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Considering the popularity of Rugby — particularly Rugby Union — across various parts of the world including New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Ireland and France, the sport doesn’t attract many tipsters. This is especially true in Europe.

In Europe, Rugby Union is predominantly viewed as an “international sport”, with far less fans tuning into regular league competitions than the hugely popular and sociable — albeit less frequent — international fixtures. Outside of the internationals, there’s not very many high profile games throughout the season, when Football (Soccer) and other popular league-based sports dominate coverage on sports channels, radio stations, and social media accounts across the continent. So it’s no surprise that tipsters, many of which reside in Europe, rarely treat Rugby Union as their primary sport.

Rugby is perhaps one of the most overlooked sports in the sports tipster world.


Best Rugby Tipsters

Update: at this moment in time, I cannot recommend any active Rugby Union tipsters.


Ratings Explained

All Rugby tipsters are rated out of 100. Our ratings are entirely data-driven and incorporate many factors including:

  • Age — how long the Rugby tipster service has been running
  • Total bets — the sample size of ice Rugby bets
  • All-time performance — how well the tipster has performed since starting out
  • Recent performance — how well the tipster has performed over the past three months
  • Weekly tips — the estimated number of tips based on the historical average for this sport
  • Cost — how much the tipster costs on a monthly basis

Be sure to check back in to see how the top Rugby tipsters have changed.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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