4 Alternative Ways to Reverse Your Online Gambling Fortunes

Indulging in a spot of online gambling is one way to unwind after a long working week — but if you find yourself caught in a downward spiral of losses, it can merely add to your stress levels and frustrations. Once you’re stuck in a such a rut, it can feel impossible to claw yourself out of it.

Every gambler experiences slumps and, unfortuately, there are no sure-fire ways to turn your losing streak into a winning one. However, I can offer a few tips and tricks that’ll help increase the chances of reversing your fortunes, or at least improve your outlook. I delve into a handful of the less common means of doing so below.


Seek Help From Pros

If you’ve been ploughing your own furrow for a prolonged period without producing any fruit for your labours, it may be time to take a step back in order to absorb the wisdom of others with more knowledge and experience. Of course, this might take a variety of forms depending on the type of gambling you favour.

Sports betting enthusiasts could discover new ways to find their edge by reading articles or watching videos published by sports betting bloggers and professional bettors.

Poker aficionados could watch past videos, or live showings, of professional tournaments to gain a greater understanding of probability & risk, and to observe how the very best players make decisions under pressure.

Even recrational Casino players — such as fans of Slots — could take the time to research games with the best house edges, and those likely to produce the steadiest results. 

Admitting you don’t have all the answers is the first step towards mending your patchy track record.


Try A New Approach

Leading on from the previous point: it’s very common for gamblers to get bogged down playing the same games, or betting in the same sports markets, over and over again.

Understandably, gamblers tend to stick to what they feel most comfortable with, and what has brought them the most enjoyment and success in the past. But repetitiveness can lead to complacency and disillusionment. 

If you’re a casino player that usually opts for games of skill, but struggles to maintain focus, it might be a good time to switch over to a simpler game where you’re unlikely to make an incorrect move (which only increases the house edge further). Equally if you regularly play games that rely entirely on luck, it might be wise to challenge yourself with something less monotonous and, potentially, more rewarding — such as poker or sports betting.

One alternative approach I can suggest for out-of-form sports bettors is following a tipster and “shadow betting” their selections to identify sports and markets that might offer more opportunites, and better value, than those you currently focus on.

You might be surprised how your fortunes turn if you have the courage to shift your line of thinking by trying something new, inspired by outside influences.


Play With Free Money

If it comes to it, you can stop risking your own money altogether. Most betting operators offer the ability to put a temporary freeze on your purse strings, but will still allow you to continue playing with free money in the casino.

Although there are no fiscal rewards when you strike it lucky with free play money, doing so can be be a reality check for those feeling like they’re unable to shake a losing streak. It gives players the perfect opportunity to assess the risk of specific games, how frequent wins are, and how big the swings in results could potentially be.

Free play essentially gives players a better indication of what to expect if they decide to revert back to real cash once more.


Make Light of The Situation

Provided your gambling losses aren’t a cause for genuine concern, and that you understand the risks that come with it, you’ve got to accept them. Losing is part of gambling.

That’s not easy to accept if you’re on a bad run. But it’s important to take a break and do something that makes you happy, rather than chasing losses and digging yourself into an even bigger hole. Spend time with the family, read a book, work on the house. Many people find that playing a sport, or exercising, is a particularly productive way to take out their frustrations.

Alternatively, have you ever heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”?

It can heal many different ills –- perhaps even the gambling blues. So the next time you find yourself at your wit’s end because of your online gambling performance, watch a comedy film. Or check out a collection of casino memes to make light of an otherwise somber situation.

Ok, this might not exactly ‘reverse’ your gambling fortunes, but it’ll hopefully help to take you outside of the situation you find yourself in, and back into the real world.

Try not to let the gambling blues get you down. Just be strict with how much money you deposit, and how much risk you take. Above all, play for enjoyment and know that anything else you achieve is a bonus.


Toby @ Punter2Pro
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