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Pinnacle Sports Review

I don’t usually promote Bookmakers, as there’s more value on the betting exchanges. To be honest, even if I wanted to promote Bookmakers they wouldn’t let me anyway — because they want to deter professional gamblers.

But Pinnacle Sports have a unique approach to Bookmaking, and actually invite winners. So I had to make an exception a write a review on them…

Disclaimer: Pinnacle have discontinued services to the UK. They’re expected to be back soon.


Pinnacle Sports — Inviting Winners

It’s no secret that Bookmakers don’t like winning gamblers. They close value betting opportunities as soon as possible, and they’re constantly on the witch-hunt for customers taking advantage of value within their lines (e.g. Arbitrage bettors). Unfortunately providing value isn’t in keeping with the Bookmakers’ business model.

Customers caught taking advantage of value at the Bookies will inevitably have their stake limits capped, privileges removed (such as Best Odds Guaranteed) — and even their accounts permanently closed. Professional gamblers therefore seek new ways to prevent their Bookmaker accounts from being restricted or closed.

This is where Pinnacle Sports breaks the mould: they actually invite winners. They hold a “Winners Welcome” policy. They don’t discriminate or close accounts of successful players.

Now you’re confused. So let me explain with a Q&A…

Precisely Why Would Pinnacle Sports Invite Winners? How can they Earn Profit from Professionals?

Pinnacle’s business model is focused solely on maximising volume irrespective of whether this is generated from profitable players. They don’t take position themselves, and in fact ‘sharp’ players help tighten the odds. Essentially Pinnacle has the confidence in their traders to focus on managing odds, not players.

If every Bookmaker held a”Winners Welcome” policy like Pinnacle Sports then there would be a lot less player disputes. Frustratingly, most other Bookmakers are reactive, and respond to winners by banning them as opposed to pro-actively eradicating the actual problem — the inaccuracies in their odds.

But if Pinnacle Sports Trusts their Traders, then Where’s the Value for Us?

That’s a good question. Think of it this way: if you’re extremely confident in something (anything!), then would you be prepared to take a little bit more risk, or would you play it safe?

Pinnacle are sure of their odds. They’re confident in their ability to manage price movements. So unlike most Bookmakers that “play it safe”, Pinnacle are able to beat their competitors by offering superior value. This means that their margins are much lower at around 2%, whilst the industry average is approximately 5%. This of course means that if you’re going to use a Bookmaker, then Pinnacle is a very wise choice.

To learn more on how Bookmakers earn, read this.

Ok, Well How do Their Odds Compare to the Betting Exchange?

In many cases Pinnacle offers better value odds than betting exchanges.

To fully appreciate this, you’d need to factor in the commission percentage you’re being charged. In the case of new Betfair accounts this is 5% on winnings. With Pinnacle’s odds, what you see is what you get.

For example, if you bet £100 on 1.84 at Pinnacle and 1.86 at Betfair then you have the following calculations for winning bets:

Pinnacle (no commission) :
(1.84 x £100) - £100 = +£84

Betfair (with 5% commission):
((1.86 x £100) - £100) - 5% = +£81.7

Therefore in this case the better value is at Pinnacle despite the odds being higher at Betfair. This can however be improved by using an exchange with lower commission rates, e.g. Smarkets, or Matchbook. You’d have to compare individual cases.

The point is, Pinnacle competes with the best. Traditional bookmakers do not.


If I Consistently Manage to Find Better Odds on the Betting Exchange, then What Makes Pinnacle Sports So Special?

It’s their limits. You might be able to find good odds and a low commission rate on Matchbook, but you can’t guarantee you’ll get high stakes away.

Exchanges’ liquidity is simply a reflection of the number of Layers, i.e. people who want to offer odds to Backers. These diminish in proportion to market popularity which means that you might not be able to bet as much as you want. The liquidity also has a knock-on effect to market efficiency — ultimately, it can result in worse odds.

In order to maximise player volume, and maintain a healthy business, Pinnacle offers the highest bet limits online. Crucially players can bet at the maximum limit, wait just a few seconds, then re-bet for the same amount, to build almost unlimited positions! The limits are the same for everyone — they do not discriminate.

With guaranteed market liquidity, Pinnacle offers something unique.

Good Odds, High Limits… What About Arbing?

Pinnacle is Sports also unique in that they welcome Arbitrage bettors. They genuinely do treat all players the same — so Arbers get the best odds and highest limits, just like everyone else.

Whilst other Bookmakers take a negative view of Arbitrage , the confidence Pinnacle maintains in their trading staff is one of the reasons they we do not fear it. As long as bettors abide by their general rules, they accept the bets and don’t discriminate.

What I might add here is that Arbitrage bets are essentially price discrepancies. Pinnacle prides themselves in being skilled at managing their odds. Therefore the opportunity to profit from arbs mainly come from ‘soft’ Bookmakers that don’t follow Pinnacle’sleans.

Essentially, Pinnacle isn’t easy to beat.

Pinnacle Even Educates Sports Bettors…

Another thing I love about Pinnacle Sports is that they don’t just provide content to entice customers to place bets. They’re genuinely eager to share valuable information about sports betting.

The selection of articles on their site are excellent. I’ve even referenced some of their content on this blog, and advised readers of Puter2Pro to use it. For example, they explain how to model your own sports odds using the Poission Distribution. The level of detail they provide is great for aspiring professional bettors.

Pinnacle aren’t scared of teaching others how to gamble better (and responsibly), because they know they’ll earn a small profit in the long run. And if you’re someone who can beat them — then they’ll simply applaud it. It’s a fair and truly transparent place to bet.

Pinnacle Sports has an excellent reputation within the sports betting community. The sportsbook has a flawless withdrawal and payout record.


So What’s the Downsides to Betting at Pinnacle Sports?

Pinnacle is an excellent choice for those looking for value. However, it’s vital to realise that their odds, even with the benefits of reduced margins, are still extremely sharp. With their massive betting limits, Pinnacle simply can’t afford to make many mistakes. So they’re betting markets are efficient, and not easy to earn a profit from.

Other minor negatives about the Pinnacle Sportsbook are:

  • They don’t offer a bonus.
  • There’s less niche markets than other Sportsbooks (they focus on the popular ones).

All in all, there’s not many drawbacks to betting at Pinnacle!

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues
6 years ago

Pinnacle is the pinnacle of books.However you forgot to mentioned something,if you are not the sharp the efficiency of Pinnacle odd will crush any recreational player in the long haul.At least they will flaw slower due to the lower vig.

Reply to  Miguel Rodrigues
6 years ago

Yes, i did mention at the end of the post that it is very difficult to profit from such a sharp Bookmaker. But what I realise is that not every gambler will opt for Betfair. Some of the smartest people I know still use Bookmakers. So to recommend the best Bookmaker – Pinnacle – is at least a step in the right direction! 🙂