5 Must Visit Horse Racing Venues In Ireland | Best Irish Racecourses

Are you searching for exciting horse racing venues in Ireland? Then you’re in the right page! The world of Irish horse racing boasts a rich and extensive history intertwined with the country’s vibrant culture. Each year, the sport attracts thousands of fans who gather to experience the pulse-pounding excitement of equestrian competitions.

In this article we explore the world of Irish horse racing and the top five venues that you shouldn’t miss.


Horse Racing In Ireland

When you think about sports in Ireland, horse racing is undoubtedly one of the first things that comes to mind. The country has a long history of producing incredibly talented racehorses — such as Al Boum Photo, who won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2019 and 2020.

In addition, Ireland is the home of a huge number of skilled jockeys and trainers making a significant impact in the sport. Notable figures like Willie Mullins, the renowned Irish trainer, and Ruby Walsh, arguably the finest jockey ever witnessed globally, are names likely to ring a bell, even for those with just a passing interest in horse racing.

Visiting racecourses in Ireland is a uniquely special experience that combines the rich heritage of the sport with the breathtaking beauty of the country’s landscapes. They are social events where locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate their love for horses, betting, and the thrill of the races. The backdrop of lush green fields and historic tracks (along with unpredictable weather!) adds a distinctive charm to the experience.

If you enjoy watching the races but have yet to experience the ambiance of an Irish racecourse, it’s high time to consider planning a visit. The Irish, known for their warm hospitality, ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience. Keep an eye out for special promotions happening at one of the major racing venues across the country.

So without further ado, here are the top five racecourses in Ireland.


1. Leopardstown Racecourse

Located eight kilometres south of Dublin, this is one of Ireland’s most important racecourses; it hosts both flat and national hunt racing. Notably, the Irish Champion Stakes, the most well-known race of the year, graces its tracks every September.

Leopardstown ensures a seamless visitor experience with its top-notch amenities. Accessible via convenient public transportation, it offers a compelling reason for patrons to venture from the heart of Dublin, especially for those staying in the boutique hotels nestled in the city center.

For bettors, a day out at this course presents an excellent opportunity to explore Leopardstown betting odds and place bets while witnessing the live racing spectacle.


2. Down Royal Racecourse

When venturing to Northern Ireland, a highlight for racing enthusiasts is a visit to Down Royal Racecourse. Renowned for its expansive and galloping track, events held here are often perceived as more straightforward compared to challenging venues elsewhere.

Located in proximity to Lisburn and operating under Irish racing regulations rather than those of the United Kingdom, Down Royal offers a distinctive racing experience. Optimal timing for a visit is in June, the month when the prestigious Ulster Derby takes center stage, marking it as the most celebrated flat race in Northern Ireland.

This unique combination of a scenic track, favorable racing conditions, and a standout event make Down Royal a must-visit destination for both seasoned racegoers and those seeking an introduction to the thrill of horse racing.


3. Curragh Racecourse

Nestled in Kildare County, the Curragh stands as one of Ireland’s most renowned flat racecourses, steeped in equestrian tradition. This iconic venue hosts some of the most prestigious events in the horse racing calendar, such as the Irish Derby, Oaks, 2000 Guineas, and 1000 Guineas, attracting a global audience of racing fans.

With a racing calendar that spans 23 days from March to October, the Curragh offers a thrilling spectacle throughout the racing season. Whether witnessing the exhilarating speed of the Irish Derby or the grace of the Oaks, each race day at the Curragh promises an unforgettable experience.


4. Naas Racecourse

Situated in the picturesque County Kildare, Naas Racecourse stands as a mere 18 miles from the bustling city of Dublin, making it easily accessible for both locals and visitors.

Renowned for hosting a variety of Grade Two National Hunt races, among them the esteemed Slaney Novice Hurdle and the thrilling Johnstown Novice Hurdle, Naas is a focal point for fans of jump racing. It features a distinctive left-handed track that spans one and a half miles, providing an exciting and challenging terrain for both jockeys and horses alike.


5. Punchestown Racecourse

Located in County Kildare, this racecourse stands as another gem in the region. Notably, it takes center stage as the host of the prestigious Punchestown Irish National Hunt Festival, a flagship event and highlight of the racing calendar.

Despite its well-earned reputation as a flat track, this venue boasts significant acclaim for its jump racing events, creating an atmosphere that caters to different types of racing enthusiasts.


The Bottom Line

Enthusiasts of horse racing are in for an unforgettable experience when exploring the intricacies of Ireland’s racecourses.

Even in the absence of marquee races, the irresistible charm of Ireland’s captivating landscapes and historical racecourses provides the perfect year-round setting for a fulfilling day out with friends and loved ones.

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