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You may not have heard of, but with such a prestigious domain name you’re bound to come across the site at some stage. is predominantly aimed at intermediate bettors looking to compare odds, check sports statistics, follow tipsters, place bets, and thoroughly analyse their sports betting performance from a mathematical standpoint. It’s an all-in-one sports betting solution with several key components integrated together; something very few sites have successfully achieved.



The team behind are sports betting enthusiasts with experience in various approaches to beating the Bookies — from value and arbitrage betting, to following tipsters, to in-play betting.

They believe that what distinguishes profitable bettors from the regular punter is discipline and the ability to manage a bankroll through tracking and analysing performance. The team shares their experience and expertise by providing tools to help punters make more informed decisions.


What Features Does Offer?

The site offers the following features:

  • Odds Comparison — this displays the best Bookie odds for all outcomes (live and pre-game) in many popular sporting events.
  • Bookmaker Bonuses — a current list of bookmaker promotions, including welcome packages and special offers.
  • Betting University — the blog section of the site featuring beginner’s guides, as well as insights from professional bettors.
  • Betting Tools — detailed football statistics, along with a huge list of sports betting calculators to suit all needs.
  • Betting Tips — access to free tips, subscription tipster services, and tipster competitions.
  • AI Predictions — fully data driven selections, seeking the best value betting positions.
  • My Betting Portfolio — tools to track and analyse bets logged in the portfolio system — which includes trialling different staking plans to improve profitability and bankroll management.

What truly sets apart from other sports betting sites is its strong tipster platform, innovative bet tracking & analysis tools, integration to bookmakers and tipsters, and detailed on-site statistics. The site serves as the perfect bridge between betting for fun, and betting professionally.

So let’s take a closer look at the three most attractive sections of the site: Betting Tools, Betting Tips and My Betting Portfolio.


1. Betting Tools

What’s included in the ‘Betting Tools’ section of the site?

Betting Statistics

One of the key features of is the ‘Betting Statistics’ sub-section. Currently this only features Football statistics — but there are plans to extend it to all major sports in the near future.

Users can view Football statistics by league. The interface is very easy on the eyes, and provides an abundance of metrics about individual clubs and fixtures (in this case Spurs): - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

I especially like that no matter what fixture you view, the best bookmaker odds for each individual outcome is shown. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Users can also bring up the best odds — across all outcomes of the bet — for several other popular markets within that fixture. This is in contrast to many other popular betting sites — such as SportingLife — that are only affiliated with specific Bookies. Those sites discourage bettors from shopping around for better prices elsewhere, and therefore offer very little in terms of value.

Site visitors can also drill down much further into fixtures to find head to head, goal, cards, shots — and many more — statistics to support their decisions. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Featured Tips on Stats Pages

Tips for fixtures are displayed at the bottom of stats pages. For example, an upcoming Arsenal v Southampton fixture was tipped by ‘Ready Player One’, among other tipster accounts: - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Users have the choice to click the tipster’s profile to learn more about his/her performance (which I’ll get onto later in this review). But I was left wondering: who are these tipsters, and why are they featured?

Ideally there could be more reasoning for their inclusion. For example, the site could determine and justify the most appropriate tipsters to show based on the all time and recent performance within this particular:

    • Sport (i.e. Football)
      • League (i.e. English Premier League)
        • Market (i.e. 1×2)

While there’s room for improvement on the suggested tips, I did discover something very unique within this same section. When I clicked the ‘analyse’ button on the tip, it brought up the tipster’s performance for both teams in the fixture.

So, for the Southampton v Arsenal game it revealed how this tipster has performed on Southampton tips, and Arsenal tips separately:

This tipster has made a loss on Southampton tips, and made a little on Arsenal tips. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

This may seem excessively detailed. But it’s natural that tipsters will be more knowledgeable for some leagues/teams than others.

For instance, if I were a tipster, I’d mainly tip Spurs matches because I follow the club and watch every one of their games. So this feature, over a large enough sample of data, could provide interesting insights into a tipster’s specific strengths & weaknesses. I haven’t seen this before.

That’s just a glimpse of the innovation I’ve spoken about.

Bet Calculators features a variety of bet calculators within the ‘Betting Tools’ section.

Interestingly, the inclusion of Matched Betting and Surebet calculators suggest that they aren’t hiding professional betting techniques away, or opting to steer bettors down a non-profitable path (which is common practice, unfortunately). It refreshing to see this level of transparency given that the site is partnered with several Bookmakers. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets


Accumulator & Bonus Generator

The remainder of the Betting Tools section is, in my view, not overly valuable. It consists of:

  • Accumulator bet generator — to facilitate the process of building accumulators using historical data for football events.
  • Bonus generator — designed to provide users with a Bookmaker bonus that will be perfect fit for their requirements (e.g. a maximum deposit size).

While I wouldn’t personally use these, I have to give credit to for their honesty. They clearly state:

“Our accumulator bet (also known as a multiple as we may refer in the text below) generator is free to use and it is designed to help you — the punter — to have more fun and certainly is not suitable for professional bettors”

The team is evidently set on rising above the typical dishonesty that’s prevalent within the betting industry.


2. Betting Tips & AI Predictions

What’s included within the Betting Tips & AI Predictions section?


I’ve briefly touched on how tipsters are integrated into the ‘Betting Statistics’ sub-section of So let’s take a closer look at the ‘Tipsters’ area and some of its features.

First off, anyone can become a tipster on Every tip committed to the site is checked against the odds available at bookmakers (to make sure they exist), and all results are automatically updated. This already puts the site streets ahead of many other non-automated tipster proofing platforms.

Tips are notified to followers via email, and on the platform itself.

Finding A Tipster

Opening up the Tipsters page displays a list of tipsters, along with a simple filter tool. There’s a growing number of active tipsters using the site; several have a substantial historical record of tips.

However, as with most other tipster platforms, there’s still not many options outside of the popular European sports; Horse Racing and Football dominate. Hopefully offerings will become more diverse as more tipsters, with different sporting expertises, join the site. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Tipster Profiles

Users can click on a Tipster to view their entire profile.

The level of detail on Tipster profiles puts up there with the best tipster platforms — which is highly impressive considering how new the site is by comparison. All data is compact and superbly designed from a UI perspective.

At a glance users can view stats such as: profit, ROI, hit rate, units, average odds, average stake, top sport, top bookmaker — as well as achievements like “win 250 single tips on any sport”. Every key metric has been thought of, and new features are regularly being added by the development team. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Next up is the ‘Statistics’ tab on the profile page, which displays a dynamic graph of the tipster’s results. This is vitally important:

The steadiness of a graph tells you a lot about a betting strategy. Erratic graphs, shooting all over the place, usually suggests that there’s not enough data to go by, the staking plan is too aggressive, or that there’s simply no profitability. Always look for a smooth upward trend line.

The below graph is one of a profitable tipster on the site. It “hovers” during slow periods without any major drawdowns, and is clearly on the upward ascent overall. The trend is consistent over different timeframes, too.

Tipster’s Graph of All Time results - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Tipster’s Graph of the past 3 month’s results (with the “trend line” option ticked this time) - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

The level of detail on tipster profile pages doesn’t stop there.

Users can scroll down the page further to view the stats per sport, bookmaker, and league. It’s easy to see what time tips were published, how odds & stakes performed, and what the winning & losing streaks were.

I was able to answer extremely specific questions about a tipster such as:

  • How did Betfair exchange bets perform over the past 2 weeks in the Draw No Bet market?
  • What was the strike rate of Bundeslia 2 tips over the past month?
  • What was the average odds of Ice Hockey tips over the past 3 months?

These kinds of questions can rarely be answered by other Tipster platforms. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

There’s some room for improvements to the tipster profile pages, though.

  • Currently the graphs on tipster profiles are specific to all bets placed. It would be useful to visually see the performance of specific sports and bookmakers as well.
  • The publish time could include a second tab to reveal “time before event” in hours.

All things considered, not much has been missed out from the tipster profiles. It has the potential to become a real force.

Placing & Tracking Bets

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the tipster section is that it’s seamlessly integrated to Bookmakers and the on-site bet tracking tool.

So once you find a tip, you have the option to hit ‘Bet Now’ to immediately enter the Bookmaker’s site, or to hit ‘Track’ to log it into your account. Or, you can do both simultaneously! - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

In this case, I’ve hit ‘Track’ as I wanted to simply log the bet for analysis without placing it for real. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

In the next section (#3) I’m going to explain exactly where those ‘Tracked’ bets go and how it can be used for analysis. But firstly I’ll briefly cover the AI Predictions section.

AI Predictions provides their own “AI Predictions”, along with the historical record of them.

In theory this section ought to be interesting. However, while the interface is neat and striking, the results of the AI bets are far less impressive. To date the AI predictions have failed to generate a longterm profit.

Once again, I appreciate the transparency shown from to reveal those results. But to me it seems that there needs to be multiple (perhaps 20-30) different strategies running simultaneously, all attempting different methods. That coupled with filter functionality could provide something of real interest and insight to bettors.


3. My Betting Portfolio

What’s included within the My Betting Portfolio section of the site?

‘My Betting Portfolio’ has replaced BettingMetrics, a predecessor site to which I reviewed in 2017.


In this section you can import existing sports betting data into your portfolio tracker, or check up on any bets logged through The overall idea here is that all of your bets — past and present — can all be tracked in your portfolio, ready for analysis.

There are several ways to log bets into your portfolio:

  • Manually input a bet using the built-in wizard.
  • Use the odds checker to identify bets, and then log (and/or place) them from there.
  • Use the tipster section to log (and/or place) bets.
  • Import bets via the spreadsheet uploader.
  • Import bets automatically from Bookmaker accounts at the click of a button.

All tracked bets display in a list format in ‘Track’.

The tips I’d followed on showed up in the Track section, and the event outcomes started to update automatically. There was no need to check the results manually. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

If you have a record of your own bets, I suggest following the on-site instructions to import them to your portfolio. You have the option to include several details about your bets(notes, event name, market name etc), or to provide only the mandatory fields.

Before uploading your data you’ll need to rejig your Excel (or Google) sheet into the accepted format, and export the file as a CSV. Within seconds the data populates.

The only downside with this process is that if you upload a large set of incorrect data, there’s no easy way of deleting mass entries at once! - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

I uploaded a set of horse racing bets and was pleasantly surprised to see that it recognised the Bookmaker (all Bet365 in this case). - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets


Once you’ve tracked, or uploaded, a substantial amount of sports bets you can begin to analyse the results to learn something meaningful about your betting performance. For this you use the ‘Analyse’ sub-section of ‘My Betting Portfolio’.

The Analyse section is highly intuitive and consistent with the rest of the UI throughout For example, I was able to quickly use the built in filter tool to determine how my sample of bets performed in horse racing, with odds of up to 10.0.

The graph of racing results with odds of up to 10.0 - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

The ratio of Wins : Losses - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Stake & odds stats for the sample - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

This level of analysis usually requires proficiency in Excel, or similar program. But My Betting Portfolio ensures that every bettor — no matter how tech-savvy they are — is able to determine potential strengths and weaknesses in their approach to sports betting.

For example a bettor could easily discover:

  • Which sports are performing better than others. Perhaps Football is earning much more than Basketball.
  • How odds within a certain range (e.g. 20.0+) are performing. Perhaps the risk of longshots is not worth the potential rewards.
  • That the Start Price is higher, lower, or roughly equal to the odds taken. This metric can be used to determine whether there’s long-term profitability in a bet selection method.

This last point is vitally important.

In fact, I used the Analyse page to verify that the tips I’d followed at random had, on average, risen in value by the start of the event. Note that sample here was tiny and insignificant. But nonetheless I have the ability to keep a close watch on how well I’m performing against the SP going forward, and can easily determine whether my overall bets are likely to be profitable. It’s a hugely important feature. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Beating the Start Price is, in my view, the most insightful metric when it comes to sports betting analysis. So it’s extremely convenient to have SP data automatically populated on all bets tracked via, rather than trying to populate data after the event.

To learn more about the importance of beating the Start Price, check out my article: A Guide To Beating The SP / Closing Line

Staking Plans Simulator

To take your analysis to the next level, you’ll need to simulate results under different staking plans. I recommend “Flat Stake” or “To Win Per Bet”.

A common error in sports betting analysis is to (naively) assume that the ROI achieved so far is going to continue in the future. This often happens when disproportional stakes distort one’s perception of performance.

Think for a moment:

  • What if your largest stakes won, and the smaller ones lost?
  • What if your largest stakes lost, and the smaller ones won?

Your selection process could be spot on, or downright terrible, and you wouldn’t be any the wiser because your stakes disguised your true performance.

Sports betting analysis isn’t a simple case of “I made money – let’s continue” or “I lost money – time for a change”. It’s about whether your approach is likely to continue winning or losing if you persist as you have done so far.

An Example

In the following example, my data set produced an absurd ROI of 84.01%. This is not possible longterm. However, in this particular CSV upload, the largest stakes happened to strike lucky on high odds outcomes. Yes, it happens sometimes!

Using the Staking Plan Simulator I’m able to obtain a slightly more realistic view of the results; the ‘bloated’ PnL is brought down to 33.44% under the “To Win Per Bet” staking plan. This sample has still drastically over-performed, but at least the uneven stake sizes are no longer giving an outrageously false impression of the profitability of the betting system used. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

The one downside to the Staking Plan Calculator is that the results account for the entire portfolio of bets. I would much prefer if there was a filter mechanism to refine the data — or that the calculator was simply combined with the ‘Analyse’ tool.


While it’s not essential for monitoring betting performance, its still important to know where your money is. This is what the ‘Bankroll’ section is for.

Within this section you can assign funds to a payment method (e.g. Skrill, Bank), and log transfers to/from Bookmakers whenever you make deposits/withdrawals.

You can also retrospectively book transfers to reconcile negative account Bookmaker balances — such as those created when you you upload historical bets.

Users can check in on their account balances. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets

Booking in a transfer is simple. - Check Stats, Follow Tipsters, Track & Analyse Bets


My Verdict

The team behind are clearly devoting a lot of resources into weaving together several core elements of sports betting into one central platform. Very few betting sites attempt to do this, usually opting to specialise in one area.

For instance:

  • Punter2Pro specialises in sports betting knowledge, without offering any tools and services of its own.
  • AceOdds specialises in sports betting calculators, without providing any advice on how to generate a profit.
  • Tipstrr specialises in providing access to proofed tipsters, without offering tracking/analysis tools to complete the package.
  • FootyStats specialises in live football scores and data, without offering any sports betting expertise to support it.
  • OLBG specialises in resources for casual bettors, but offers little of value to aspiring professionals.

You get my point.

The betting industry needs sites with integrated stats, bet placement and analysis features built into one portal. So it’s commendable that have taken on such an ambitious project.

Sure, there’s a risk that opting to diversify rather than specialise could detract attention from the best features of the site. But already, at this relatively early stage, so many strong features have packed into the site. And it’s constantly being updated. So the future of the project looks very bright. may not appeal to experienced sports bettors that already have their own array of tools, data feeds, and sources of information. But there’s something valuable here for a high proportion of bettors looking to improve their performance through seeking better odds, follow experienced tipsters, and thoroughly analyse results. Check it out.

Toby @ Punter2Pro
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