The Best Value Betting Software/Finder 2018

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

Want to find Value Bets? Truthfully I’ve struggled to find Value Betting Software that’s:

  1. Available to the public, and
  2. Offers genuine value.

I’ve sieved though a lot of so-called Value Bet finders or tools and discarded them one by one. However, finally, there’s some Value Betting Software that I can recommend, and it enables punters to earn long-term profits from their sports bets.

If you’re struggling to find a genuine, profitable Tipster then definitely read on. Value Betting is the proven, smart alternative you should know about.


Introduction To Value Betting Software

What’s Value Betting?

‘Value’, in betting terms, is presented when the odds suggest that the selection isn’t as likely to win as it really is. Value betting puts the ‘edge’ in the player’s favour, meaning it’s profitable long-term. If you’d like to learn more on this, then read my post What Does Value Betting Mean?

The Shortage Of Good Value Betting Software

Finding Value Betting Software that actually provides a money-making opportunity is certainly a challenge. Value Betting Software isn’t generally available to the public. After all, why would anyone give access to their profitable Value Bet selections and encourage more competition for odds?

I’ve asked this same question of Tipsters, and made my reservations clear in previous posts. For more information take a look at my post: Can Tipsters Be Trusted?

The answer to this question is pretty simple…

Granted, many professionals would never dream of giving anyone else access their software — hence the shortage of available products. But many Value Betting techniques are somewhat limited in terms of profitability. Bookmakers clamp down on Value Bettors by limiting their stakes, and in some cases, closing their accounts entirely…

Therefore professional gamblers tend to make as much money as they possibly can, and then move on to monetising their ‘Bet Finder’ on a subscription basis. This way they can continue earning from it once they’re unable to place bets themselves.

It makes sense, right?


Value Betting vs. Arbing

Value Betting Software is a lot like Arbing Software. Both products present an opportunity for Punters to capitalise on inaccurate prices in the sports betting markets and earn long-term profits.

What follows is a comparison of various factors which have an impact on Value Betting & Arbing.

1. Risk

This is where Arbing and Value Betting differ the most. Arbs guarantee the Punter risk-free profits, whilst Value Bets carry a risk (albeit, a calculated one). Value Bettors take on the risk because their bets have an ‘edge’ that wins over time.

To learn more on what it means to have the “Edge” or “Expected Value” in your favour, read my post: Calculating The Expected Value (EV) Of Your Bets

2. Profitability

Arbing [generally] secures a smaller % profit on each trade than Value Betting. This is, in part, due to the commission paid on winnings earned on the betting exchange (e.g. Betfair).

However, this is only a generalisation. It also depends heavily on the sports/markets used. For example, the margins on Horse Racing — regardless whether Arbing or Value Betting — tend to be higher than on football.

3. Account Lifespan

Every betting account that partakes in Arbitrage betting has a lifespan, which can be anything from day to a month before the Bookmaker gives it the chop. Value Bettors get the same treatment. You have to accept that the time will inevitably come where the Bookmaker limits your stakes or prevents you from placing further bets.

4. Detection

The good news is that Value Bets are more difficult to spot than Arbitrage Bets. Punters can identify their Value Bets using various methods & techniques, by comparing odds from a range of different sources. Arbitrage Bets are found by simply comparing the Bookmaker odds to the Exchange. So Value Betting is more complex — thus Bookmakers can’t detect it as easily.

Furthermore, because Value Bets generally carry risk, the Bookmaker is more lenient to Value Bettors than Arbers (who guarantee a profit on every trade). However, bare in mind that if you bet frequently and consistently earn a profit, then you’re bound to draw attention to yourself at some point — whether you’re Arbing or not.

I highly recommend reading my post Prevent Your Betting Accounts From Being Restricted Or Closed.


Trademate Sports — Value Betting Software

I recently came across a Value Betting Finder named Trademate Sports. I was granted free access to review the product, and I must admit I was very impressed. In my opinion, this is the kind of product that Punters should use as an alternative to Tipsters.

About Trademate Sports

Trademate was previously known as

The Trademate Sports value betting software calculates the true odds of the outcome of a sporting event and provides you with all the tools necessary to identify profitable opportunities in the global sport betting markets. 

Their algorithm runs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year across Football, NFL, NBA, MLB, Handball, etc. Each sport represents a new opportunity and their algorithm is able to detect exploitable value.

In-browser Interface

There’s no need to download anything to use the Trademate Sports Value Betting Software. The in-browser interface means that service it’s fully compatible with any computer or mobile device.

A lot of other Value Betting Tools are made by programmers, for the use of programmers with an interest in sports betting. What stands out about Trademate Sports is that it’s designed for the average Punter. There’s no programming knowledge required to get up and running. It takes about one minute to get set fully up, with bets instantly coming through on the Trade Feed. And if you get stuck there’s a live chat feature, too.

After logging in for the first time I quickly got to grips with how everything works. It’s just a simple case of setting up what Bookmakers you’re going to use, and how much you’re investing into each one.

The user interface is modern, bright & bold — an ease to use.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)


The user has an option to set a bell sound alert whenever a new trade pops into the feed — which means you can even bet whilst you’re working on something else!

The simple, configurable Value Betting feed.

 Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

Note: Value bets must be placed in your regular betting account(s). Trademate isn’t integrated with any Bookmakers.

A Strategy that Works

In their own words:

There’s a number of factors we have to consider when calculating the correct odds of a match, each sport and market have their own individual and sometimes complex nuances, our algorithm determines how these nuances and factors should be weighted to calculate the true odds, based on the liquidity and timing across the various markets.

Trademate Sports doesn’t elaborate further into what they do to identify value bets. They still maintain some level of secrecy. But from reading their website, and chatting to their staff, I can infer that they are [at least in part] following various prices in order to anticipate market movements. For those of you that read Punter2Pro regularly, you’ll be aware that I’m an advocate of this sort of technique.

For proof of this concept, check out the Punter’s Guide To Beating The SP.

Unlike other Value Bet Tools, Trademate doesn’t have any Bookmaker affiliate links on the website whatsoever. This is good news, because it makes no sense that a Bookmaker would support this product. Bookmakers only endorse products or strategies where players are set up to lose.

No Need for Excel Sheets

It’s extremely tedious logging each and every bet you’ve placed, updating the results, and calculating the profit. Thankfully Trademate makes life easy in this department. You simply open up your feed, click the ‘trades’ you’ve placed, and enter the stake for each one. You can amend any of the bet details at any point, in case you entered the wrong details (odds, stake etc).

When trades are settled the results & stats automatically update in the “Settled Trades” list.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

Users can also monitor their total bankroll by entering how much money was initially deposited at each Bookmakers. This is a nifty feature — but it’s slightly limited in that it doesn’t yet enable the user to enter subsequent deposits and withdrawals. However, this doesn’t actually impact the important stats, such as the ROI %.

Full Breakdown of Results (Automated)

Now here’s the really impressive part of Trademate Sports — the data presentation.

The EV (Expected Value) of the bets is plotted against the actual profit on the ‘Analytics’ page. It also shows the Closing EV — which is basically the Starting Price (SP) of the event. This is important to monitor because whilst your bet may have originally had value when it first appeared on the feed, circumstances can change (e.g. a key player is announced injured), and the price adjusts accordingly. This means your bet’s value will be impacted, too. So you want to be ‘beating’ the Closing EV with the prices you’ve bet on.

In this sample my EV has ‘beaten’ the Closing EV, which is good. The profit is well over EV, meaning its over-performed — this will even out over time.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

There’s another chart on the same page which presents the Closing Odds vs. the Hit Rate. This gives the user an idea of how well distributed their results are.

To date, I haven’t seen a sports betting chart presented in this way. It’s neat.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

Critically, there’s also a full breakdown of the betting results in a table format. ‘Turnover’ represents the total amount staked. Included within this breakdown is the ‘Flat ROI’, which shows how the bets would’ve performed with an equal bet size. I recommend using the ‘Flat ROI’ as a marker, because too often our results (and expectations) are distorted by the increased variance that comes with ranging bet sizes.

The automated Stats Breakdown.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

To learn more about variance in sports betting, read my post How Can I Be Sure That I’m Really Winning?

How much does Trademate Sports cost?

Trademate Sports comes with a free 7 day trial. I highly recommend taking advantage of that.

There are 2 pricing plans on Trademate Sports — “Core” and “Pro”. Both offer ample value betting opportunities. You’ll receive 30 EUR free credit, too!

It’s a smart idea to start out with a 1 month plan in order to monitor your progress and determine how much spare time you have to place your value bets. Once you know you’re able to cover costs, you’re ready to scale up with a 3 month plan.

Keep in mind that your PnL is directly correlated to your turnover. The more bets you place, the more you’ll earn in the long-run.

1 Month pricing plan: For an introduction to Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)

3 month (Quarterly) pricing plan: better value for money

Trademate Sports Value Betting Software Finder (Arbitrage Value Bet)


Is there other Value Betting Software out there? Cheaper alternatives?

I’m on the lookout for more value betting tools. But for the moment Trademate Sports is the Value Bet finder that impresses.

Over the coming months there will be even more features included on Trademate, too. But right now, as it stands, there’s plenty of value from the current feeds. It more than justifies it’s monthly fee.

If this is out of your price range, or you don’t have the risk tolerance or bankroll, then I highly recommend that you look into:

  1. Arbitrage
  2. Matched Betting

These are two money-making alternatives that carry no risk.  I advise that you begin with these techniques and then progress on to Value Betting.


Originally posted on 25th January 2017, and updated for 2018.


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Eric Dewitt
Eric Dewitt

Been monitoring your progress at trademate in your ‘ongoing’ section. It looks very promising.
How long can you go before the bookies reduce your stakes?


It’s a very good product. I love the interface, and most importantly it earns steady profits. Punters should be turning to this type of thing as opposed to Tipsters.

As for your accounts, well you can’t totally predict that. It depends on the Bookmaker (and how strict they are), what stake sizes you’re betting with, and how much you’ve made. You might find that you’ll fly under the radar for a long time if you’ve been unlucky enough not to make a substantial profit. Check this out:

Lenard K. Reed
Lenard K. Reed

Are you guaranteed to make back the amount you spend on the subscription?


This isn’t like Matched Betting or Arbing – you have no guarantee of earning. But what I’ve shown on my ‘Ongoing’ page on Trademate is that there’s no doubt that if you stick by it then you’ll earn a profit. Take a look here:

fbt 29
fbt 29

hello Toby, thank you for this interesting review. Last update is from 5/2017. May I ask you if you still continue to use this software, and what are the result? Have a nice day. Fred.


The software still works great. I’m aware of several people using it, and renewing their subscription because its making them money. I only check in that the the odds maintain value – and it’s consistent.

Keep in mind that you will always encounter situations where the Bookmakers limit you. I recommend reading this: