Fantasy Betting | What Is Fantasy Sports? Which Bookies Offer It?

Fantasy Betting | What Is Fantasy Sports Betting?

Fantasy betting is a type of online game where participants create virtual sports teams and compete for prize pools

What Is Fantasy Betting?

Fantasy sports betting involves participants forming virtual teams of real athletes and competing based on their actual game performances. They follow specific rules and scoring systems, facing off against other teams over a set period, typically a season or a week.

Various online sports betting platforms host daily or weekly fantasy sports contests, where participants vie for real money prizes by selecting the top-performing team. Players usually pay an entry fee to join, and the prize pool is divided among winners based on their final rankings.

The popularity of fantasy sports betting is on the rise, with platforms offering competitions for popular sports like football (soccer) in the UK, and American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey in the USA. There are also leagues for other sports such as golf and esports.

Although fantasy sports betting is seen as a skill-based activity rather than one of chance, it’s essential to practice responsible gambling. Participants should be aware that platforms profit through a fee called “the rake,” with a portion deducted as profit while the remainder contributes to the prize pool for winners.

Pros & Cons of Fantasy Betting

Fantasy betting offers the thrill of strategic team-building and potential cash prizes, but requires caution due to its addictive nature and the risks of financial loss.


  • Entertainment

    Fantasy betting can be a fun and engaging way to enjoy sports and stay up-to-date on player performances.

  • Strategy

    It requires strategy and skill to draft a winning team and make the right line-up decisions, which can be a mentally stimulating challenge for sports bettors.

  • Community

    Participating in fantasy betting can provide an opportunity to connect with other fans and build a sense of competitiveness and camaraderie.

  • Low Stakes

    Some fantasy betting games allow for low bet sizes, making it a potentially accessible and affordable hobby.


  • Player Injuries

    Injuries to real-life players can negatively impact a fantasy team's performance and can be frustrating for participants.

  • Addiction

    Similar to other types of gambling, fantasy betting can become addictive for some individuals, potentially resulting in financial difficulties and challenges with time management.

  • Time Consuming

    Fantasy betting has the potential to become an obsessive pastime for certain individuals, leading them to prioritise it over other obligations and interests.

  • Frustration

    While drafting and managing a team require skill, fantasy betting still entails a degree of luck, which can be disheartening for players who have dedicated significant time and effort.

Sites With Fantasy Betting

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