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Please note that there are no affiliate links featured in this review. This means that we will not receive a commission if you proceed to open an account at this bookmaker. Unlike many other gambling referral sites, we remain committed to reviewing bookmakers that we do not actively endorse. This approach ensures that bettors have the opportunity to explore all available options, rather than solely focusing on those that might be advantageous for us.


Review Summary


  How were these ratings created?

In this review of Paddy Power, I’ve examined a set of standard criteria to establish an impartial and data-driven rating for the bookmaker. Each of the above criterion is assigned a weight corresponding to its importance, with factors such as Odds and Features carrying more influence than others.

This methodical approach eliminates subjectivity and guarantees that only significant factors influence the overall rating. This results in a fair and objective assessment of the betting site, shedding light on both its strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike many other sites, Punter2Pro adheres to an identical process for all betting site reviews, ensuring that no brand receives an unjust advantage over another — regardless if we are affiliated with them or not.

About Paddy Power

Established in 1988 through the merger of forty shops owned by three Irish bookmakers – Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran – Paddy Power operates under the umbrella of ‘Flutter Entertainment Plc,’ its parent company.

Holding two licenses, Paddy Power distinguishes itself by not only providing online betting services but also maintaining physical shops on high streets.

In line with industry standards for legal and reputable online betting, Paddy Power employs various protective measures. These include SSL data encryption technology to secure transactions, two-factor authentication for account access control, and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) processes to verify and identify customers, preventing identity fraud. The platform also ensures secure payment processing and implements Geo-Fencing to guarantee users are within legal betting areas, adhering to local regulations.

As a regulated entity, Paddy Power incorporates essential ‘safer gambling’ tools like Deposit Limits, Reality Checks, Time-Outs, and Self-Exclusions.

The site also holds an eCOGRA certification, attesting to the safety and fairness of its systems. Additionally, being registered with the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) means there’s the presence of an impartial mediator for dispute resolution between bettors and the platform, underscoring Paddy Power’s commitment to fair gambling practices.

Renowned for its daring and irreverent marketing campaigns, Paddy Power has earned a reputation for its clever and occasionally controversial approach to advertising and has evolved into one of the most prominent names in the betting industry. 

Bookmaker Profile


Flutter Entertainment Plc (parent company)


1988 (as betting shops)


Target Markets

UK, Ireland, Malta, Thailand, Nigeria




Malta, UK


1. Product Range


Paddy Power’s website boasts an impressive array of 8 main products: Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, Virtual Betting, Fantasy, and Spread Betting.

This extensive range of offerings reflects the platform’s commitment to serving a diverse audience and positioning itself as a comprehensive destination for all types of players.


Popular products offered by many betting sites. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Specialist' products.


Specialised "niche" products offered by some betting sites. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Standard' products.

Out of 10

2. Sports & Markets


Paddy Power’s sportsbook section features an extensive lineup of 34 sports, constituting 59% of the sports considered in my bookmaker reviews. This is about the average amount across the major betting sites reviewed on this site. Popular sports are denoted with an asterisk in the list below, and are typically found across most online bookmakers.

The platform caters to a diverse range of interests, covering major sports like football and golf alongside more niche options such as Chess and Gaelic games. 

What sets Paddy Power apart is its inclusion of unique and entertaining specials that go beyond traditional sports. Bettors can engage in betting on events like the US presidential election outcomes, UK re-joining the EU, and even entertainment spectacles like I’m A Celebrity or Oscar winners. Paddy Power continually introduces new and captivating specials, injecting an extra layer of excitement and personality into their platform.

In addition to pre-match betting, the platform offers in-play betting, allowing users to make bets as the action unfolds. Paddy Power hundreds of submarkets for major events, showcasing creativity with offerings such as predicting the foot a striker uses to score a goal.

With competitive odds and a diverse array of options, Paddy Power ensures a dynamic and engaging in-play betting experience for its users.

All Available Sports (A-Z)

  • Shooting
  • Snooker*
  • Softball
  • Specials
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis*
  • Triathalon
  • Trotting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Winter Sports
  • Wrestling

  How are sports & markets graded?

To assess this section, every sport has been classified based on its betting popularity, assigning greater importance to widely sought-after sports like Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis, in contrast to those with a more limited audience appeal.

Furthermore, the inclusion of market depth (betting options) also contributes to the overall score, emphasising the importance of “quality over quantity”.

This approach ensures that not only the sports but also the richness and diversity of betting options within each sport are taken into account in the evaluation process.

Out of 10

3. Odds


In a random selection of 20 instances, Paddy Power’s odds were 3.82% lower than the corresponding Back odds on the betting exchange at that time. The average decimal price for the bookmaker’s odds in the sample was 3.06, while the betting exchange offered 3.18.

This indicates that the odds provided by Paddy Power represent excellent value for a bookmaker. 

Although this sample doesn’t yield a precise measure of Paddy Power’s pricing competitiveness, it does offer insight into the potential variance between their odds and the leading prices on the betting exchange. Consequently, this comparison significantly influences the overall rating of this bookmaker.

Bookmaker vs Exchange Odds

Note: Please be aware that this sample only includes odds from top-flight European football leagues. To ensure uniformity across all bookmaker reviews, odds were capped at 10.0. We are committed to enhancing the depth and precision of this data regularly.

  Why are the exchange odds higher?

The betting exchange provides industry-leading odds generated by the public, traded peer-to-peer rather than against the betting company. These odds are widely considered the most accurate in the market. The betting exchange earns its revenue through a commission, usually applied to winnings.

In contrast, bookmakers operate under a different model, incorporating a margin or “edge” into their odds. Consequently, the prices offered by bookmakers tend to be lower than those found on the betting exchange.

This crucial information is often overlooked by many gambling affiliate sites, but for the sake of transparency, it should be common knowledge. Despite this, bookmakers give many advantages over betting exchanges.

Out of 10

4. Bonuses


Paddy Power’s registration free bet, ‘Bet £5 Get £20’, is simple, transparent, and offers reasonable value. It aligns with other signup promotions offered by similar betting sites.

Paddy Power, renowned for its originality, maintains this trend with its diverse range of free bets. Current promotions include:

  • Place a #WhatOddsPaddy bet and receive a free bet if a 9-darter is hit during that session.
  • Money-back as a free bet if your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (specific races)
  • Free bet builder for Liverpool vs. Man Utd for selected customers.
  • Get paid out early if your team goes 2 up
  • Free bet if 1 leg of your 5+ fold lets you down.
  • Money-back if the player you backed is substituted before the halftime whistle.
  • Daily extra places on selected events.

These promotions are frequently worthwhile for regular bettors, adding value to their experience.

In general, the website displays a decent level of generosity, and its overall score could have been higher if the welcome promotion had been a tad bit larger.

If you haven’t opened an account yet, you can claim the signup promotion through the links a paddy Power.

Is The Signup Bonus Worth It?

Our calculations suggest that the average customer stands to gain around £13.33 in value by taking this promotion, indicating a favourable scenario for the player.

However, it’s essential to note that this value is an estimate, and participating in this promotion still carries the risk of losing the initial qualifying bet.

Therefore, while the promotion offers potential value, it doesn’t guarantee a profit.

  How was this bonus valued?

This bonus was mathematically valued using an “average case” scenario. This makes few important assumptions:

  1. Odds gathered in the previous section are assumed to be representative of the overall value offered by the betting site. 
  2. Qualifying bets are assumed to be placed at the minimum required odds for the promotion (2.0) to reduce risk.
  3. Free bets are assumed to be placed at decimal odds of 3.5, representing “medium risk” outcomes.

The same assumptions apply in all betting site reviews featured on Punter2Pro. This ensures that free bets & promotions can be compared consistently and fairly.

This approach helps to highlight valuable promotions, as well as cases where a typical bettor does not stand to benefit.

Out of 10

5. Payment Options


Paddy Power offers a variety of 10 payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds on the betting site, covering 26% of all recognised methods assessed in my reviews.

Seven of these methods are categorised as ‘core’ payment options, commonly found at any reputable betting site. The remaining three, although less commonly used, still provide alternatives for certain customers.

It’s important to highlight that the inclusion of core payment methods carries more weight in determining the bookmaker’s score in this section.

Popular Methods Supported

Bank Transfer

All Available Methods (A-Z)

Out of 10

6. Withdrawal Speed


Paddy Power’s withdrawal times vary based on the chosen method but are generally processed swiftly, often within a 2 working day timeframe. According to the gathered data, this speed is 15.57% faster than the average across all bookmakers reviewed on this site.

The promptness of withdrawals holds substantial weight in determining the bookmaker’s overall rating, as every sports bettor deserves to receive their funds in a timely manner.

Payment MethodWithdrawal TimeMinimumFee

Bank Transfer
1 - 5 days£10Free

2 - 5 days£5Free

2 - 5 days£5Free

2 - 3 days£0.01Free

4 hours - 1 day£1Free

4 hours - 1 day£1Free

4 hours - 1 day£1Free

1 hours - 1 day£0.01Free

  How is withdrawal speed graded?

The rating for this section is derived from a combination of data, incorporating:

  • The bookmaker’s officially stated withdrawal times, dependent upon the successful completion of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Average withdrawal times as reported by actual customers with real-world experiences.

I aim to gather enough data to provide accurate estimates of the withdrawal times for various payment methods. If insufficient data exists for a particular method, it is not included in the above list, and therefore does not impact the rating.

Out of 10

7. Features


What features does Paddy Power offer to elevate the quality of its service?

Paddy Power boasts an impressive lineup of 8 primary Sports Betting features, surpassing the average bookmaker.

The platform provides an expansive and widely applicable cash-out feature, accessible across a multitude of sporting events, including less mainstream fixtures.

Recognised as one of the industry’s finest, the bet builder enables users to craft personalised bets incorporating various markets. Moreover, the #WhatOddsPaddy Request A Bet feature allows users to create their very own bets through Twitter.

The ‘Same Game Multi’ tool facilitates combining multiple selections from a single football match into a single bet. Essentially, it’s a Bet Builder which offers the flexibility to build a custom accumulator.

Paddy Power also incorporates 4 key Customer Support features, catering to general inquiries, bonus eligibility checks, or self-exclusion and timeout requests. If these features align with your needs, Paddy Power may well be a fitting choice for your betting experience.

Sports Betting

Features that enhance the sports betting experience. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Customer Support' features. 

Customer Support

Features that enable customers to seek assistance quickly and effectively. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Sports Betting' features.

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Support
Out of 10

8. User Interface


Assessing the quality of Paddy Power’s user interface involves a degree of subjectivity, given the different preferences among bettors.

To provide a fair evaluation, I have employed a set of predefined criteria. The resulting grades for both the Mobile and Desktop versions is as follows: Great, exceeds expectations.

It’s worth noting that the mobile version holds slightly more significance in the overall user interface rating, reflecting the growing trend of bettors favouring apps over traditional desktop sites.

Paddy Power has opted for a sleek and uncluttered interface that excels on various fronts.

The predominantly white app provides a visually comfortable experience, complemented by tasteful dashes of green and yellow to accentuate selections on the page. The spacing of elements, in my opinion, is optimal and never feels overcrowded.

However, the drawback of such a clean appearance is that some sections tend to blend together, and a touch more boldness to headings could enhance content division.

It's great to note Paddy Power's efforts in streamlining app's navigation, featuring an excellent search function as well as intuitive bold menus for easy access to popular sports. Additionally, a comprehensive A-Z list of all sports is available.

The live statistics and infographics are visually striking, loading almost instantly, and certain events offer live streaming.

In summary, it stands as a prime example of how to present a sports betting app.

Mobile Ratings

The Paddy Power desktop site embraces simplicity, boasting an exceptionally clean and minimalistic appearance. Its modern aesthetic surpasses that of many competitors, although some may argue it borders on being overly plain.

The predominantly white interface is visually appealing and user-friendly, yet there is room for improvement in terms of shading contrasts to separate various functionalities, such as the sidebar menu and betting sections.

The choice of fonts and text sizing contributes to a professional look that stands among the best in the industry. However, a notable drawback is the full-width page layout, leading to odds being spaced out significantly from their corresponding selections, impacting overall user experience slightly.

On a positive note, Paddy Power impresses with a robust search function capable of recognising variations like "Man Utd," "Manchester United," and "Man United," treating them as equivalent.

Additionally, the platform stands out for its highly active News & Blogs section, providing users with comprehensive previews and timely updates on current sporting events.

Overall, a fine example of a sports betting site.

Desktop Ratings
Out of 10

9. Fund Protection


Another crucial consideration is the matter of fund protection. How secure is your money with Paddy Power?

The platform holds a ‘High’ fund protection rating, as evaluated by the Gambling Commission. This signifies that customer funds are securely held in an official trust account, separate from the company’s operational finances. An impartial trustee or external auditor rigorously oversees and verifies the controls governing this account, representing the utmost level of fund protection.

While the level of fund protection is paramount, assessing the financial performance of the company is also a crucial indicator of the likelihood of insolvency. Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of Paddy Power, stands as a global powerhouse in the sports betting industry, encompassing brands like Fanduel, Sky Betting, PokerStars, Betfair, Tombola, and more. With such robust backing, concerns about the company’s stability are minimal.

Detailed UK accounts for Paddy Power can be found here.

In the most recent financial statements, the company reported an annual profit of £274,800,000 before tax, significantly surpassing the average annual profit of £51,900,000 among the sites reviewed.

It is also noteworthy that Paddy Power stands out by refraining from charging dormant account fees on inactive accounts, setting it apart from numerous other bookmakers that do enforce such fees.

By collectively considering these potential risk factors, a fair and significant score has been assigned to this section.

  How accurate are these profit figures?

I’ve made every effort to research the pre-tax profits of the featured gambling sites in my reviews, but I cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.

Due to the complex setups of gambling companies, which are often divided into different parts around the world, complications arise in determining their true profitability. Moreover, the landscape is constantly evolving with frequent mergers and investments occurring, adding yet another layer of complexity to unravel.

While I strive to offer a helpful insights, it is advisable for you to conduct further research if you have any concerns.

Out of 10

10. reputation


Lastly, I’ve examined Paddy Power’s reputation, placing emphasis on customer satisfaction levels and brand image.

To capture an accurate portrayal of public perception, I’ve gathered insights from various sources, including customer feedback platforms and esteemed gambling communities. This resulted in an average user rating of 8.3 out of 10, indicating that the bookmaker is widely regarded as trustworthy, with a relatively low number of complaints. Essentially, players express high satisfaction with the overall service provided by the bookmaker.

As part of the evaluation, I’ve confirmed that, at the time of writing, Paddy Power has one regulatory action on record with the Gambling Commission, signifying potential breaches of their license. While such actions are not uncommon and may not necessarily raise alarms for customers, it’s essential to acknowledge that the company doesn’t hold a flawless record. The most recent regulatory action occurred within the past year, leading to a slight downgrade in the rating for this section.

  Do any sites have an immaculate reputation?

It’s highly unlikely that any betting site will score maximum points in this section, for a good reason — none of them are perfect.

Even the most prominent and reputable sites in the online gambling business have weathered their fair share of bad publicity, and I won’t shy away from that.

Nevertheless, the landscape of the gambling sector is undergoing positive transformations. Faced with heightened regulatory scrutiny and societal expectations, companies are being forced to improve their standards. Many are rising to the occasion, creating a significant gap between the commendable platforms and those falling way short of the mark.

I hope that the industry continues to push for a more responsible, enjoyable experience for all customers and that, eventually, this section will produce higher ratings in my reviews.

Learn more: Problems In The Gambling Industry

Out of 10


In summary, according to the Punter2Pro bookmaker rating system, Paddy Power achieves an impressive total score of 8.2, solidifying its status as an elite sportsbook with a multitude of robust features that surpasses the majority of its competitors.

My Opinion

Paddy Power emerges as a standout player in the realm of online bookmakers, injecting a refreshing dose of personality into the industry. However, the brand’s unparalleled humour is not merely a smokescreen; it coexists with an extensive array of products, features, and an expansive range of betting markets.

In terms of odds, Paddy Power holds its ground, offering far better value than most competitor sites. However, the brand could further distinguish itself by enhancing the value in its bonuses. 

The mobile app is another good reason to choose Paddy Power, as it surpasses competitors with its speed, user-friendly interface, and visually striking design. 

Lastly, Paddy Power’s stability cannot be overstated. With a enormous parent company and the highest level of fund protection, it’s one of the safest betting companies available, too.

Out of 10



When was Paddy Power established?

Paddy Power was established in 1988 through a merger of the shops of three Irish bookmakers: Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran.

How many sports does Paddy Power offer in its sportsbook?

Paddy Power includes a total of 30+ sports in its sportsbook, covering a wide range of options for bettors.

What sports betting features does Paddy Power offer?

Paddy Power provides eight main sports betting features, including cash-out, bet builder, #WhatOddsPaddy, Same Game Multi, and Request a Bet (RAB).

How does Paddy Power protect customer funds?

Paddy Power holds a ‘High’ fund protection rating by the Gambling Commission, ensuring customer funds are kept in a separate trust account.

Players can rest assured that Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of Paddy Power, is a global giant in the sports betting world with a substantial annual profit, ensuring stability for Paddy Power.

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