European & US Equivalent Bet Types | Naming Conventions

When it comes to sports bet types and markets, some terms differ between Europe and the US. Here are some examples of bet types that are equivalent but with different names in both continents:


1. Match Winner = Moneyline

In this market, you place a bet on the outcome of an event by selecting a winner. In Europe this is known as the “Win” market and is presented as decimal odds (e.g. 2.50), while in the US it is shown as a combination of US odds (e.g. Team A +150, Team B +180, Draw +200) and referred to as the “Moneyline” market. The same name applies to other types of Win market such as “Halftime Result”, which is referred to as “Halftime Moneyline” in the United States.

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2. Outright Winner = Futures

In this market, you place a bet on which team or player will win a tournament or league. For example, a bettor can place an outright winner bet on the team they believe will win a championship before the tournament begins. In the US, this type of market is referred to a “Future”, as the result will not be determined until a significant amount of time, and events, have passed.


3. Handicap = Point Spread

In this market, a theoretical handicap is applied to one of the teams to level the playing field, and you place a bet on the outcome after the handicap is taken into account. In the US, this market is known as the “point spread”, or simply “spread”, and is a highly popular betting format in the region.

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4. Over/Under = Totals

In this market, you place a bet on whether the total number of goals, points, or other relevant statistics in a match will be over or under a certain number. In the US, this is commonly known as a “Totals” market.

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5. Accumulator = Parlay

This type of bet allows bettors to combine multiple selections into a single bet. Each selection must win for the bet to be successful and the potential payout increases with each additional selection added to the accumulator. Acca bets are popular in many European countries, particularly for soccer matches, and are known in the USA as “Parlay” bets.

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6. Tote = Parimutuel

This type of betting system pools together all stakes on a particular event and the payout odds are determined by the total amount of bets on each outcome. This means that the odds for each possible outcome are not fixed in advance, but instead, they fluctuate based on the amount of money wagered on each option. The total amount of money wagered is divided among the winners after a deduction is made for taxes and the cost of running the betting operation. In Europe this is known as Tote betting, and “parimutuel betting” in the USA.

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Final Points

Most bookmakers only allow customers from their own region to play. However, it is still useful to be familiar with both the European and US equivalent sports betting markets for the following reasons:

  • Knowledge of different sports: For example, if you are from the US and take an interest in betting on soccer, understanding the European market can provide valuable insights that can inform your betting decisions. This is especially true if the value is not aligned between European and US sportsbooks.
  • Access to a wider range of information: By understanding both markets, you can interpret a wider range of information about different sports, teams, and events. For instance, you might follow helpful websites/blogs/YouTube from both regions, in order to make more informed betting decisions.
  • Risk diversification: Understanding the nuances of the betting markets within both regions can help in diversifying into new sports in order to spread your risk and reduce your exposure to any one market.
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