German Sports Betting Association (DSWV)

Upholds high standards of safety and fairness for German sports bettors

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About The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV)

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting legal, secure, and responsible online sports betting in Germany. Since its establishment in 2011, the DSWV has become a leading advocate for improved regulation in the industry.

The primary objective of the DSWV is to uphold the highest standards of safety and fairness for German sports bettors. This is accomplished through close collaboration with the German government and other regulatory bodies to facilitate the implementation of effective regulations and licensing policies. Additionally, the DSWV provides regular guidance and support to members of the sports betting industry to ensure compliance with the latest legal requirements.

Moreover, the DSWV aims to raise public awareness of responsible online sports betting and encourages players to gamble responsibly. The organization sponsors educational campaigns that explain the potential risks of gambling and provide helpful tips to avoid problem gambling. As a result, the DSWV’s efforts have significantly contributed to making online gambling safer and more enjoyable for German players.

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