What Is A Voided Bet? Why Are Bets Cancelled?

When a bet is voided, the stake is returned to the customer, and the bet is effectively cancelled. This means that the customer neither wins nor loses the bet, and no profit or loss is made.

Voided bets are a rare occurrence, but they can happen, and it’s important for bettors to understand the process involved.


Why Are Bets Voided?

There are several reasons why a bet might be voided by a bookmaker, including:

  • Event cancellation: If an event is cancelled or postponed, all bets placed on that event will be voided.
  • Incorrect odds: If a bookmaker makes a mistake and offers incorrect odds on an event, they may void any bets placed on that event.
  • Rule breaches: If a bet is placed in breach of a bookmaker’s rules or terms and conditions, the bet may be voided.
  • Non-runners: In horse racing, if a horse is declared a non-runner before the start of the race, any bets placed on that horse will be voided.
  • Technical issues: If there are technical issues with the bookmaker’s website or platform that affect the outcome of a bet, the bet may be voided.

In most cases, voided bets are cancelled before the start of an event. However, there are some situations where bets may be voided during or after an event. For example, if a horse is disqualified after a race has finished.


What Happens When A Bet Is Voided?

When a bet is voided, the stake is returned to the customer’s account. This means that the bettor’s money is not lost, but they also do not receive any winnings. It’s important to note that if one leg of an accumulator (or parlay) bet is voided, the entire bet may be voided, although some bookmakers will still pay out on the remaining legs of the bet.

Bookmakers keep records of all voided bets, which can be used in disputes or investigations.

If you have any questions or concerns about voided bets, you should contact the bookmaker’s customer support team for clarification.



The decision to void a bet can be a contentious issue, particularly if the rationale behind it is unclear or unjust. Customers may feel aggrieved when their bet is voided, especially if they believe that the bookmaker’s decision is based on incorrect information or unfair criteria.

One of the most common disputes concerning voided bets occurs when a bookmaker declares that they offered incorrect odds for an event, resulting in a palpable error (also known as a “palp”). Typically, the bookmaker will act in accordance with their terms and conditions. However, if a customer feels that their bet was unfairly voided, they can appeal the decision with the bookmaker or regulatory body. Nevertheless, the appeals process can be lengthy, and there is no assurance that the decision will be overturned.

To prevent any confusion surrounding voided bets, it is essential to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of the bookmaker before placing a bet.

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