Best Betfair Trading Software 2021 (Betting Exchange Tools)

Looking for the best Betfair trading software?

No doubt you’ll come across the name ‘Bet Angel’ amongst a host of others. Bet Angel is a feature-rich, fast and reliable software application used by Betfair traders of all experience levels. t deserves to be an industry leader — it’s one of the best tools out there.

There are however some equally powerful and better value Betfair trading products that I can recommend to you.

Here’s my favourite Betfair trading tools…


1. Geeks Toy

In 2007 whilst researching another project, ‘The Geek’ stumbled upon Betfair and noticed the absence of competitors to Bet Angel. Believing he could do better, he set himself the challenge of writing Geeks Toy. In 2009 Geeks Toy was launched, and was an immediate success, setting new heights in performance, reliability and customisation.

Geeks Toy is recognised as the most comparable product to Bet Angel

Betfair Trading Software (Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook Trading Tools for Sports betting)


Geeks Toy offers a lot of excellent features, such as the inclusion of software versions for Betfair, Betdaq & Matchbook. Amongst betting ‘Geeks’, the Toy is most recognised for it’s neat UI, and speed. It’s thought to be the fastest betting software on the market — making it superior at obtaining the odds you want and beating other traders to the punch (a very important objective). As a result of it’s accomplishments, Geeks Toy has firmly positioned itself neck-and-neck with Bet Angel.

Geeks Toy Boasts:

  • A Lightning-fast interface — probably the most important feature for any Betfair Software application.
  • Fully customisable, simplistic appearance. Arrange the items on each pane according to the order of your preference.
  • The Grid Interface is familiar to all Betfair users, showing additional information such as the stake matched at different odds.
  • The ladder view similar to Bet Angel’s, where users can customise the arrangement of the odds either in descending or ascending order. Those who switch over will be accustomed to the layout.
  • Charts show price/volume over time, price candlesticks, weight of money, traded volume, and MACD. These are all useful features for analysing the market.
  • Features an ‘Order Cancels Order’ interface. This lets a trader hedge on his bet to prevent a large loss if things don’t go as planned. You can set the exit bet according to the price you want (similar to a stop loss).
  • Traders can back up their settings in the Geeks Toy’s cloud storage; an extra precaution in the case of emergency data loss

If you’re looking for additional functionality, like an MS Excel connectivity, you’ll be disappointed to know that Geeks Toy doesn’t offer this. But for what it does do it’s superb, and offered at a very low price.

Geeks Toy Software comes with a 14 day trial, and after that you need licence key.

Betfair Trading Software (Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook Trading Tools for Sports betting)


2. BetTrader

Financial trader Adam Todd Founded his company ‘Racing Traders‘ in 2003, when he began turning his attention to the betting exchange. He typically traded favourites on UK horse racing on Betfair, and it was around this time that he first developed the ‘BetTrader‘ software to make life easier for this sole purpose. BetTrader was unique in that it pioneered the use of money ladders in betting software, and has evolved over the years from feedback via the strong user base.

Whilst the company name ‘Racing Traders‘ may suggest that it’s a horse racing product, it’s in fact perfect for any sport. The Sports Interface allows you trade across all the markets that make up a Betfair event.

Free mode is available if you don’t subscribe, but the refresh rate is much slower. Subscribers benefit from ‘Turbo mode’ and ‘Training Mode’. Whilst training you get all the benefits of Turbo mode without out the need to risk any money —  a great opportunity to practice your strategies.

BetTrader is a fast & powerful Betfair trading software platform.

Betfair Trading Software (Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook Trading Tools for Sports betting)


BetTrader Boasts:

  • It’s the only browser-based trading application on the market — no need to install anything on your computer.
  • It displays all the live-updating Betfair markets at super-fast speed, enabling you to place bets faster and more effectively
  • Football Trading is made far more efficient, as you’re able to monitor multiple markets (e.g. Win Market, Over/Unders and Correct Score) at the same time and act upon price movements.
  • The Grid Interface displays 5 prices either side of the current odds instead of only 3 (as per the Betfair website).
  • Bet-submission is streamlined and allows you to place bets with fewer mouse clicks and less mouse movements.
  • Extensive built-in trading features will place bets for you automatically when predetermined conditions are met. Such as Stop Loss, Tick Offset, Fill Or Kill, Drip Feed & Chaser. These features are essential if you want to protect your investments and force the price you want without sending the market into a frenzy.

Racing Trader’s BetTrader comes with a Free Trial. Subscribers have ‘Turbo mode’ which enables a price refresh rate of 5 times per second.

Betfair Trading Software (Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook Trading Tools for Sports betting)



What Does Betfair Trading Software Offer?

Betfair Trading Software never guarantees profits, that’s for sure. But importantly, it gives you the best possible chance of earning a profit from the betting exchange.

Betfair Trading Software is approved and built on Betfair’s (or another exchange’s) own API, which stands for “Application Programming Interface”. The API enables the program to interface directly with the Betfair exchange using your betting account. Applications such as Bet Angel and the alternatives (listed below) can therefore quickly access markets and place bets, as well as enable users to check their current and historical bets from within the software.

Many key features incorporated into Betfair Trading Tools are inspired by the very same applications traders used on Forex markets — allowing for complex, automated and more refined betting strategies to be developed and implemented with ease. Manual traders using the standard Betfair website are therefore at a disadvantage by not upgrading to a faster, more efficient system capable of competing with the professionals.

Need More Automation From Your Betfair Software?

Note that trading software is the ‘semi-automatic’ approach to betting on the exchange. If you require full automation, you’ll need a Betfair Bot.


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