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Looking for the best eSports tipsters?

eSports is one of the fastest-growing industries, with almost half a billion people tuning in every year. Prize pools go into the tens of millions of dollars. So it’s unsurprising that sports betting companies are on board, too. However, there still aren’t many well-established eSports tipster services to choose from.

Nonetheless, I’ve researched, and hand-picked, a few eSports tipsters and rated them according to their performance to date. Here’s who came out on top…


Best eSports Tipsters

Update: at this moment in time, I cannot recommend any active e-sports tipsters.


Ratings Explained

All of our recommended “best” tipsters are rated out of 100 using an impartial and entirely data-driven method which incorporates many factors including:

  • Age of Account

    How long the tipster service has been running

  • Sample Size

    The sample size of sports bets recorded so far

  • All-time Performance

    How well the tipster has performed since starting out

  • Recent Performance

    How well the tipster has performed over the past three months

  • Volume of Tips

    The estimated number of weekly tips given based on the historical average

  • Subscription Cost

    How much the tipster changes on a monthly basis

Our unique rating system can be used to compare tipsters - no matter what sport they specialise in, or what proofing site they belong to. So be sure to check back in to see how the ratings have changed!


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