Sports Betting Sites That Allow Winners (No Restrictions)

If you’re a winning bettor then Bookmakers will inevitably restrict or close your accounts. You can protest, beg, play dumb — perhaps take to social media to publicise your grievances. However, all of your pursuits for justice will sadly fall upon on deaf ears. You’ll get nowhere.

Bookmakers will not decide to re-open your accounts if they believe it’ll enable you to profit from them again. But you know what they say: as one door closes another one opens…

It’s not the end of the line once your Bookie accounts are limited or “gubbed”. There’s several alternative sports betting websites that allow winners. Take a look at my recommendations below.


1. Betfair Exchange is home to the world’s leading betting exchange. The Betfair Exchange offers more liquidity, markets, and third party applications than any comparable site. Importantly, winning at Betfair is no problem whatsoever.

On the Betfair Exchange you trade industry-leading odds with other people just like yourself. Therefore for every winner, there’s a loser at the other side of the bet. Betfair earns by charging commission on winning bets only. So it doesn’t matter to them who’s won or lost; they’re paid regardless.

Even if you’ve been restricted by the Bookmaker section of the Betfair site, they shouldn’t have any objections to welcoming you to their Exchange.

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2. Matchbook

Matchbook is an alternative betting exchange to Betfair offering decent liquidity, a familiar user interface, a growing range of third party applications and a super low commission rate.

The exchange is growing in popularity. It’s becoming an established destination for professional punters looking to place bets without the usual inevitability of being restricted or shut down.

Matchbook charges commission differently to Betfair and other exchanges. The amount you pay depends on your region. Customers from the UK, ROI, Channel Islands and Isle of Man benefit from a 2% commission on winnings. The Rest of the world are charged 4% — which is still lower than average.

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3. Betdaq

Betdaq is the second largest betting exchange, with around a 7% share of the market.

While Betdaq may never quite catch its “big brother”, Betfair in terms of popularity — it offers a much lower 2% commission rate, decent liquidity, and integration with several popular trading applications. That’s more than enough to warrant opening an account.

As with any betting exchange, Betdaq invites winners — making it an attractive platform for professional punters looking to avoid the more expensive charges applied to their winnings over at Betfair.

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4. Smarkets

Smarkets is another betting exchange every restricted bettor should know about. For what it lacks in third party applications, it more than makes up for in value.

Prices on Smarkets are fair — as any betting exchange should be. But the 2% commission rate is where it really excels. This low, flat rate is highly significant for professional betting, considering odds largely determine long-term profitability.

Admittedly, Smarkets doesn’t suit the high-roller due to its relatively low liquidity. However, I’d recommend the exchange to anyone into Matched BettingArbitrage Betting — even casual betting. High frequency, rather than high stakes, is the way to go with Smarkets.

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5. Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle is a “sharp” Bookmaker with very low profit margins. Their odds are comparable to those offered on the Betfair Exchange (once commission is charged).

Pinnacle‘s business model differs from “soft” bookmakers — the types typically featured on TV/radio adverts. Soft books earn large margins from predominantly retail customers. They respond to winners by banning them as opposed to eradicating the actual problem — the inaccuracies in their odds.

Sharps like Pinnacle work more intelligently. They focus on accuracy, and have utmost confidence in their traders to manage prices rather than players. They earn by maximising the volume of bets — irrespective of whether it’s generated from profitable players. They’re confident enough in their methods to boast a ”Winners Welcome” policy.

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6. Vodds

Vodds is a reputable Bet Broker that specialises in providing access to Asian handicap markets. It offers aggregated real-time odds and high limits from a long list of difficult to reach Asian bookies including Pinnacle Sports, SBOBET, and MaxBet.

Customers benefit from accessing multiple sportsbooks from a single account — without any hidden charges or minimum deposit amounts. The best current odds are always shown, and all bets are placed with the respective bookmakers without the need to ever log into individual accounts.

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7. SportMarket

SportMarket is a another well-established Bet Broker service affiliated with some of the most respected Bookmakers in the business. They only work with partners who do not discriminate against winning players.

Betting with SportMarket through the ‘SportMarket Pro‘ service means you benefit from pooling together Bookmakers into one simplified account whereby you can split stakes across several several of them. It only takes one click of a button.

SportMarket also offers users the ability to set conditions (e.g. target odds) to place large stakes when/if they become available in the future. This simple feature is rarely adopted by standard Bookmakers.

Like many other Bet Brokers, SportMarket primarily earns from transaction charges. This means that win or lose it makes no real impact to their bottom line. They earn from turnover.

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8. BookieLink

BookieLink is a sports Bet Broker offering several sports brokerage products.

The BookieLink site includes a fixed-odds sportsbook for a range of competitive odds, a professional tool for high-stakes bettors (with fast access to Asian betting companies), and a betting exchange under the ‘BookieLink Pro‘ section. There’s also a Skype betting service, too.

With 0% charges on deposits, very few restrictions, and a strong ‘Pro’ section that’s powered by industry-leading MollyBet technology, BookieLink is the perfect destination for high limit winners to seek the best odds without having their accounts closed down.

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9. BetInAsia

BetInAsia is a Bet Brokerage Service that places bets on behalf of high-end punters. Bet limitations and other Bookmaker restrictions (including geographic ones) are not an issue for clients of BetInAsia. Winners are, of course, welcome.

Most notably BetInAsia provides access to the Orbit Exchange (powered by Betfair) and the renowned MollyBet platform. Through BetInAsia & MollyBet, users can view real time odds, and place aggregated orders at the highest liquidity, in milliseconds.

BetInAsia are primarily focused on providing professional bettors with improved access to Asian Handicap betting markets. They don’t charge for their service. Rather they’re paid commissions for the turnover generated at their affiliated Bookmakers.

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10. Premium Tradings

Premium Tradings is a Brokerage aimed at betting syndicates and high-roller private punters.

Clients of Premium Tradings are able to open high limit accounts, enjoy the best odds available on the market, and greatly exceed their typical betting limits. It’s a popular site for bettors who have have been restricted for winning at standard “soft” Bookmakers.

Premium Tradings provides easy access to a long list of leading Asian Bookmakers. Whenever a client wants to bet, they handle the order quickly and efficiently thorough their website, or via Skype — specialising in access to the highly popular Asian Handicap football markets.

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Looking For More Sports Betting Sites That Allow Winners?

For the moment there’s not many other options that stand out. And the ones which do can be accessed via the Bet Brokers I’ve listed.

Be aware that during your pursuit for more “winners welcome” sports betting sites you’ll inevitably find some sites claiming several (affiliated) soft books do not restrict stakes/ban winners. Not everything you read online is true. I’ve seen a lot of incorrect information.

I’ll continue to add more sports betting sites that allow winners (and don’t limit them), once I find them. Or they find me.


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2 years ago

I’ve been looking at the betting site ‘Autobetting’. Whats your take on this site? Are they fully legit and safe? Any advice would be much appreciated.