Here’s where I track my progress using the Trademate Sports value betting software.

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Monitoring Trademate Sports Bets

Net Results vs. EV graph (Last updated: 27/05/2017)

Stats Breakdown (Last updated: 27/05/2017)


  • As it stands, it’s above EV. It may eventually come down.
  • The sample size is large, meaning the results are fairly conclusive. I believe in this product.
  • The ROI is within the realms of ‘reality’. That’s a positive sign. You’d be lucky to achieve anything greater than +15% ROI on any sports betting strategy.


Trademate Sports

I recently came across a Value Betting Finder named Trademate Sports. I was granted free access to review the product, and I must admit I was very impressed. I recommend using Trademate to find Value bets. It comes with a free 7 day trial.

What is Trademate?

Trademate was previously known as

The Trademate Sports value betting software calculates the true odds of the outcome of a sporting event and provides you with all the tools necessary to identify profitable opportunities in the global sport betting markets. 

Their algorithm runs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year across Football, NFL, NBA, MLB, Handball, etc. Each sport represents a new opportunity and their algorithm is able to detect exploitable value.

Trademate Sports - Value Betting Software


How does Trademate Work?

In their own words:

“There’s a number of factors we have to consider when calculating the correct odds of a match, each sport and market have their own individual and sometimes complex nuances, our algorithm determines how these nuances and factors should be weighted to calculate the true odds, based on the liquidity and timing across the various markets.”

Trademate Sports doesn’t elaborate further into what they do to identify value. But from reading their website, and chatting to their staff, I can infer that they are [at least in part] following various prices in order to anticipate market movements.

Furthermore, unlike other Value betting products I’ve trialled, Trademate doesn’t have any Bookmaker affiliate links whatsoever. This is good news, because it makes no sense that a Bookmaker would support this product. Bookmakers only endorse products or strategies where players are set up to lose.

Trademate provides evidence of generating very realistic profits (small % margins) over a large set of bets.

Monitoring Trademate

If there’s any doubt on the profitability or concept of Trademate, I’m going to monitor & publish all of my betting results on this page.

I’ve kept all of the filters open, allowing all bet types (across various sports), at odds up to 10.0. This way I can collect a well-rounded data set which isn’t too specific.

I’m aiming to establish the following:

  1. What average edge or ‘expected value’ (EV) should you expect when betting on selections provided by Trademate Sports? Is it profitable?
  2. How much monthly turnover (total stake) is required to cover the subscription fee?
  3. How consistent are the results? What swings can you experience?
  4. What size bankroll is required for Trademate?
Read my full review of Trademate here: The Best Value Betting Software/Finder.