A Bookmaker accepts and pays out amounts of money risked on sports events. While the vast majority of online Bookmakers can’t compete with the odds available on Betfair, there are legitimate reasons why punters might choose to use them.



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Why Was My Bookmaker Account Locked or Closed?

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Do Any Bookmakers Allow Winners?

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1. Betfair — £100 in Free Bets

There’s really no comparison to Betfair in terms of what they offer their players. It’s the most innovative sports betting company of all time.

As you may already be aware, Betfair started out with the Betting Exchange. But many players were (and still are) reluctant to conform to the unfamiliar ‘Back & Lay’ system, as well as the decimal odds format. So Betfair created a bookmaker tab on their existing site so that it catered to everyone.

Betfair’s Sportsbook isn’t just a tag-along, either. It rivals just about any other Sportsbook in its own right. This is because it offers some key advantages.

Betfair offers…
  • Easy access to the Betting Exchange
  • Best Premier League odds (vs Bookmakers)
  • Best odds guaranteed
  • Exchange games
  • Excellent signup bonus

Learn moreBetfair Review & Free Bet Offer

claim up to £100 in Free bets


2. BetBull — £20 Free Bets Offer

Betbull is a mobile-only sports betting app. It’s designed to enable members to interact and follow one another, for the purpose of sharing sports betting tips.

The unique app combines social media with sports betting. It provides a fresh, new experience that’s ideal for casual bettors to socialise while they bet. Think of it as Twitter-meets-tipsters.

It’s totally different to every other standard bookmaker that, truth be told, you might struggle to tell apart from one another.

Betbull offers…
  • Tipster Integration
  • Social experience
  • Simplistic mobile interface
  • Ongoing rewards

Learn moreBetbull Review & Free Bet Offer

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Betbull Review — £20 Free Bet Offer (Sports Betting Mobile App)



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