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Please note that there are no affiliate links featured in this review. This means that we will not receive a commission if you proceed to open an account at this bookmaker. Unlike many other gambling referral sites, we remain committed to reviewing bookmakers that we do not actively endorse. This approach ensures that bettors have the opportunity to explore all available options, rather than solely focusing on those that might be advantageous for us.


Review Summary


  How were these ratings created?

In this review of Betway, I’ve examined a set of standard criteria to establish an impartial and data-driven rating for the bookmaker. Each of the above criterion is assigned a weight corresponding to its importance, with factors such as Odds and Features carrying more influence than others.

This methodical approach eliminates subjectivity and guarantees that only significant factors influence the overall rating. This results in a fair and objective assessment of the betting site, shedding light on both its strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike many other sites, Punter2Pro adheres to an identical process for all betting site reviews, ensuring that no brand receives an unjust advantage over another — regardless if we are affiliated with them or not.

About Betway

Established in 2006 by the parent company ‘Super Group (SGHC)’, Betway is an exclusively online bookmaker holding two licenses.

Operating without a physical presence, the platform adheres to legal standards and employs various protective measures. These include SSL data encryption for secure transactions, two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access, and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) processes to deter identity fraud.

Secure Payment Processing at Betway ensures the safe handling of financial transactions, while Geo-Fencing verifies users’ location compliance with local regulations.

As a regulated entity, Betway prioritises responsible gambling by incorporating tools like Deposit Limits, Reality Checks, Time-Outs, and Self-Exclusions. The site also holds eCOGRA certification, attesting to the safety and fairness of its systems. Additionally, being IBAS registered provides a neutral mediator for dispute resolution, underscoring Betway’s commitment to fair gambling practices.

Betway has been associated with several football clubs, including being the principal sponsor of English Premier League team West Ham United. This involvement in sports partnerships aligns with the company’s strategy to increase its presence in the sports betting market and engage with sports enthusiasts.

Bookmaker Profile


Super Group (SGHC)




Target Markets

UK, Brazil, Ireland, Peru, Canada


English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Bulgarian


Malta, UK


1. Product Range


Betway’s website boasts a diverse array of 6 main products: Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, and Virtual Betting. This extensive selection reflects the site’s commitment to catering to a wide range of players with a one-stop-shop approach.

The platform has invested in developing a responsive and seamlessly integrated website and mobile application, making it convenient for users to engage various forms of gambling.


Popular products offered by many betting sites. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Specialist' products.


Specialised "niche" products offered by some betting sites. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Standard' products.

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2. Sports & Markets


Betway’s sportsbook section boasts an impressive lineup of 32 sports, covering 55% of all sports considered in my bookmaker reviews—just two shy of the average. Recognisable sports are denoted with an asterisk in the list below.

The bookmaker offers a diverse range of markets, characteristic of a well-established betting site. With global sports coverage, Betway presents a comprehensive selection of pre-match options, particularly for Premier League matches, featuring numerous markets, including Betway Boosts. Enhancing the betting experience, the platform provides form guides for teams and previous starting XI’s

Betway stands out by extending its offerings beyond traditional sports betting to include various special markets. Punters can engage in betting on TV programs like Strictly Come Dancing, or The masked Singer. The platform also covers events such as Eurovision, WWE, and political elections, spanning Europe, the USA and Australia.

In the realm of in-play betting, Betway delivers access to live events with a diverse range of markets, especially in football. Detailed statistics showing all key events as they unfold adds depth to the in-play experience. However, it’s worth noting that live streaming is limited to horse racing, requiring a minimum bet of £2 for access.

All Available Sports (A-Z)

  • Shooting
  • Snooker*
  • Softball
  • Specials
  • Speedway
  • Surfing
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis*
  • Triathalon
  • Trotting
  • Virtual Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Winter Sports
  • Wrestling

  How are sports & markets graded?

To assess this section, every sport has been classified based on its betting popularity, assigning greater importance to widely sought-after sports like Football, Horse Racing, and Tennis, in contrast to those with a more limited audience appeal.

Furthermore, the inclusion of market depth (betting options) also contributes to the overall score, emphasising the importance of “quality over quantity”.

This approach ensures that not only the sports but also the richness and diversity of betting options within each sport are taken into account in the evaluation process.

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3. Odds


In a sample of 20 randomly selected bets, Betway’s odds were found to be 3.87% lower than the corresponding Back odds on the betting exchange at that time. The average decimal price for the bookmaker’s odds in the sample was 2.68, compared to the betting exchange’s 2.79. This indicates that among bookmakers Betway offers excellent value in terms of their odds.

While this specific sample may not provide a precise measure of Betway’s overall pricing competitiveness, it does offer valuable insight into the potential variance of their odds compared to the leading prices on the betting exchange. Consequently, this comparison plays a significant role in determining this bookmaker’s overall rating.

Bookmaker vs Exchange Odds

Note: Please be aware that this sample only includes odds from top-flight European football leagues. To ensure uniformity across all bookmaker reviews, odds were capped at 10.0. We are committed to enhancing the depth and precision of this data regularly.

  Why are the exchange odds higher?

The betting exchange provides industry-leading odds generated by the public, traded peer-to-peer rather than against the betting company. These odds are widely considered the most accurate in the market. The betting exchange earns its revenue through a commission, usually applied to winnings.

In contrast, bookmakers operate under a different model, incorporating a margin or “edge” into their odds. Consequently, the prices offered by bookmakers tend to be lower than those found on the betting exchange.

This crucial information is often overlooked by many gambling affiliate sites, but for the sake of transparency, it should be common knowledge. Despite this, bookmakers give many advantages over betting exchanges.

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4. Bonuses


Betway’s free bet signup promotion (£30 bet Refund) is enticing, but it comes with a condition – it is only awarded in the event of a loss on a qualifying accumulator. While this doesn’t categorise it as a poor promotion by any means, it implies that players can only enjoy the benefit of the free bet after experiencing a loss. As of now, it is 1.9% below the average value of free bets featured on this site.

While Betway’s ongoing promotions or ‘reloads’ are occasionally worth considering, they might not be compelling enough for players to actively seek out. Current promotions include:

  • £10 in free bets for a £25+ bet on trebles or accas
  • Odds boosts on selected outcomes.

Betway could enhance its offerings, aligning more closely with the diverse bonuses provided by some of its competitors. 

Overall, the site provides reasonable value through its bonuses, with some room for improvement. If you haven’t yet opened an account, you can claim the signup promotion through the Betway site.

Is The Signup Bonus Worth It?

Our calculations suggest that an average customer could gain approximately £13.42 in value from this promotion. This indicates a favourable outlook.

However, it’s essential to note that this value is an estimate, and participating in the promotion still carries the risk of losing the initial qualifying bet. Therefore, while the promotion holds potential value, it does not guarantee a profit.

  How was this bonus valued?

This bonus was mathematically valued using an “average case” scenario. This makes few important assumptions:

  1. Odds gathered in the previous section are assumed to be representative of the overall value offered by the betting site. 
  2. Qualifying bets are assumed to be placed at the minimum required odds for the promotion (3.0) to reduce risk.
  3. Free bets are assumed to be placed at decimal odds of 3.5, representing “medium risk” outcomes.

The same assumptions apply in all betting site reviews featured on Punter2Pro. This ensures that free bets & promotions can be compared consistently and fairly.

This approach helps to highlight valuable promotions, as well as cases where a typical bettor does not stand to benefit.

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5. Payment Options


Betway offers a selection of 8 payment methods for transferring funds to and from the betting site, covering 21% of all recognised methods evaluated in my reviews.

Among these, 6 are categorised as ‘core’ payment methods, representing the standard options commonly found at well-established betting sites. The remaining 2 methods are less commonly used, but they are still available for customers who may prefer them.

It’s important to note that the inclusion of ‘core’ payment methods carries more weight in contributing to the bookmaker’s score within this section.

Popular Methods Supported

Bank Transfer
Trustly | Gambling Payment Method | Pros & Cons

All Available Methods (A-Z)

Out of 10

6. Withdrawal Speed


Betway’s withdrawal times vary based on the chosen method but are generally processed swiftly, within 2 working days. According to the gathered data, this speed is approximately 53.32% faster than the average across all bookmakers reviewed on this site.

The rapid withdrawal process significantly contributes to the bookmaker’s overall rating, recognising the importance of timely payouts for every sports bettor.

Payment MethodWithdrawal TimeMinimumFee

1 - 2 days-Free over £5

1 - 2 days-Free over £5

2 hours - 1 day-Free over £5

2 hours - 1 day-Free over £5

  How is withdrawal speed graded?

The rating for this section is derived from a combination of data, incorporating:

  • The bookmaker’s officially stated withdrawal times, dependent upon the successful completion of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Average withdrawal times as reported by actual customers with real-world experiences.

I aim to gather enough data to provide accurate estimates of the withdrawal times for various payment methods. If insufficient data exists for a particular method, it is not included in the above list, and therefore does not impact the rating.

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7. Features


What features does Betway offer to enhance the overall quality of its service?

Betway presents a lineup of 7 primary Sports Betting features, aligning with the industry average.

Providing punters with control over their bets, the platform incorporates Cash Out and Partial Cash Out features.

Betway’s Bet Builder feature allows users to customise bets by selecting from popular football markets such as goals, cards, and corners. Additionally, via the #BetYourWay hashtag, punters can request specific bets, with Betway pricing them accordingly.

When it comes to Customer Support, Betway provides one primary feature: Live Chat. This feature allows users to make general inquiries, check bonus eligibility or terms, and request self-exclusions or time-outs. Introducing a couple more support options could have elevated the rating for this section.

If these features align with your preferences, Betway may be a suitable betting site for your needs.

Sports Betting

Features that enhance the sports betting experience. These count more towards the score for this section than 'Customer Support' features. 

Customer Support

Features that enable customers to seek assistance quickly and effectively. These count less towards the score for this section than 'Sports Betting' features.

  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Support
Out of 10

8. User Interface


Assessing the quality of Betway’s user interface is subjective and depends on varied preferences among bettors. To provide an objective grading, I’ve evaluated it based on specific criteria, resulting in the following:

  • Mobile: Superb, in a class of its own.
  • Desktop: Great, exceeds expectations.

These ratings are detailed in the following section. It’s worth noting that the mobile version holds slightly more weight in the overall user interface rating, reflecting the growing preference among bettors for app-based experiences over traditional desktop sites.

Just like its desktop counterpart, the Betway app exudes quality. It stands tall among industry leaders for its seamless functionality and excellent aesthetics.

The app is not only runs perfectly, but also showcases meticulous attention to detail in its design and operation. Its dark header paired with light grey boxes and vibrant green buttons creates a visually appealing color palette. Navigation is a breeze with a responsive menu that offers a comprehensive list of sports, prominently featuring favorites at the top for easy access to desired events.

The app also boasts an exceptional search function that recognises various nuances and naming conventions, even retaining your search history—an underrated feature that sets it apart from competitors.

While the layout of the Betway app is near perfection, with well-balanced spacing and element sizing, some buttons, particularly those for accessing team statistics, may require precise tapping due to their small size. However, this minor inconvenience doesn't extend to essential functions like placing bets, where the bet slip is displayed in a user-friendly, bold format, complete with a pop-out frame showing potential returns in large text.

One of the app's standout features is its seamless integration with Betway's other products, including the Casino, Live Casino, and Betway Insider—a blog featuring tips and match previews.

Overall, the Betway app leaves little room for criticism, delivering a top-notch betting experience that deserves recognition.

Mobile Ratings

It's hard not to appreciate the Betway desktop website: it's impeccably organised, modern, user-friendly, and incorporates innovative features that set it apart from competitors.

The blend of dark, grey, white, and green, coupled with bold headings and appropriately sized text, creates a visually appealing and engaging experience. The neat layout ensures the site remains easy on the eyes while maintaining vibrancy.

The spacing on the page is among the best in the market, and navigation is seamless thanks to quick links, comprehensive sports categories, and popular sports prominently displayed at the top. Notably, the search tool deserves special mention for its ability to recognise various naming conventions as well as its intuitive display of relevant betting markets within a pop-out layer. This eliminates the need for users to navigate away from their current screen while searching for bets—an underrated yet highly effective feature.

Betway's inclusion of a blog section, 'Betway Insider', further enhances the desktop site's appeal. Featuring betting tips and engaging video content with professional athletes, it adds value to the overall user experience.

In summary, the Betway desktop website is undeniably a standout feature of the platform, enabling a seamless and enjoyable betting experience.

Desktop Ratings
Out of 10

9. Fund Protection


An essential consideration is the fund protection provided by Betway. How secure is your money with them?

Betway holds a ‘High’ fund protection rating, as evaluated by the Gambling Commission. This indicates that customer funds are securely held in an official trust account separate from the company’s operational funds. An impartial trustee or external auditor verifies and oversees the account’s controls, ensuring the highest level of fund protection.

While fund protection is crucial, it’s also prudent to assess the company’s financial performance, a key indicator of its likelihood of insolvency. Super Group Limited, the company behind Betway, demonstrates a robust financial standing with reported strong profits, suggesting a solid foundation.

In its most recent financial report, the company recorded an annual profit of £216,509,000 before tax. Comparatively, the average annual profit across all sites reviewed stands at £51,900,000.

While this figure doesn’t tell the whole story, it provides insight into how Betway operates in a business sense relative to its competitors, influencing the highly positive rating for this section.

Additionally, my research extends to account dormant fees, where I found that Betway imposes a £5 monthly fee after 12 months of inactivity. This aspect slightly downgrades the section’s score, considering that some other bookmakers do not charge any fees.

By amalgamating these risk factors, I have reached a fair and significant score for this section. I’m pleased to say that, overall, Betway provides excellent protection to players’ money.

  How accurate are these profit figures?

I’ve made every effort to research the pre-tax profits of the featured gambling sites in my reviews, but I cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.

Due to the complex setups of gambling companies, which are often divided into different parts around the world, complications arise in determining their true profitability. Moreover, the landscape is constantly evolving with frequent mergers and investments occurring, adding yet another layer of complexity to unravel.

While I strive to offer a helpful insights, it is advisable for you to conduct further research if you have any concerns.

Out of 10

10. reputation


Lastly, I have assessed Betway’s reputation, focusing on customer satisfaction and brand image.

To provide an accurate view of public perception, I have collected feedback from various sources, including customer review platforms and reputable gambling communities. The data resulted in an average user rating of 7.42 out of 10, positioning the bookmaker as generally well-regarded, with occasional complaints—a common occurrence in the sports betting industry.

As an additional scrutiny, I confirmed that, at the time of writing, Betway has one regulatory action recorded with the Gambling Commission, indicating past breaches of their license. While such actions are not unusual and should not necessarily deter customers, it’s important to note that the company’s record is not flawless. The most recent regulatory action did not occur within the last year, and thus, it does not impact the rating for this section.

  Do any sites have an immaculate reputation?

It’s highly unlikely that any betting site will score maximum points in this section, for a good reason — none of them are perfect.

Even the most prominent and reputable sites in the online gambling business have weathered their fair share of bad publicity, and I won’t shy away from that.

Nevertheless, the landscape of the gambling sector is undergoing positive transformations. Faced with heightened regulatory scrutiny and societal expectations, companies are being forced to improve their standards. Many are rising to the occasion, creating a significant gap between the commendable platforms and those falling way short of the mark.

I hope that the industry continues to push for a more responsible, enjoyable experience for all customers and that, eventually, this section will produce higher ratings in my reviews.

Learn more: Problems In The Gambling Industry

Out of 10


The Punter2Pro bookmaker rating system gives Betway a total score of 7.7, positioning it as a sportsbook with a diverse range of strong attributes. It competes with the top-tier sports betting sites on the market.

My Opinion

Betway’s evolution over the years is evident, as it steadily earns the recognition it rightfully deserves.

While it may not match the comprehensive offerings of some industry giants, Betway more than compensates with a diverse array of products, sports, and features that captivate sports bettors.

Notably, its exceptional website and app stand out as prime examples, showcasing superiority over many reputed “larger” sports betting brands.

Betway also deserves praise for its odds, swift withdrawals, and robust fund protection measures, indicative of its commitment to customer satisfaction. With a slight improvement in bonus generosity, Betway is poised to ascend to the upper echelons of my rankings, solidifying its position as a premier betting destination.

Out of 10



What products does Betway offer?

Betway offers six main products including Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Poker, Bingo, and Virtual Betting.

How many sports does Betway cover?

Betway covers 30+ sports with a wide variety of markets, offering comprehensive options for bettors.

How fast are withdrawals processed at Betway?

Withdrawals at Betway are typically processed quickly, usually within two days, which is faster than the industry average.

Is Betway financially secure and reputable?

Yes, Betway maintains a strong financial standing, with a solid reputation and a generally high level of customer satisfaction.

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