Bagging on this site. Mathematically speaking, it’s sound. But the process is notorious for creating player/casino disputes. You’ll inevitably need to fight for payouts at some stage; so be prepared for that. This isn’t for everyone.

Cost: £59.99 one-off fee.

Using The Product

New EV Maximiser members need to log in and access the ‘Training’ section. From here they’re able to follow an entire course — including video explanations — on how to tackle casino bonuses. Below is snippet of some of the topics covered:


Members are provided with calculators and data simulators to work out the EV (expected value) of casino offers before taking them on.

While the information is clear and accurate, and the tools are excellent — the obvious downside to the EV Maximiser package is that there’s no Casino bonus list included. This is a shame, because without the offers provided, you’re going to need to search for them yourself. This means only the most devoted bettors will truly succeed in applying this method.


EV Maximiser is well laid out, and provides sound information on little-known casino bonus strategies.

However, I find it the least appealing product in Mike’s large offering. Casino Bonus Bagging is a niche that only risk averse players should venture into. Furthermore, there are some other free resources that could be an equally good starting point for beginners — such as BeatingBonuses.

EV Maximiser costs a £59.99 one-off fee.

The price is, however, very competitive and help is always at hand. And it’s worth remembering that assistance is very difficult to come by in such a secretive realm of online money-making.

Nonetheless, I view EV Maximiser as no more than a ‘sweetener’. It’s a product that works best as part of a larger package involving multiple lines of attack. That larger package is Betting Mastermind (up next).


4. Betting Mastermind

Betting Mastermind is the ultimate package from Mike Cruickshank — which includes Profit Maximiser, Each Way Sniper, EV Maximiser and several more products that I’ll detail in this section.

While the content is superb, the individual parts of Betting Mastermind are not particularly well integrated from a user interface standpoint. It feels as though its parts came from individually sold items, now bundled together. While this takes away from the user experience a little, it’s a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s all additional components of Betting Mastermind:

  1. Bonus Bagging
  2. Accumulator Generator
  3. Bookie Blowout
  4. Golden Parachute
  5. Dutching Bounty
  6. Acca Booster
  7. Betfair Sniper
  8. Betfair 1% Club
  9. Betfair Renegade

Cost: £216 or 4 x £58.80. £40 yearly admin fee. All other costs are waived for life.

1. Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging is the name of Mike’s entry-level product. It’s a very basic Matched Betting information service.

To get started with Bonus Bagging, users need to log in to their account and click the ‘Request new bet’ to receive information (via email) about a bookmaker signup promotion. This email will provide a bet that you need to immediately place using a new bookmaker account in order to trigger a free bet. Learn about bookmaker free bet types.


Once you’ve placed the initial bet, to realise a profit you must continue following the next instructions from either the ‘Rollover’ or ‘Claim Free Bet’ section — depending on what type of promotion you’ve started. You can request missed bets if you didn’t complete the instructions before the odds changed, or the sports event ended.

Profit Maximiser has, in my opinion, made this whole system pretty redundant. It doesn’t have huge value, aside from regular emails containing information on new reload bonuses.

2. Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator enables bettors to take advantage of bookmakers’ accumulator refunds. I would recommend this product to anyone that’s already familiar with matched betting.

I must admit, accumulators are one area of professional sports betting that I’ve never properly looked into. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were multiple ways of earning from them. These types of profitable techniques occasionally crop up in lengthy sports betting forums, but are rarely wrapped in a software package for the public to utilise.

Mike not only provides the vital knowledge through Accumulator Generator — but also a list of the latest accumulator bonuses, as well as the calculators to do the maths. This is everything you’ll need to start making profits from accas.

3. Bookie Blowout

Bookie Blowout is a service whereby Mike provides early horse racing selections via email on a daily basis. The idea is that his selections will shorten in price, enabling bettors to Lay them off (using Betfair or another exchange), to lock in a profit on the race day. In many ways, Bookie Blowout functions like a Tipster service.

Advice comes in the following format:


The package comes complete with a lengthy PDF, along with some easy-to-use calculators, and several videos. The selections Mike provides specialise in a beating the Start Price (closing line). When mastered, beating the SP is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of sports betting.

Having read Mike’s PDF, I was able to get an inkling as to the types of methods he might be using to pre-empt odds that’ll drop on the day of the race. Generally, it seems that the early odds are often vastly inaccurate and quickly sharpen up on the race day, which makes sense.

Admittedly, I haven’t verified a large enough set of results to prove the service consistently delivers value. Reliable sources state that this service works, but ultimately leads to your accounts being limited. Standard.

4. Golden Parachute

The Golden Parachute method takes advantage of bookies’ Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) — where if the starting price of your selection ends up being higher than the price you took, the bookie will pay you out at the higher odds.

With Golden Parachute, you are taught how to use different BOG bookmakers to bet on all horses in a race so that if odds one of the selections drifts and wins, it bags a profit. Normally there are more than 10 races with the eligible criteria available each day.

Mike recommends this winning strategy when it’s a slow week and there isn’t much else going on.

5. Dutching Bounty

Dutching Bounty extends Each Way Sniper. The system works by generating a profit when bookies pay more for a horse to place than the win-odds imply they should.

With this method, instead of backing & laying (like in EWS), you Dutch all of the horses EW at different bookmakers using the Dutching calculator.

The target is to have a break-even worst case scenario when the favourite wins. Then if an outsider wins you will secure a large profit — usually in excess of £100. If any of the other horses win you’ll make roughly 30%-50% of the maximum profit.

6. Acca Booster

Acca Booster teaches seasoned matched bettors how to profit from boosted accumulator bets — which mainly occur during weekend football. These are value bets; where the boosted back odds are higher than the lay odds on the exchange.

Mike states that you’ll need to persevere with this method for results to average themselves out. Thus, the Acca Booster requires a bigger bankroll, patience, and risk tolerance.

7. Betfair Sniper

Betfair Sniper is a detailed PDF explainer containing information on several entry-level Betfair strategies for horse racing.

The principles of Betfair Sniper are logical and — given how useful other Mike Cruickshank products are — could well be valuable. However, it is one of the products within Betting Mastermind that I cannot entirely vouch for. That’s because there’s no mathematical edge that can be specifically quantified when no two traders would yield the same results. It requires practice, discipline, refinement, and the ability to spot the correct market conditions to succeed.

I view Betfair Sniper as a helpful starting point for traders looking for hints on where to find value on the exchange. But there’s no guarantees.

8. Betfair 1% Club

The Betfair 1% club is another PDF explainer that teaches bettors how to apply effective scalping techniques prior to kick off, in order to lock in a profit no matter which team wins.

Ultra-efficient match odds markets in the world’s largest football leagues — such as the Premier League, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga & Champions League — are required for the best results.

9. Betfair Renegade

Betfair Renegade is system that calculates the ‘true odds’ of sports events. If Betfair currently offers better odds, it advises that you back at those odds. Again, this is value betting put into practice.

In my trial, the advised bets tended to be on less-popular football markets (e.g. correct score in lower or overseas league football).


I must admit, If Betfair Renegade weren’t part of this particular package I’d remain highly sceptical of how accurate the ‘true odds’ are (given past experiences in pricing up markets). So I’m keen to explore Betfair Renegade further to verify its long term profitability.

Assuming there’s value to using this service, I suspect it comes from the fact the targeted markets are either not well formed (illiquid), so the prices are speculative. Or that these niche markets have far less smart money in general, even when they are seemingly well formed.

I’d treat Betfair Renegade as if it were a tipster service: proceed cautiously, but with an open mind.


Even if you do not come to use each and every component of the Betting Mastermind package, there’s ample value to be gained from using just a few of them. Take Profit Maximiser and Each Way Sniper — both included into the package — as an example.

Along with the huge list of additional resources and tools, there’s absolutely no doubt that Betting Mastermind is worth its fee.

The Betting Mastermind package costs £216 (one-off cost), or 4 x £58.80. With the exception of a yearly £40 admin fee, all other costs are waived for life.

For £216 + a yearly £40 admin fee thereafter, Betting Mastermind is a serious prospect for any aspiring professional bettor.


Are Mike’s Products Worth The Investment?

Mike’s Cruickshank products are an example of substance over style.

You could easily be put off by all the sales spiel, overwhelming array of tools, slightly confusing user interface and general lack of… shininess. But once you get to grips with this slightly disjointed — but highly valuable — medley of products, you’re only going to reap the rewards.


  • Solid reputation in the matched betting and advantage play community.
  • Includes an array of tools and resources that succeed in setting amateur and intermediate bettors onto a professional path.
  • All methods are rooted in mathematical foundations. There’s no ‘hit & hope’ strategies involved.
  • Several little-known techniques are taught. This vastly increases the likelihood of identifying a sports betting ‘niche’ without too much competition or unwanted attention from bookies.
  • Well known for offering helpful advice via email support, or via an exclusive (and active) Facebook group of other subscribers.
  • Extremely good value for money. Any half-dedicated member will comfortably make back the subscription fees, and earn a substantial profit.
  • Moneyback guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you’re fully entitled to a refund via ClickBank.


  • Various different systems have been merged together — particularly in Betting Mastermind — making it a little bit confusing and awkward for beginners to navigate around.
  • Some additional specialist products (e.g. arb and value bet finders for all sports) would be required to fully expand a professional sports betting operation.
  • Videos, materials and the user interface are less polished than other (admittedly more expensive) services.

Very few sports betting products deliver on their promises. Mike Cruickshank’s products do, and at any extremely low cost. That’s a far cry from the vast majority of other flawed, naïve, expensive sports betting services you could just as easily fall victim to.

Without a doubt, his products are worth the investment. Especially Betting Mastermind and Profit Maximiser.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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