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Responsible for monitoring the activities of gaming operators in France

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About The National Gambling Authority (ANJ)

ANJ (Autorité Nationale des Jeux) is the French national regulatory authority for online gambling and gaming, as well as physical casinos, betting shops, and lotteries. ANJ was created in 2020 by merging the French gambling regulator ARJEL (Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne) with several other regulatory authorities.

ANJ’s primary mission is to ensure that all forms of gambling and betting activities in France are conducted in a lawful and responsible manner, with the protection of players and prevention of problem gambling being a key focus. To achieve this, ANJ is responsible for issuing licenses, monitoring operators, and enforcing regulations related to gambling and betting activities.

ANJ has the power to sanction operators who violate French gambling laws, which include measures such as fines, suspension or revocation of licenses, and criminal prosecution. In addition, ANJ is involved in the creation of new regulations, such as those related to advertising, bonuses, and responsible gambling measures.

Overall, ANJ’s objective is to ensure that gambling and betting activities in France are safe, transparent, and fair, and that they contribute to the public interest.

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