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Professional Betting

How many people are court-siding at the average sporting event in order to gain an edge in betting markets?

Do you consistently win at sports betting? Which sports and what is your edge?

What is the best betting exchange?

What is considered a good ROI in sports betting?

What are the best mathematical principles to apply in soccer betting?

Are there any sports betting algorithms that have been sold?

What is the easiest way to automate my sport betting strategy?

Should I sometimes bet on the underdog in sports?

What is a mathematical method for a successful football bet?

Is placing bets based off probabilities the same as gambling?

If one finds odds that have value but the probability is 40% should the person bet?

Is there any way you can make money on gambling?

Can I make money betting on virtual football?

How do I apply probability statistics to win a football sports bet?

Can I make 500,000 a year betting on horses?

Can MATLAB be used to determine models for sports betting probabilities?

What is the best statistic to determine a first-half goal in a football match?

Is there a way to consistently win at sports betting?

Which sports present the best betting opportunities?

Why can’t most sport traders make a living from sport trading, especially soccer traders?

Has there been any improvement in predicting the outcome of sporting events over the last fifty years?

What are some of the most important and most misleading statistics in soccer match prediction?

Does anybody make a living by sports betting?

Can I use the Poisson distribution for sports – betting? (e.g for football) to calculate the probability for some occurrences?

Are there any sites for football (soccer) bettors statistics?

How do I get the edge over the bookie?

How can you make a living from sport betting?

How is gambler’s choice associated to horses? What are the reasons for this?


Matched Betting & Arbing

Is it possible to earn 6% daily with sports arbitrage?

How much can I make from matched betting?

How can I get sure betting odds?

Can someone teach me matched betting?

How does matched betting work and how can you make a profit using this betting system?

Is there a way to take advantage of a situation where different bookies are giving different odds for the same event?

What is the best arbitrage software?

What are the best ways to avoid getting your accounts limited or banned in betting sites for arbitrage sports betting (sure betting)?

Is arbitrage legal?

What math skills should I improve to be better at sports betting and arbitrage?

How will I get a sure bet?

If a bookmaker blocks my account because of arbing, will I lose the money that was in the account?


Bookmakers & Odds

How do you identify which bookies offer the best odds in your favor?

How different, in terms of percentage, are the odds from Betfair compared to odds from the average bookmaker?

Are betting markets efficient?

How mispriced are betting odds?

How does one become a bookie?

If I have 91% win rate on bet, what is the percentage of me losing 5 times in a row?

Why do some bookmakers pay out early for bets that haven’t been decided yet?

What betting sites offer the best odds?

Why my debit card is always refused at bet365?

How do bookmakers ensure that they don’t lose money?

Do bookmakers ever actually lose or does the ‘book’ always keep them up/even?

What is the difference between mathematical odds and gambling odds?

How often do sports books speculate?

How do bookies determine the payoff odds for a bet?

Why do people not bet on all possible outcomes?

Has there been any improvement in predicting the outcome of sporting events over the last fifty years?


Horse Racing

Is there a horse racing betting system that works?

How much Money can I make a week betting on horses if I study and educate myself on horses?

What are the most predictable horse races?

What are the most popular sports people bet on, and why were these chosen in particular?

Are horses getting faster in races like humans are in track?

Does horse racing software indicate who wins the race?



What is the most common technique for online football betting that the most popular tipsters recommend?

Are sport betting tips a good way to upgrade your betting skills?

What is the best free betting tips site?

What is a good strategy on betting on tips and following betting tipsters?

Are betting tipsters for real? Are they to be relied on?


Addiction & Problem Gambling

Last year I won 100k by betting. Now I lost half of it. How can I stop gambling?

What is the point of fixed odds betting terminals to the players?

How do I control greed in gambling?

How do you get through a gambling addiction?

Is there something about the brain chemistry or the neuroanatomical structure of gambling addicts that makes them more susceptible to addiction?

Is a gambler always a gambler?

How do I overcome a bad day at online betting?



How do online casinos earn profit?

Is it possible to rig online casino games?

How do I maximise my winning chances on slot machines at casino?

Is it possible to program a slot/fruit machine so that it will never give any winning combination?

Is there secret ways to generate money from casinos?

Where can I play on-line casino for free?

Where can I find a good guide about online casinos?



Is England’s football team in the same league as those of fellow European countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France, or is it overrated?

What are the most accurate football predictions ever made?

How would you find sports betting experts?

Is sports betting more profitable than poker?

What should everyone know about gambling?

Could someone tell if non-UK nationals can bet in the UK?

Are there bookies that allow betting on Game of Thrones, such as who will die next or who will end up un the Iron Throne at the end?

What are some sports betting tips for a complete beginner?

I want to write sports blogs and earn money, Is it possible?

How does sports betting work and what do I need to know as a newbie?