SportSesh — The Sports Pub/Bar Finder & Fan Network

No doubt many of you have been avidly watching World Cup 2018. So now is the perfect time to unveil a concept I’ve been working on for the past two months.

It’s called SportSesh — a fan network aimed at making televised sport more sociable.

SportSesh -- The Sports Pub/Bar Finder & Fan Network (Find Bars, Pubs, Venues Showing Televised Sport)


Where’s The Nearest Bar Showing The Game?

I’m sure, right now more than ever, you’re fully aware of a problem:

  • finding a suitable nearby bar that’s showing the game you want to watch.

But followers of club teams already know that this (very serious) problem isn’t unique to World Cup football. It applies to all sports and leagues.

It’s actually pretty difficult to find a suitable bar, with the right game, a sporting atmosphere, enough TV’s (with the sound on), and well priced drinks. But it shouldn’t be.

I’ve Experienced the Problem First Hand

Around 18 months ago I visited Lincoln City for a weekend away. This particular weekend just so happened to clash with the Man United v Spurs fixture. Poor planning on my part.

I didn’t have access to Sky Go to watch the game, so naturally I sought a public venue. The hotel staff were kind enough to phone the local pubs to check if they were showing the game. Unfortunately, nothing nearby had it on.

So I Googled bars in the centre of town and identified a couple of potential options. I took a chance on one which had 10 screens. It seemed hopeful — and sure enough, it was showing the game I wanted.

But there was a catch:

  • 9/10 of the screens were showing Rugby, not football. 

The one screen showing football was tucked away behind the bar, with the sound switched off.

So I watched what I considered to be one of the biggest games in the football calendar, on what was possibly the smallest screen in Lincoln City. I was clearly in the wrong venue.

The bar itself was great. But the experience as a football fan was a bit awkward, alienating, pointless — not worth the effort of going into town. And to add insult to injury — Spurs lost that game.

If i were a Rugby fan, however, it would have worked out great.

SportSesh — The Solution To The Problem

I was approached a few months back with an invitation to collaborate on a project that could change how UK sports fans watch televised games — by making it more sociable.

The idea was to work together, to develop an app which would pin-point fully-researched, local venues showing televised games, wherever you are. Better yet, it would also unite fan groups of the same clubs, for every televised fixture.

I reflected once more on that wasted afternoon in Lincoln. Then got to work on creating a solution to the problem. That solution is now


What’s So Great About SportSesh?

The Unique Concept

SportSesh does something which other apps don’t do. It unites fans of the same team.

We endeavour to list every fixture, across all major sports, at locations spread across the largest cities of the UK. Our aim is to provide a central point for common fans to meet up on every televised game.

All you need to do is visit the Fan Zone section of the SportSesh site to find your fixture by team, and/or postcode. Alternatively, just Browse by Location.

Nationwide Coverage

SportSesh currently covers central locations in several major UK cities.

So even if you’re in a new or unfamiliar location, we’ll tell you the local pub you can go to — with the right vibe and the right fans. No more awkwardly walking into a dodgy boozer. Or in my case, one showing the wrong sport.

Comprehensive Pub/Bar Database

Use SportSesh to find several bars in your area. Just visit the Bars page and filter by sports channel and city.

We’re currently building one of the UK’s most comprehensive lists of televised sports bars. So even if you don’t care much for our social aspect, we’ll have you covered.

Chat Sport Online & Offline

We’re primarily about connecting sports fans in person. So you’re welcome to attend televised games at local venues allocated to your team.

But we realise that socialising doesn’t have to start, or stop, at the pub. So we offer all the functionality of a social network — including a newsfeed, instant messaging, the ability to write wallposts and comments, as well as ‘like’ other content.

You can also use our Fan Finder to search for fellow fans — no matter how obscure the team/location combination. Southampton fan based in Newcastle? No problem!


What’s In Store For SportSesh?

  • In the near future we’ll be looking to establish partnerships with public venues, where we can offer our members exclusive drinks deals and promotions.
  • We envisage that bars will use SportSesh to connect with fans, to keep them up-to-date with exactly what they’re offering, and what events they have going on.
  • Our site is poised to become the UK’s most comprehensive pub finder by the close of the 2018/19 Premier League football season, as well as an active forum for fans all over the country.
  • We’re aiming to roll out an exciting new feature over the coming months. Think couch surfing for televised sport… But I’ll say no more on that until we have the first version ready.

The World Cup has once again reminded us of just how sociable it can be to watch the games with a like-minded crowd who, at the very least, share an interest in the same sport.

Keep the party going. Sign up to SportSesh today and join the action. It’s free!


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