Punter2Pro — Two Whole Years Since Starting The Blog

It’s now two whole years since I launched the Punter2Pro sports blog. It’s flown by.

Here’s a quick summary of the past year’s achievements, challenges, and plans for the future.



1. Increased Traffic/Improved SEO

I receive between 600-700 unique visitors to the website every day. That’s approximately double what it was this time last year.

I’ve spent a lot of time rejigging the website (both visually and content-wise). I re-wrote old content to make the topics more distinct, and relevant. It’s now easier for web crawlers (and people) to locate information from the site.

The improvements seem to have breathed new life to dormant posts, such as: Will Tipsters Make Me Money?, and I expect to see other posts flourish over the coming months.

Older, more established websites tend to excel in SEO because they’re taken more seriously by search engines (Google). Punter2Pro is beginning to benefit from age; so posts I wrote a year ago have started to generate more traffic.

It really goes to show how patient, and persistent, you have to be to run a successful blog.

2. Industry Recognition

It’s pleasing to see that I’m often referenced as an ‘authority’ on certain areas of betting and sports analytics. In particular, I’m credited for my knowledge on value betting, arbitrage, football modelling and attitude to betting. It’s great to know that my content has been well-received by its intended audience.

I think Punter2Pro is at the point where those interested in earning from sports betting will, naturally, stumble upon my website at some point.

3. New Topics & Concepts

I’ve continued to focus my site on football — from both fan and a professional bettor’s perspective (although I don’t bet).

I’m a Spurs season ticket holder, and I watch at least two games over the weekends during the Premier League season. I often spend my spare time digging into football statistics on teams/players. Any significant points of interest will eventually manifest in the form of a new blog post.

I’ve also included more content on sports Tipsters and the “Pro Tipster” industry as a whole. I’m trying to gain more readership from bettors who’ve had negative experiences using Tipsters. I think my site can help give people a fresh perspective on sports betting.

4. Increased Earnings

Since inception, there’s never been a three month period that failed to improve on the previous. Earnings have risen in line with traffic (approximately). I anticipate that by this time next year this site will generate a very healthy secondary income.

Punter2Pro is extremely cheap to run. The main expense is the hosting — which is well worth the investment. I use WPEngine for my sites: for around £300 a year, it’s a bargain. Crucially, it’s made this site faster and easier to scale than it was previously.

Check out How to Start Your Own Blog in Under an Hour .

5. Spin-off Projects

Over the last year, I haven’t only focused on this site.

I spent some of my time freelance writing and consulting for other website owners, putting my SEO skills to good use. I also run several Amazon businesses, and other blogs to support my projects. Not all of them are listed on my portfolio site, though.

My overall aim is to integrate several projects together, so they’re able to feed off one another. For example, I launched my goalkeeping glove brand this year — which I anticipate will appeal to those interested in football analytics, or even Fantasy Football.

I also launched the beta version of SportSesh in time for the 2018 World Cup. It’s a network aimed at connecting like-minded football fans. So there’s method in the football-focused direction I’ve taken Punter2Pro this year.



1. Industry Regulations

I launched this site before the online gambling regulations really tightened up in the UK. Online Bookmakers have faced (deserved) criticisms, and they’re being forced to change their advertising techniques.

It’s all in the interest of the public. But it’s also restricted how I promote this website. For example I had my Mailchimp account and Facebook page both closed because I apparently produce content which promotes “gambling”.

It’s disappointing that I’m handicapped by the stigma attached to online gambling when, ironically, I’m on the very same page as the people censoring my site. I too believe that the public needs to be protected from various risks that come with online gambling (which they’d realise if they cared to read my site).

2. Affiliate Issues

It’s always hit and miss with affiliate programs.

Some are brilliant, like the OddsMonkey one. Others withhold payments, or don’t track nearly enough of my referred customers. Some even stopped running their program without giving any notice to affiliates. What this means is that I ended up promoting paid services for free.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to promote good services without receiving anything in return. But if a company makes agreements with affiliates, and treats them badly, then how can you expect them to treat their customers the right way? (i.e. you).

3. The Gravitational Pull of Tipsters

I’ve said it several times: sports tipsters are too popular. There’s several other, better ways to earn from sports betting — but the majority of the public aren’t interested in them.

It’s an uphill struggle to find new and inventive ways of converting the average sports bettor to another methodology.


Plans For The Future

Here’s what I intend to do with Punter2Pro:

  1. Bolster my recommended tools. I want to provide more money-making products to my readers.
  2. Integration with my other projects. I’ve made a start already, but there’s still a long way to go.
  3. Create an entirely new sports betting product. With traffic at an all-time high, now is the right time to make waves with a new, unique product. I have some ideas.
  4. Start a Youtube Channel or Podcast. If done right (with “evergreen content“), it’ll cut back on time-consuming writing. Additionally, using a new medium will help Punter2Pro reach out to a wider audience. I’ve been receiving some advice from a couple of professional Vloggers, so i know how I’d approach it (see my post What Makes A Good Vlog Or Podcast?)

Thanks for following!


Toby @ Punter2Pro
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5 years ago

Good job! I am following you for quite a time and love your insights! Keep on going! Wish you the best!