My Favourite Sports Betting Blogs — 10 Of The Best

Want to learn more about professional sports betting? Looking for a source of inspiration? Well you could firstly read my posts from the Professional Betting section of this site…

Alternatively, try some of my favourite sports betting blogs from the list below.


Betfair Pro Trader

James Butler, the author of ‘Betfair Trading Techniques’ and ‘Programming for Betfair’ has published a free information source aimed at sophisticated Betfair traders looking for an edge. The author doesn’t shy away from stating the difficulties in finding an an advantage from sports betting (like me). I agree with the principles he teaches, and have in fact purchased his books myself.


12 Xpert

OK, it’s not technically a blog — but you’ll find a lot of very useful resources from the network of sites brought to you by sports betting analyst/author Joseph Buchdahl. For example, you can download free data from both and I also recommend following the 12Xpert Twitter account, which tweets out some excellent statistical content.



As the free WordPress domain name might suggest, Trader247 isn’t as commercial as many other blogs on this list. But it’s authentic, and was one of the most active automated trading/bot development blogs out there. Great reading for those looking to trade professionally through developing their own betting application.


Daily 25

The blog’s original gimmick was to document earning $25 a day, or $10,000 a year, from sports betting. It’s since grown into a target of $250 a day, or $100,000 a year. The site is certainly more commercial than most other sites in this list — but I like many elements of it. In particular I rate the concept of Tipster tracking, and the way the blog frequently promotes value betting.


Soccer Widow

When I first started to learn about sports betting I found several articles on this site very helpful. The website’s author — the German “Soccer Widow” — shares her findings, experiences, and knowledge on the betting markets with her readers. Her site is a good entry point for those seeking smart ways to earn from sports betting, and it touches on several mathematical approaches without making it too complex to understand.


Matched Betting Blog

Matched Betting Blog provides free information on promotions for Matched Betting. What I particularly like is the level of detail on each promotion, as well as the supporting tutorials. Whilst the site is no substitute for a premium Matched Betting service like OddsMonkey, it’s an excellent site for practising the basics.


Opta Pro Blog

The OptaPro blog features news & analysis brought to you from the cutting-edge data provider — Opta Sports. Whilst their articles aren’t exclusively aimed at a sports betting audience, the data presented may give you some ideas for developing your own system or predictive model.


Caan Berry

Betfair trader Caan Berry documents his progress from the point he quit his full time job to focus on betting. His blog is an excellent resource for aspiring traders. He’s published many tutorials on topics such as Reading Betfair Charts & Graphs, which provide lots of sensible (and detailed) tips to help improve your approach to trading. Proceed with care though, as becoming a successful Betfair trader isn’t easy.


Church Of Betting

Sports betting blogger Nenko covers familiar ground, such as arbitrage, tipsters, sports trading, and his speciality — value betting. His detailed, unique analyses offer a technical insight into the sports betting markets. Many of his points & observations I have not read elsewhere.


Green All Over

Established in 2008, the Green All Over blog is an independent, common sense, look at challenges and opportunities in sports investing. The writer has an excellent technical understanding of sports betting probabilities, and a passion for statistics. While this blogspot-hosted site looks dated and in need of modernisation — don’t be deceived. It’s one of the longest-standing, most detailed sports betting blogs out there.


Gods Of Odds

The GodsOfOdds blog is new to the scene, launching in 2019. Early content has been focused around the basics of profitable sports betting, with several insights to the tipster industry. The analyses and educational articles are some of the highest quality I’ve seen on their respective topics. I have no doubts that readers of this site will enjoy this blog. The site has enormous potential, if the creators persist in creating more content to the current standard.


Looking For More Sports Betting Blogs?

  • Should your sports betting blog be included here? Give me a shout and I’ll take a look at your content. If i like it, I’ll add it to the list!
  • Into online business and money-making? Take a look at my other site — NicheCarve. It goes beyond sports betting, and explores other ways you can generate an income from home.


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