Who Are The Best Football Vloggers? — YouTube Channels

Looking to find the best football Vloggers for your club? Wondering what football YouTube channels you should follow this season?

Here’s my favourite YouTubers for the major clubs in the English Premier League, Championship, and Scottish Premier League.

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English Premier League YouTube Channels

Club Vlogger Channel Following Comments
Arsenal Arsenal Fan TV 816,241
Mr DT 178,912
hughwizzy 103,708
TroopzTV 79,295
Gunnerbang 11,123
The Same Old Arsenal 4,273
Bournemouth OLPM 10,623
Red and Black TV – AFC Bournemouth Fan Channel 398 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
The AFCB Fans Channel 178
Brighton ItsFusionHD 8,595
Sport 7 FC 253
BrightonFan TV 154
Brighton TV 1901 144
Burnley Vizeh 133,100 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
Sean Dignan 46
Cardiff TheGrangeEnd – Cardiff City Fan Channel 534
Chelsea ChelseaFansChannel 89,838
100PercentChelsea 66,403
CFC FANTV 60,528
Blue Lions TV – A Chelsea Channel 38,054
Jayzinq 17,216
Crystal Palace FYP TV 1,249
Mark Williams Vlogs 1,041
E-Crystal Palace TV 1,028
Crystal Palace Fan TV 382
Talk Crystal Palace 499
Everton AJ3 1,391,865
Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel 26,204
Network MichaelD 2,473
JamE James 577 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
Fulham Fulham1879 FanTV 2,074
Luca’s Channel 660
Fulhamish 582
Rilerrrs 432
Huddlesfield TerriersTV 1,952
MR TG 518 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
Brad Playz Games 302 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
Leicester City 100% LCFC 3,403
TheTrueFox 1,595
FoxesFansTV – Leicester City Fan Channel 1,583
Liverpool The Redmen TV 285,767
Maych TV 50,568
The Anfield Wrap 23,771
Liverpool Football Talk 11,594
Anfield Agenda 2,655
Man United FullTimeDEVILS 452,616
The United Stand 253,347
Stephen Howson – Manchester United Fan 57,213
Adam McKola 53,242
UnitedPeoplesTV 38,984
Man City BlueMoonRising 45,936
Esteemed Kompany 20,844
Ian Cheeseman – Forever Blue 12,289
Man City Fan TV 1,937
Newcastle True Geordie 1,245,447
TheMasterBucks 528,578
Newcastle Fans TV 14,543
The Magpie Channel 3,403 Infrequent Newcatle related content.
100% NUFC 1,389 Fifa channel — does occasional Vlogs.
Southampton The Ugly Inside 5,973
Ryan Davies 726
Tottenham ExpressionsOozing 20,796 My personal favourite. The guy is hilarious.
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin 11,808
WeAreTottenhamTV 10,800
George Achillea 9,125
Anna {XY} 8,134 Good round-ups for Spurs games, transfers, gossip etc. Includes Spurs ladies.
benspurs21 4,628
Watford WD18: Watford Fan Channel 2,628
Paul Muzzy 1,312
West Ham West Ham Fan TV 37,493
Hammers Chat 8,466
FaTaL LG 2,642
Hammer and Talk ? Subscriber count hidden. Approx 1-3k based on views.
Wolves EABskills 10,653
DaveAzzopardi 8,034
The Old Gold and Black 3,012
Finerrz 1,915
Dazzling Dave 1,843
Wolves Fan TV 1,781
Talking Wolves 1,741


EFL championship Youtube Channels

Club Vlogger Channel Following Comments
Aston Villa The Villa View 11,591
AVFC Vlogger 1,072
The Religion – Aston Villa FC 351
Birmingham DavoBirmingham2 14,336
Brummie Joe 4,339
BluenoseGeo 641
Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Roverseas 3,425
Briggsyboy 2,281
Derby County DCFCFan TV 1,324
Szymon Gasiorowski 1,058
Hull Just Will 1,566
Mark Bradley 465
Ipswich Ipswich Town Talk 2,871
Alex Griffin 1,956
Joe Brett 1,311
CyberGamer 10 416
Leeds LUFC VLOGGER 4,120
FreddyLUFC 2,280
LS11 ? Subscriber count hidden. Approx 1-3k based on views.
Middlesbrough Boro Fan TV 6,314
A.J.T. 1,333
Millwall Lions Tv 7,049
EluzionGaming 230
Norwich TalkNorwichCity 13,570
Norwich City Central 1,033
Nottingham Forest Forever Forest TV 2,890
Matchday With Max 2,890
Talk Forest TV 214
Portsmouth Fournilwrittenalloverit 3,833
Sheffield United Shoreham View 3,920
TravellingBlade 279
Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield Wednesday FC 3,257
Brad Garside 1,736
Stoke City Tezla 21,460
The Bear Pit TV: Stoke City Fan Channel 4,959
HVTD20 155
Sunderland Themadmistake 3,043
Mackem FC 1,351
The Bozzman 291
Swansea City BigPeteOfficial 796
West Brom WEST BROM FAN TV 1,313
TalkWBA 984


Scottish Premier League Youtube Channels

Club Vlogger Channel Following Comments
Aberdeen QMJ 158
Celtic Ryan118 12,252
Celtic Fans TV 4,961
Rangers cjnovo992 18,870
SharpDiv 7,629
Rangers Fans Channel 6,195
Heart and Hand Podcast 4,844
iMitchHD 381

Should your Vlog be included on my list? Contact me and I’ll take a look at your channel.


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