An ‘Arb’ is when a Bettor has the opportunity to place one bet per each outcome of a sports event using different betting companies, and make a profit regardless of the result. When using the right tools Sports Arbing (or ‘Arbitrage’) is straightforward, procedural and potentially very lucrative.

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Recommended Arbing Products

1. Rebel Betting – For Professional Arbing

Rebelbetting is without any doubt the best, most professional service on the market. It’s fast, user-friendly and the most actively developed arbitrage solution today. The “secret investment method” they provide is of course sports arbing, and they give you all the tools to make the very most from precisely that.

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2. Bet Burger — For In-Browser, Cross-Compatible Arbing

The Bet Burger arbing service has been around for over 4 years, serving 35,000 subscribers.  The in-browser, cross-compatible software makes life simple for arbitrage bettors — running on smart phones, tablets, PC and Mac.

It currently finds Surebets across 23 different sports for ‘Prematch’ mode, and 13 for ‘Live’ mode. The total number of compatible Bookmakers/Sports continues to grow.

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3. Odds Monkey – For “Side Income” Arbing

OddsMonkey combines the concepts of Matched Betting and Arbing, making for an integrated Value Betting & Matched Betting service at a very affordable price. Recently, to ensure that they keep pace with their competitors, OddsMonkey added new features such as a 2-way and 3-way dutch finder to the Premium package.

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4. Betslayer — For ‘Value For Money’ Arbing

Betslayer is a relatively new entrant to the arbitrage software market. What this arb finder represents is excellent value for money — offering both mobile & desktop compatibility, 32+ bookmakers, and on-going support.

The simple-to-use Betslayer interface is completely cloud based (like Bet Burger and Oddstorm) meaning there’s no software to be downloaded to your device. The Betslayer pre-match refresh rates are sufficiently fast, providing subscribers ample opportunities to regularly profit from arbitrage bets.

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5. OddStorm — For Football Arbs

OddStorm is perfect for those looking for a fast in-browser arb feed (with mobile compatibility). All bets which appear in the surebet feed are identified by OddStorm themselves, not third parties. This means that the arbs are reliable, and immediately sent to your device in super-quick time.

The OddStorm arbing software is currently focused on football, with the view to incorporate all others sports in the imminent future.

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6. BetOnValue — For ‘Price Watch’ Arbing

BetOnValue is an established Surebet finder that boasts thousands of daily arbs, from over 100 supported bookmakers and betting exchanges. The site evolved from BetBrain — a well-known Surebet alert service.

As the name “BetOnValue” suggests, the service isn’t solely focused on arbing. It incorporates a comprehensive odds comparison tool, displaying prices across a vast array of sports markets. In addition, an odds history graph reveals all recorded prices since an arb was first detected by BetOnValue. Users can filter the graph by a range of variables — such as the Bookmaker and time range.

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