Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA)

Independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing the gaming industry in Curaçao

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About The Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA)

The Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA) is an independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing and supervising the gaming industry in Curaçao, including sports betting, casino gaming, and poker. Their primary goal is to ensure that all gaming activities are conducted in a fair, secure, and responsible manner, in compliance with the laws of Curaçao.

Established in 1996, the CGA is the oldest gaming authority in the Caribbean and has since become one of the world’s most respected regulatory bodies. They are responsible for issuing gaming licenses, monitoring gaming operators, and enforcing laws and regulations related to the industry.

In addition to regulating the gaming industry, the CGA is also committed to promoting responsible gaming practices and preventing problem gambling. They work with other organizations to develop and implement programs that educate players and promote healthy gaming habits.

The CGA is also actively involved in combating fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities involving gambling operators. They work closely with law enforcement agencies to monitor suspicious activities and investigate any reported breaches of regulations.

In summary, the CGA plays a crucial role in ensuring that gaming activities in Curaçao are conducted with integrity, fairness, and responsibility. Their commitment to regulating the industry, preventing problem gambling, and combating illegal activities has made them one of the most respected gaming authorities in the world.

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