What’s The Best Sport For Betting? Which Has The Most Opportunities?

There are several factors that determine which sport is considered the ‘best’ for betting, and it largely depends on your personal perspective.

This article elaborates on the response I offered to the Trademate Sports ‘Industry Experts’ blog regarding the question: “What’s the best sport to bet on?”


Choosing A Sport For Betting

As a bettor, you’ll likely choose to concentrate on specific sports for various reasons:

  1. Value: If your primary goal is profitability, certain sports may offer more opportunities for success than others.
  2. Sporting interest: If you’re passionate about a particular sport (e.g., regularly watching it on TV, following a specific team or athlete), you may prefer to bet on those events, especially if you believe you have an edge.
  3. Frequency of events: Some sports host more events than others, influencing where you focus your betting activity.
  4. Betting enjoyment: Certain events offer more markets, variety, and additional elements (e.g., long-shot odds) that enhance the excitement of sports betting. Whether consciously or not, this factor may impact your choices.

Ultimately, the question boils down to: What do you hope to achieve through sports betting?


Horse Racing: My Chosen Sport

In theory, prioritising profit, I’d argue that horse racing stands out as the best sport to bet on.

Ironically, I don’t hold a significant interest in horse racing itself. In fact, I’ve only attended a few race days. My passion lies more in football, and I religiously follow it every week during the Premier League season.

However, from a pragmatic perspective, I acknowledge that horse racing offers several advantages over most other sports.

Advantages of Horse Racing:

  • The odds fluctuate dramatically, allowing you to secure prices significantly better than the current market odds (or closing line). Refer to my Guide to Beating the Closing Line (CLV).
  • Many bookmakers offer ‘Best Odds Guaranteed,’ safeguarding against adverse price movements.
  • Events occur frequently throughout the year, providing a constant stream of opportunities.
  • Money turnover is rapid, with typically only a few hours between bet placement and settlement.
  • Arbitrage and value bets commonly arise in horse racing markets.

But it’s important to note that I mentioned ‘theoretically‘ horse racing is the best sport. Let me explain further…


The Reality Of Profitable Sports Betting

The truth is, bookmakers closely monitor horse racing markets (as well as other sports) for the very reasons I’ve outlined. Therefore, while horse racing may offer all the elements desired by professional bettors, it’s often wiser to focus on a mix of less mainstream betting markets.

Lesser-known markets in sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and tennis come to mind. Although the return on investment (ROI) for opportunities in these markets may be lower compared to horse racing, part of professional betting involves identifying when your accounts are most likely to be restricted, and avoiding those scenarios.

You can uncover obscure value bets by utilising a value bet finder, such as Trademate.

Full Review: Best Value Bet Finder

Limitations of Less-Popular Sports

It’s important to consider that opting for extremely obscure markets comes with its own set of challenges.

Such markets often lack liquidity, making it difficult to place large bets. Additionally, betting on highly niche events may draw attention from bookmakers, raising suspicions about your confidence in these unusual selections.

Given these factors, the ‘best’ sport from a professional standpoint is simply the one that allows you to maximize expected value.

Is it risking swift restrictions from bookmakers by placing substantial stakes on high-yield events? Is it prolonging your betting longevity by wagering on less mainstream sports with a lower ROI? Or perhaps there’s another strategy that enables you to fly under the radar of bookmakers for a longer period?

On the other hand, if you manage to consistently profit from the betting exchange, the entire dynamic shifts. Suddenly, account restrictions become a non-issue. However, this scenario introduces a new set of complexities, as sports trading is highly competitive and challenging to succeed in. For further insights, refer to my post on the Top 10 Challenges for Sports Traders.


Final Words

In conclusion, the choice of the “best” sport for betting is subjective and depends on individual objectives.

While horse racing may offer theoretical advantages for profitability, navigating account restrictions and market complexities is essential. However, there’s no definitive solution to avoiding account restrictions because not all bookmakers employ the same methods to identify professionals, and there’s no guarantee that any successful method will remain effective in the future.

Ultimately, success in sports betting requires strategic decision-making, adaptability, and a thorough understanding of the betting landscape. Whether focusing on high-yield events or exploring niche sports, bettors must carefully manage risks.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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Ivan Matev
Ivan Matev
3 years ago

Is there any software to find value bets on us horse races?