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Ensures that the Singapore gaming sector operates in a transparent, accountable, and ethical manner

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About The Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA)

The Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Singapore was created in 2006 as a statutory board of the Singaporean government to oversee and regulate all casino resorts within the country. Its primary role is to ensure that all casino gaming activities are carried out fairly, responsibly, and in accordance with the Casino Control Act and its regulations.

The CRA has several key objectives, including the licensing and regulation of all casino gaming activities in Singapore, promoting responsible gaming practices, and preventing and detecting gambling-related crimes. As part of its duties, the CRA also works in close collaboration with other relevant government agencies, such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

One of the core focuses of the CRA is to provide information to the public on responsible gaming and to offer advice to the government on casino policies and regulations. By working closely with other government entities, the CRA aims to maintain a safe and secure environment for casino gaming in Singapore.

Overall, the CRA is dedicated to ensuring that the gaming sector operates in a transparent, accountable, and ethical manner. Through its regulatory framework, the CRA aims to promote a vibrant and sustainable casino industry in Singapore while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, including the government, industry players, and the general public.

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