November 2016: Punter2Pro Update

I’ve been a little bit busy of late — but not too busy to stay active on Quora. That’s the site where I try to answer as many gambling-related questions as possible. Punter2Pro is currently one of Quora’s most-viewed writers in a number of categories, such as ‘Gambling’, ‘Betting’ & ‘Arbitrage’.


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For those of you that are familiar with this site, you’ll already know how it’s set up. But if you’re totally new, and you’re interested in learning more about professional sports betting or trading, then there’s plenty of helpful posts you can read from the following blog categories:

There’s more content to come, too. I currently have a backlog of around 50+ posts that I endeavour to write (eventually). I’ll get there with it, so stay tuned and sign up to the Newsletter in the top right of this page to receive updates.


In order to provide ongoing value to my readers I decided to answer very specific questions about sports betting. These are the types of questions that my blog posts may not cover, or emphasise. For this I use Quora.

I try to remain unbiased in what I write. Hopefully my answers will help steer you well away from the typical mistakes that many sports bettors make. I tweet out the answers to interesting questions on the Punter2Pro account. By the way, we’ve got over 4,700 followers now — so why not join?

Using the most interesting Quora answers, I’ve been compiling a Sports Betting Q&A. The questions are categorised to make it easier to find what you want.

…But if you disagree with any of my answers I won’t be offended! Have your input on Quora, Twitter or in the comments section of the relevant page.


Further Reading:

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