7 Sports Stars Who Love Casinos | Athletes That Play Casino Games

Athletes are natural-born thrill seekers. They get their adrenaline rush on the field or court, but many also seek that thrill and excitement outside of the world of sports. Furthermore, athletes love the idea of strategy, competition and of course, winning… so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that many sport stars love trying their luck on the casino floor. Unlike us regular folk, they’re not short on cash reserves to wager on casino games.

In fact, there are many pro athletes who seek to get the full casino experience through online casinos such as SkyCity online casino. Online casinos provide the privacy many of them crave to enjoy the thrill of casino games without the prying eyes of the public. They can also enjoy the adrenaline rush of a game of poker or slots even while they’re on the road because they can access their favourite online casinos anytime, anywhere.

So, who are the sports stars you’re most likely to run into at a casino or unknowingly go up against online?


1. Floyd Mayweather Junior

Floyd Mayweather Junior is one of the most successful boxers of all time and we can confidently state that there’s no way this sports star can be considered risk averse. Having racked up some impressive earnings during his illustrious career, Mayweather is not opposed to flaunting his wealth, especially in the casino. He has been spotted playing poker, blackjack and placing bets on boxing matches and other sports.


2. Tiger Woods

He may be a golfing legend, but that hasn’t stopped Tiger Woods from visiting casinos when he has time off. Woods is notoriously cagey about his personal life, so he has never openly divulged his go-to casino games. However, eagle-eyed fans have spotted the golfer playing poker and blackjack, which mirror his naturally competitive tendencies.


3. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney spent several years as the captain of the English football team, but he also found time to let off some steam when he had down time. Rooney has frequently been spotted at casinos and his interest in gambling has even been the subject of celebrity gossip headlines over the years. If you hoped to bump into the football legend while at a casino, you’ll likely find him at the poker tables. In fact, he’s such a big poker fan he’s even participated in several charity poker events.


4. Michael Jordan

Most people know him as one of the most prolific basketball players in history but a lesser-known fact about Michael Jordan is that he’s an avid gambler. He’s popped up at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas regularly and appears to prefer the thrill of high-stakes games. There were whispers his first retirement in the early 90s was due to frivolously spending too much of his fortune on gambling, but this has never been confirmed by Jordan’s team. Nonetheless, he appears to have subsequently reined in any irresponsible habits.


5. Cristiano Ronaldo

As the highest paid footballer of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is used to living the good life and spending on one of his favourite pastimes — gambling. He has spent time at some of the most luxurious casinos around the globe, particularly enjoying poker and roulette.


6. Rafael Nadal

Tennis legend, Rafael Nadal, is known for having a fiercely competitive spirit both on and off the court. It’s that temperament that earned him multiple victories against the equally remarkable Rodger Federer. He has appeared at many high-profile casinos around the world but has probably spent the most time at the glitzy Monte Carlo. He is particularly fond of poker and in addition to hosting events alongside poker pros, he was once sponsored by an online poker website.


7. Shane Warne

As one of Australia’s hottest exports, former professional cricketer Shane Warne is known for more than just his bowling abilities. He’s also a regular face at celebrity charity events held at casinos around the world. As an avid poker player, Warne has made appearances at big-name events such as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and has been a brand ambassador for online poker sites.


The Takeaway

Despite the thrill many sports stars may derive from their sport, many continue to seek thrills outside the sporting world. This is especially evident after retirement; however, many former sports stars have a love for gambling that began when they were still active in their careers. Their inclination towards competition and the adrenaline rush of a win is likely the driving force behind the pull towards casino games and betting.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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