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Oversees the regulation of the Isle of Man’s gambling industry, including online gambling and land-based casinos

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About The Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC)

The Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) is an independent regulatory body established by the Isle of Man government in 1962. Its primary responsibility is to oversee the regulation of the island’s gambling industry, including online gambling and land-based casinos.

The GSC is authorised to grant licenses to gambling operators and to ensure their compliance with the regulations set out by the Gambling Act. The commission’s licensing criteria include an applicant’s financial stability, the size of their proposed operation, and the integrity of their operations. The GSC also ensures that operators and their employees adhere to the highest professional standards, thereby promoting fair play and transparency.

To protect the public, the GSC investigates gambling-related complaints and takes appropriate actions against operators who breach the law. These actions can include issuing warnings, imposing fines, suspending or revoking licenses, and referring matters to the police or the Attorney General.

Moreover, the GSC works to safeguard players by ensuring that all operators adhere to strict standards of fairness and transparency. For instance, operators must provide clear information about the risks involved in gambling and their business practices. They must also provide transparent details about the available games, the rules and regulations of each game, and the odds of winning.

The GSC also offers guidance and advice to players on how to stay safe when gambling online and collaborates with other regulatory bodies to promote responsible gambling. Additionally, the commission partners with the Isle of Man’s Department of Economic Development to support and safeguard the island’s gambling industry.

Overall, the GSC’s efforts promote a secure, transparent, and responsible gambling environment that benefits both the industry and the public.

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